Episode 73: How to Get Private Money for Your Real Estate Deals (Part 1)

Regardless of where you are on your Wholesaling journey, one of the biggest benefits of Wholesaling is being able to find deeply discounted properties and acquire them for yourself.

But what happens when you find an awesome property to add to your portfolio and you just don’t have the cash to buy it? If you don’t know the answer to the question, this episode will be a game changer.

Our guest, Susan Lassiter-Lyons, is an expert in acquiring private money and author of one of Tom’s favorite books, Getting the Money: The Simple System for Getting Private Money for Your Real Estate Deals.



  • The #1 problem in real estate investing
  • How to avoid one of the most common mistakes in real estate investing
  • The magic question you can use to find interested investors


The Biggest Problem (and Myth) in Real Estate Investing

FUNDING is biggest problem in real estate investing… But it doesn’t have to be your biggest problem. People have the mindset that there is no money out there but, in reality, this is a MYTH.

Susan has personally raised over $26M in private capital and, collectively, her students have raised over $100M.

You have to understand that private investors only bring one thing to the table: money. You, on the other hand, bring opportunities to invest capital that make higher, safer returns on investment than almost any other way.


The Magic Question You Can Ask Private Investors

Don’t make the assumption that offering a higher rate on investment will equal more interested investors. In fact, investors are often wary of something that sounds too good to be true.

Instead, any potential investor this simple question: What is the money that you are considering investing currently earning you?

As a follow up, offer to double that return. Tom used this technique to secure capital for 4%!

Part 2 of this interview with Susan Lassiter-Lyons is available in Episode 74.




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