Posted on: July 09, 2021
WI 728 | Making Real Estate Deals


Joel and Ashley are a husband and wife combo from Tulsa who are experienced in real estate. But after they took Chris Craddock’s REI Revive Program, their business leveled up—from monetizing 6 deals a year to making more than 20 deals per month!

Tune in as they break down the progress they’ve made over the years and learn how to keep things in perspective.

From 6 Real Estate Deals a Year to 20 Deals PER MONTH!

Episode Transcription

Welcome to another episode here with us as I get to interview Joel and Ashley out of Tulsa. These are some of my favorite people that came in. They were introduced to me as people that are massively humble as far as looking for wisdom and looking to implement their wisdom but also massively hungry and looking to grow their business.

We’ve got on a couple of calls and I saw the potential in what these guys are doing. They already were doing a lot. They were doing well. It is so fun to see where they are now in the trajectory they are on. We are talking very quickly net, high-seven figures here. I’m excited about this conversation. Joel and Ashley, tell us about yourself, where you guys are located and a little bit about your business.

Thanks, Chris. What a great intro. I feel great about myself now. I appreciate that. We are out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. We are originally from Colorado. We moved here from Denver years ago. The market in Denver is bananas, as almost everybody knows. We love Tulsa. We have been doing real estate here now for about the same amount of time. Ashley is a realtor and I’m an investor. It’s a cool thing. We get to work with each other and brainstorm. It has been a lot of fun.

Let’s talk about our first conversation. A mutual friend of ours, Tom Krol, had introduced us. He said to me all the things that I said about you. He was like, “These guys can blow it up. They’ve got into your program into REI Revive.” In the first phone call I remember we had, you were like, “It sounds great but we’ve already got this real estate thing locked up because my wife is already a realtor.”

Would you mind shedding some light on that? I still laugh about that at the beginning because I was like, “Let’s talk about what it looks to get dialed in.” Where we are now, it’s fun to see it getting dialed in, like unreal proportion. Tell me about your side of that conversation because it’s fun to remember that.

That’s a great story. I like that story, too. What you don’t know, you don’t know and what you don’t know can hurt you. As you said, Tom was like, “Why don’t you get connected with this guy, Chris? He can help you monetize some deals that you might not be aware of now in your pipeline.” I was like, “My wife is a realtor. I don’t need guidance on that. What is going to Chris’s offer that my wife was not already doing? We are sending her leads that we can’t monetize.” It’s pretty amazing. I’m so glad that we jumped on board and did this because it’s a complete mindset shift if I was going to say it in any way. It has absolutely taken from 0 to 100 in 30 to 60 days. It’s insane how it has blown up.

What you don’t know, you don’t know. What you don’t know can hurt you.

Our idea of how we thought, “We are good. We are monetizing these deals. It’s no big deal.” We didn’t even know. That’s where we were at the beginning like, “You are already passing me deals. I’m doing great with them. I’m getting listings and stuff. No big deal.” Your ideas on what is possible are more than what we would have ever been able to think of on our own.

To put some numbers to that to make it more real is, you had asked us, “That sounds great. You guys have it dialed in. Awesome. I’m happy for you. How many deals did you pass off to Ashley last year?” The answer was six and that was one every other month. I was like, “That’s great. We are monetizing that. That will grow eventually.” Ashley, what is the number now?

Lead-wise, it’s twenty.

It’s $6,000 a year to $20,000 a month. I still remember the call that you had and it straight up gave me goosebumps because I was in ministry for a long time. The idea of helping people is part of my life calling. When you guys called me, you were 75 days into it. You said, “Chris, our family is going to realize an extra almost $90,000 on what we have locked up and coming onto the market, coming soon, through this. This is life-changing. This is just the start.” I’m getting goosebumps now because I’m so excited. Having money doesn’t change. Money is not what will make us happy.

One of the mentors that I had in my life said, “If you can create wealth, you have the responsibility to create wealth.” She was like, “How many hospitals are built through people making a difference through their wealth? How many hungry are fed? How many cold are clothed? What can you do with your family and for generational legacy wealth when you build numbers like that?” It’s just the start.

We were on a call where we were looking at it. The projected numbers for where we are going are in the seven-figure take-home number range. I know that first call and that’s what makes that first call so fun for me. In that first call, what you saw was six deals in a year to go from that to a seven-figure take-home. I don’t care where anybody is in their business but that’s life-changing money for anybody in the real estate business. I love that.

WI 728 | Making Real Estate Deals

Making Real Estate Deals: Most people see education and instruction as a hobby. They don’t see it as something that will change their life, where you actually go and implement it.


The real crazy thing about that, too, is we didn’t just go ahead and shift our entire business model to fit this. We followed your instruction to where we’ve got from $6,000 to $20,000 a month, which is crazy because it’s not like we had to go ahead and revamp the entire business model and fit this.

All we did is worked with what was already there. We just weren’t looking at it the right way.

There’s a story called Acres of Diamonds. It talks about this family that went out, trying to find ways to build wealth. At the end of their life, they found out that at their house, in the back of their yard essentially, underneath all the grass were acres of diamonds. They had all the wealth right there and they were looking outside. They were looking to build that wealth in other ways and places.

As I look at that, I feel like this is the story with anybody that has leads coming in. You’ve got hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars, right there. Joel, thanks for pointing that out. The real key here is often, we think it requires so much extra work but the reality is it’s plug-and-play. We were talking right before this. I know I connected you with another investor. The fact is it’s so easy for them because it’s plug-and-play.

For everybody that’s doing that kind of work, you know that it’s not that hard. You set it and forget it as the investor. Let the agent run with this stuff and send you checks. It’s amazing. I would love any other mindset shifts that you had through the way or anything else you could talk about as we started, and then to where we are now.

We are very goal-driven. We plan things out, all of those types of things. For me, he always had mentors. He is always looking for the next but that has changed a big time for me of, “If I’m not growing and having somebody that’s a level up or even leagues ahead of me, pouring into me and helping me be able to grow, and see the things that are right in front of me that I’m not capable of seeing on my own now,” that has changed big time for me in terms of me wanting to continue to grow. How can I help people that are below me and mentor there in the same way? That has been a big thing for me is keeping that perspective in mind.

If you have the ability to create wealth, you have the responsibility to create wealth.

For us, it’s a little different because you are a realtor and we are married. I know some of the readers, not everyone is married to a realtor. I would recommend, go marry a realtor if you are going to do this course now, too. The great thing about that and a huge mindset thing, completely blown up, is the fact that we are going from like, “You are doing the realtor thing,” to now, “We are starting our own realty group because of the success that this program has allowed us and the opportunity that has allowed us to be able to grow,” to we are like, “We are overwhelmed now, so we have to solve a problem.”

A funny thing you said to me, Chris, this is before it was as crazy as it is now, “You have two options, either start a realty group or you are never going to see your wife again.” I was like, “I don’t know. We will see. We’ve got time.” We didn’t have time at all. It’s already there. It’s a good problem to have but you are right. It’s like, “I want to see my wife and I want to go on vacation.” That’s a big mindset. We never were thinking of our own realty group at all. That was never in the cards but we are excited about that as well.

Just so everybody knows, a standard disclaimer, you don’t have to marry a realtor to make $1 million in this business but it can help. It works perfectly in this scenario. What I will say is this. It’s not a referral agent. It’s a partner because this person is going to dictate how much money you make in this situation. They are going to be your partner. It’s not just some person you throw things to. The people that I work with are some of my best friends from my retail. They are good buddies of mine. They are good friends. If you are married to the person, make sure you guys get along and it’s great.

The next thing is I want to brag on you guys a little bit because here’s the deal. We meet outside of what we are doing in the program and everything now. I get asked all the time to do some private mentorship and stuff. Most of the time, I say no. This is a side note here. I want to share what made me say, “Even though I’m massively busy and I don’t have the time to do this with everybody, these are people that I want to invest in.”

This is something that you can take to your own life and say, “If I’m looking for people that are going to pour into me, what are the qualities that are going to make somebody say, ‘I want to give my time to help these people?’” One, they were nice and likable. One thing that I would say is, be nice and likable because it goes a long way. Life is too short to spend time with people you don’t like. That’s one of the things, too.

Two, they ask great questions. I was talking to a good friend of mine and she said to me, “The best people, the best leaders in the world, they ask great questions.” They ask great questions that would give them great answers. Bad questions give bad answers. Great questions give great answers. They were asking great questions.

WI 728 | Making Real Estate Deals

Making Real Estate Deals: If you’re thinking about going into a coaching program or anything like that, you have to throw pride to the side and listen. There’s no secret sauce.


This is the thing that stands out above everything else. When they were asking me what they should do when we were talking about stuff, they would go and implement it. Most people see education and instruction as a hobby. They don’t see it as something that will change their life, where you go and implement it. You see so many people that listen to stuff and do nothing about it. If you do the same actions, you get the same results.

I saw those things in this couple and I said, “These are people that I would love to run and spend time with. If they listen, it’s going to change their life.” They were listening, implementing, and people that I enjoyed spending time with. I don’t know if that helps all of you. If you don’t have somebody mentoring you or pouring into your life, if you take some of those characteristics, it’s going to make people that are maybe a few steps ahead, been doing it a little longer or whatever, feel like, “These are people that I would love to spend time in and pour what’s in my glass into their glass.” Hopefully, that’s helpful for anybody else. As we wrap up here, do you guys have anything else you think we should add here?

I know the feeling is mutual. We appreciate you, Chris, as well. To piggyback off of what you said, if you are thinking about doing a coaching program, mentorship or anything like that, you absolutely have to throw pride to the side, listen and follow it to a tee. That’s all we did. There’s no secret sauce. All we did is say, “Do A, B and C,” and we did A, B and C. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel or anything like that.

We have done that with Tom, every single program we have ever done. Everything that Wholesaling Inc. puts out is top-shelf. We didn’t do anything different. We just followed it exactly the way it’s meant to be followed because it’s already proven. We don’t know anything. We just followed instructions. If you can follow instructions, you are golden. We are here. It’s not difficult if you put in the work.

I’ve got mentors as well. A mentor of mine said this, “The best part about entrepreneurs is that we are so massively creative. The problem is that we are massively creative and we try to reinvent the wheel when we should color by numbers to learn.” The whole idea is, we should imitate, then innovate. That’s the key there.

Joel and Ashley, thank you so much for being on here. I’m thankful for you, guys. I’m excited about where you are now and I can’t wait to come back. You are telling me about your private yacht or whatever it is that you will be doing. It’s fun to be a part of this journey. I’m thankful for your friendship. I’m looking forward to crushing it with you going forward.

Thank you. You guys have a great day. Go out, kick butt, take names and we will catch you next time. If you are interested in looking at this, if there’s anything where you would like somebody to take a look at your business and see if this is a good fit for you, please be sure to check out my REI Revive System. Head over to and schedule a call with me or somebody from my team to learn more about, whether this program will be good for you and your business. Thanks so much for reading. I look forward to seeing you on the next episode.

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