Posted on: July 08, 2021
WI 727 | Wholesale Deal


Anthony Slane teamed up with automotive salesman Amer Alabsi to establish a successful wholesaling partnership in Cleveland. In just 4 and a half months, they closed a $180,000 deal, and they have a $240,000 deal on pending.

In this episode, they join Brent on the show to talk about how they got started and expanded their team. They also share their strategy for getting more leads and how they source the right people for their business.

How To Squeeze The Most Juice Out Of Every Wholesale Deal With Anthony Slane And Amer Alabsi

Episode Transcription

Are you in a market where you feel like the most you can make on your wholesale deals is $10,000, maybe $20,000, maybe you hit a home run and it is $25,000 and you feel frustrated because maybe the price points don’t feel strong and you can’t break out and get these massive deals? Here with the Rhino Tribe, with Wholesaling Inc., a massive deal is defined as something where you net wired into your bank account or a big check for a minimum of $50,000. That is a massive deal.

That’s what we’re going to be talking about because I’ve got these two guys that have brought a whole crew with them here to Phoenix out of Cleveland. If you’ve done business in Cleveland, you know you can buy properties for $10,000 all the way up to million-dollar houses but it depends on what you’re going after and how you get the most out of every single opportunity. This conversation is going to impact a lot of people. It is my pleasure to introduce Anthony Slane and Amer Alabsi to the show. Welcome. Thanks for coming in from Cleveland.

All sales are about communication.

Thanks for having us.

I’m excited about this. You started this journey and then like a magnet, you started pulling in all your best friends and all the people that had the same mentality that you have. Where did you find wholesaling? How did you start pulling on that thread and start taking action?

I got into real estate back in 2016. I got my license originally. I always knew I wanted to get into real estate. What happened was I got my license and I was working as an agent but I always knew I wanted to get more into investing. I didn’t like to read books. I’m like, “How am I going to learn if I can’t read these books? I’m just going to listen to some podcasts.” I started searching for some podcasts. Next thing you know, I came across Wholesaling Inc. I listened to hundreds of testimonials and I’m like, “This works. This is what I got to do.” I signed up right around 2017 or so. I was by myself for about two years and then we got the team together. Now we’re trying to do more and impact our community.

How enlightening is it being a real estate agent and then finding, “You’re in wholesale? What is wholesale? You can wholesale real estate?” “I’m not flipping it. It’s not flipping. It’s not doing all the repairs and picking out the colors, doors, fixtures and appliances. I put a property under contract, I sell that contract and all of a sudden, I can make way more than I can on commissions from traditional real estate.”

You learn how to flip a piece of paper. It makes sense for someone to want to pay you that fee because you’re adding value to them. They’re going to get value out of that. It’s a win-win for everybody and you get to help someone out of a distressed situation.


I’ve been in the automotive sales industry for many years. Sales in the automotive industry can give you that crocodile skin that’s needed in sales. They brought me aboard. They’re like, “We have this opportunity. We need someone that has good phone skills and good sales skills and you’d be a perfect fit.” I’m like, “Sure, I’ll try it out.” They said, “We’re wholesaling houses.” I’m like, “What is this? I don’t understand this.”

WI 727 | Wholesale Deal

Wholesale Deal: It makes sense for someone to want to pay you that fee because you’re adding value to them. They’re going to get value out of that deal.


They showed me how it works and I was on board. It made perfect sense to me. I’m like, “I’m good on phones. I’m good with people. I can go on these walkthroughs. I can try and look at the properties and help people get out of situations.” There are people that don’t have time to deal with real estate agents and don’t want to deal with real estate agents. They just want a quick in and out like, “I want to move this property and move to a different state.” A lot of people do that, too.

I love that you mentioned that you were in sales because a lot of people think, “I’m not a salesman. I can’t be a salesman.” A salesman has this weird veneer on it that’s like, “I don’t want to be labeled as that.” In fact, all you’re talking about is you effectively communicate with people, get past their force fields and their stiff arms, have a real conversation and see what their goal is and what they’re trying to do. You do that by asking questions.

Overcoming objections is number one. That’s all we do. That’s sales.

We all have that knee jerk. You go anywhere and somebody asks if they can help you and you’re like, “No.” You don’t even think about it. You’re like, “You’re a stranger. I don’t know if I can communicate. I don’t want to feel stupid and I don’t want to feel like I don’t know what to say or do here.” Naturally, as humans, most people aren’t great at communicating. There’s not a lot of expressive personalities that are like, “I love everybody and everybody’s going to be my friend.”

I was the same exact way when I started. That’s how I had these guys start. When we first got together, we got Mojo accounts.

Explain to everybody that has no idea what you just said. What is a Mojo account?

A Mojo account is an account that you use online, It’s an automatic dialer so you can dial three lines at a time, you can upload your list into it and hammer the calls out.

Simply, you have an Excel list with a name, address and phone number, put it into this website and press a button and it calls. When people pick up, you talk to them.

That’s the best way. Especially if you’re someone like me who was in sales as a kid in clothing stores and stuff, I was always the worst salesman. I’m like, “I don’t know how I’m ever going to make it in sales.” Once you get on Mojo, press go and make enough calls, it leaves you. You don’t worry about that anymore. You talk to anyone. It doesn’t matter what they say.

I’ve been talking about that for several years. If you have conversations with 1,000 strangers and ask them if they would consider an offer on their property, you could talk to anybody about anything. I don’t care if you’re the shyest person in the world. “I’m an introvert,” and this, that and all these different things. Probably 99% of people are naturally introverts. It’s when you have to get pushed out of that, have to communicate and have to go. Whether it’s because you have a goal that you want to accomplish or a dream or whatever else, you need to be able to talk to people. If you start the process and start building up your experience in that, you’re going to get better at it. Your first day selling versus your tenth year, you’re a different person.

I’ll never forget my first day in the automotive industry making a cold call. I was shaking on the phone. I was like, “Would you like to sell?” You can’t do it. Now, I don’t even think about it. It’s fluid. I have word tracks. I know how to handle objections. Everything flows nicely. Ninety percent of communication for people is body language, body communication. When you’re on the phone, you have to somehow manipulate your voice.

Your tone’s going to be important.

You portray and the conversation’s at a good pace as well. That’s how you communicate over the phone and that’s how you get a better sale. It’s all about communication. It’s a transfer of emotion.

These guys know what they’re talking about. In 4.5 months, they’ve closed $180,000 and they’ve got $240,000 pending. Let’s lay that on the table here so that people understand the advantage of having that certainty, confidence and optimism to be able to communicate with people in your community. How does it work? You’ve gone the last couple of years by yourself and now you’re in a partnership. You’ve got people working. You’ve got your whole crew that’s here. What does your company look like? How do you stay organized?

Time kills all deals.

We use Podio as our CRM and that helps us stay organized. Something else that helped was Amer put together some Google Docs so we can keep track of all of our deals and what title company they’re at. When we first started, everything was on the whiteboard and it was unorganized. We were like, “We got to get on this.” We all work in an office every day together. We all have our own office and we’re close to each other.

We’ve dispersed the workload as well. We found that having each one of us do an entire workload didn’t work out too well. Now it’s compartmentalized. I handle the acquisitions and then Anthony handles disposition and then overflow. We have our other two partners, Josh and James, to help out as well. I physically go on the walkthroughs. When I’m on the phone with a client, “I’ll be there at that time,” I go right then and there. I come back with a contract, “Here you go. Here’s the acquisition form.” I have the paperwork ready to go so he knows everything he needs to dispose of the property as quickly as possible because, as we all know, time kills deals.

We talked about how you have gone back into the property after there have been multiple showings of a property, gone in and said, “I’m ready to go. I’ve got the contract.” It sounds simple but it is a huge advantage to carry a contract in the car with you.

It’s definitely slept on.

Probably 90% of real estate investors do not have a purchase agreement.

I have several stapled just in case because you never know.

Negotiating comes down to three things. When you’re with the seller, it comes down to the price, the terms and you. “Mr. Seller, do we agree on the price?” “Okay. We’re good on price.” “Great. What about the terms? Are you cool to have your money in 20 days, 30 days?” “Okay.” “Great. I’ve got to go in through the title company. Are you good with that?” “Okay.” “Great. The last thing is me. Are you comfortable working with me and getting this done?” “Yes.” “Great, I’ll sign it. Why don’t you sign it?”

It’s easy. Automotive car sales is probably one of the most difficult industries of sales, in my opinion. Coming into real estate and a depreciating asset and into an appreciating asset is easier because the asset itself is worth more as opposed to a car, which everyone knows is going to be worth less. You’re trying to convince people, “I want you to buy something that’s going to be worth less the second you sign the contract.” That’s difficult as opposed to our situation. It’s the opposite. It does help a little bit.

Especially our market, too. What a lot of out-of-state people come to our market for is rental properties. The cap rates can be ridiculous. You can get 20% to 30% cap rates if you buy something right. With that kind of return, you got a lot of people coming from outside. A lot of what we run into is accidental landlords. That’s a lot of who we do business with.

What’s an accidental landlord?

Someone who maybe inherited a property, inherited some tenants, maybe they inherited from a father who was more hands-on with the tenants. They got the property and the tenants thought they could take advantage of the current owner. They’re not paying rent, not taking care of the property and this and that. The people are stuck and they’re like, “I don’t know what to do. I’m losing money on this thing every month. They haven’t paid me rent.” That’s when we come in to help.

How are you finding these leads? You talked about acquisitions. You can’t do acquisitions without lead generation.

Talking to people. We have ten cold callers in Jamaica. We have a web campaign going on. We have a web developer managing that campaign so we have leads coming in from there. Those are our two main lead sources but we are considering looking into REI Radio. We want to get on the radio. Our market would be great for the radio so that’s definitely next up for us.

How did you find them, your ten cold callers in Jamaica? For most people, it’s either you’re hiring somebody that is an American living abroad or you’re going way overseas.

WI 727 | Wholesale Deal

Wholesale Deal: Coming into real estate out of a depreciating asset and into an appreciating asset is easier because the asset itself is worth more than a car, which everyone knows will be worth less the second the contract is signed. 


Initially, when I was first looking for a cold caller when I was by myself, I had one on Upwork. It might’ve been someone you recommended, to be honest. Upwork is a website where you can hire freelancers, virtual assistants. You can search for US or you can search overseas, wherever you want someone to work for you from. I like Jamaica because they’re a little more cultured. They talk more like us and they’re able to communicate with sellers better. That’s a big thing with us. You want to make the seller feel comfortable.

They’re able to have smoother conversations, in my opinion. I found the one on Upwork, got out of touch for a while then she reached back out to me. She’s like, “I started up this company and I’m hiring a bunch of people in Jamaica. We have a center here and we want to know if you want to be our client.” I’m like, “If I keep growing, how many callers can you handle?” She’s like, “Unlimited.” I’m like, “That’s perfect. This is great. We’re going to have a good relationship.” We definitely plan on growing that relationship. We have ten and we’re going to double down. We’re going to have twenty so it’s going to start to get hectic.

They’re getting better and better. When the lead comes in and it’s a hot lead, warm lead, they’re asking the notes from clients. “How long have you owned the property? When’s the last time you’ve renovated the property?” They have gotten some good notes that help me to make the phone call quicker, easier and smoother and make that quick cash offer.

Explain to me the process. You take the list, skip trace it, put it into Mojo and hire these callers. They press go on this dialer and they get the leads and send it where?

They send it to Podio. It comes to me and then I see it as a new lead. I look at the lead and I make the phone call then I talk to the homeowner.

With ten people, you’ve got to be getting leads.

There are some days we get 30 leads in a day.

Are you calling all of them?

I’m calling every single one of them.

The same day and doing your lead follow-up and appointments?


It’s getting hectic. We’re busy. We definitely need someone on acquisitions next and we definitely need to get someone to go on walkthroughs. We’re killing a lot of time going on walkthroughs so we need to find someone for that.

Lead time is everything. You got to answer within 30 seconds with an online lead. After two minutes, it’s over.

The analogy that I love was by Todd Toback, one of the best mentors in real estate. He said, “You’ve got to imagine that your roof is leaking and you need somebody to come fix this roof.” You call somebody and they don’t answer. You’re calling somebody right after and the person that calls you back, you’re like, “I already have somebody coming out.” That’s the mentality you have to have if you’ve got incoming leads especially internet leads. You’re just one click away. They don’t even have to type in that many numbers.

All they have to do is just click one and they see five other buyers.

That is huge. Speed to that lead especially coming from internet leads, is critical. It comes into Podio and you’re setting tasks for follow-up. Everyday, do you open up your computer and you’re like, “I got 50 calls to make today.”

Absolutely. I have an immediate follow-up, long-term follow-up and even dead leads I call sometimes. It’s leads that are like, “They hang up on me.” I’ll call again and say, “I wanted to follow up to see where things are with you and your property.” After the lead, I have judged the lead as, “This is something that’s going to be a good lead.” I call them and I speak to the client. I scheduled a walkthrough day. I try to get it the same day or the next or as soon as possible. I go on the walkthrough and look at the property. I have a purchase agreement on me at all times. You have to have a purchase agreement. I know a lot of people like to use DocuSign. That’s great but sometimes that takes time. Time kills deals so I want to close it right then and there.

You have to go out there and grind and make phone calls. If you’re sitting on your desk, you’re not selling.

After that, I come back to the office and I fill out an acquisition form. Sometimes I’ll already have one filled out because I know it’s going to be a deal. I’ll have it filled out then I come back to the office and I give my acquisition form to my disposition guy. He has everything he needs to dispose of the property as quickly as possible and then Anthony takes it from there.

You’ve kicked back all day long.

In my opinion, the disposition is the most important part because acquiring the properties is one thing but if you can’t dispose of them in time, you’ve gone off them. I need them.

Not only that, it’s interesting in our industry, some people pay $100 per dispo because they’re like, “We’re selling discounted properties. Everybody’s going to want it.” I will counter, sure, if you want to get the least amount for that property. I remember when I started bonusing my dispo. The way that works in my company is $0 to $15,000, they get 5% of the amount that we make. From $15,000 to $30,000, they get 7.5%. If you sell for over $30,000 that we’re making, you get 10%. It took my average from $16,000 to $28,000 to now $42,000.

By the way, he’s responsible for building the cash buyer database, creating that healthy tension with all of them to sell the deals so that they’re buddy-buddy but they’re not too like, “Give me this deal,” if you’re the right one, the highest bidder and the smoothest. It’s a huge advantage to put a lot of emphasis and focus on dispo because the truth is all the systems, all the contact management, all of the things, that’s great but you’ll never be able to sell that.

The only asset that we truly have in our business is our buyer’s list. It’s our database. That is the thing that is the most valuable. There are multimillion-dollar databases in my market here that have been built over 20 years, 25 years, 8 years, whatever it is. They make so much more than everybody else because they have taken disposition seriously.

That’s where the money comes from.

For a lot of people, acquisitions seem like it’s a lot and it does sound like it’s a lot. With disposition, Anthony’s got to follow-up with title and follow-up with every buyer. Sometimes we have about 8 to 10 buyers going to a property. He has to follow up with every single one of them and that’s multiple times a day. They go hand in hand. You need one for the other. You cannot run this operation without it.

We were dipping in each other’s way in the beginning there. I was putting on my acquisitions hat then I took it off and I put on my dispositions hat. My brain’s crossed and I’m forgetting things. I’m like, “My god,” then I’m forgetting stuff. We were like, “Let’s separate it and it’ll run a lot smoother,” which it has.

It already runs smoother.

Who’s more analytical?

I would be the analytical one. I like to put everything in Excel spreadsheets.

He crosses his Ts and dots his I’s.

Even the status of the title company.

There has to be somebody. If you’re out there and you’re a solopreneur or you’ve got a partnership or whatever else and you guys are both expressives or drivers or whatever else, find somebody responsible, please. Hire them and find somebody that loves the numbers and all of that.

It’ll save the day.

It helps everything else go so much smoother.

You have to be organized.

Did you guys grow up thinking that you wanted to work for yourselves or you want to be an entrepreneur?

It’s funny you ask. I grew up in a middle-class family. We never had anything extra and my whole family has always worked 9:00 to 5:00 jobs. Since I was a little kid, I always wanted more and it didn’t add up to me. I’m like, “How do I work a 9:00 to 5:00 job and be rich and make enough money?” You learn about sales and it’s like, “If I can sell X amount of something, it’s different than working by the hour.” It’s putting all these different pieces together. I remember I used to work at a moving company and I’ll never forget, I busted my butt. I had a long day.

Literally moving, like you’re packing up people’s stuff?

I remember getting back to the shop tired all day and the boss walks out in the warehouse. You hand them the bill. It’s a $5,000 move and I’m making $11 an hour. I remember clicking in front of him, “This guy is hustling me right now.” It clicked for me. I wish business ownership was taught more. No one teaches it except for guys like you.

It’s interesting. There’s a small fraction. It’s not taught because we’re a minority that understands from birth till the day we die, “We have a certain amount of time and I would like to have as much control over that as possible.” It took me a long time to get to that. It took me a long time to pinpoint, “What is it? It’s the control.” I don’t want to control people. I don’t want to be a politician or something. I want to control my lifestyle and control things. Even as a little kid, I remember, I was like, “Why do I have to be there at this time? What am I doing? I don’t want to do that. I wanted to do the things that I liked.” If it was something I liked, I was diligent. I was there, committed and going. If it was something else, I was like, “I don’t want to do this.”

Money is freedom. That’s how I look at it.

It’s the same way for me for entrepreneurship. In automotive sales, you’re your own business. You have to go out there and grind and make the phone calls. If you’re sitting at your desk, not at the door getting ups, you’re not selling cars.

It’s like this business. I always said, “It works if you do.”

Let’s break down a deal. That’s what everybody gets excited about on this show. Let’s put it through the filter of understanding what’s going on. Tell me how you found it. Let’s start there.

We had this property and it’s on a nice, decent street. There were two ugly houses right next to each other and the only one is on the street. We had an appointment for the one. We go check it out and we contracted it. It did need a lot of work.

Are you just driving and seeing this ugly house? Was this on a property? Did you talk to the owner and then you went to the street? How did you find this?

WI 727 | Wholesale Deal

Wholesale Deal: Disposition is the most important part because acquiring the properties is one thing, but if you can’t dispose of them in time, you’ve got nothing.


It was a lead that came in from Podio.

From cold calling? Do you remember what list?


Where do you pull your vacant lists from?

We get a lot of stuff from BatchLeads. The vacant lead came in, made the phone call, scheduled the walkthrough and the next day, I went there and I was like, “This is in bad condition.”

It was rough. I’m sure you can imagine.

I’m getting that contract signed. I’m like, “Let’s do this.”

Rough like you can renovate it or rough like it needs to be bulldozed?

Close to being condemned.

You got animal droppings all over the place, you got the roof coming in and all that good stuff.

The roof needs to be replaced.

We ended up contracting that house and we were having a hard time selling it. All our offers came in at what we have it at. We were having some trouble and a lot of the buyer feedback we got was, “I can redo this house and make it look nice but it’s hard to sell it when there’s a boarded-up house right next door. It’s not a good sell.” We’re like, “We got to figure out who owns this thing.”

We got to get the other.

We ended up finding out it’s owned by an LLC and usually, it’s tougher to find who owns an LLC. We did a lot of digging, Google searching and we found a couple of email addresses for the guy and a couple of phone numbers. We called all the phone numbers but didn’t work. I sent five emails out and one of the emails hit. He replies back. He’s like, “Yes, I would sell that property.”

Let me pull on this a little bit. This is the way that I would do it. I’m going to google Corporation Commission Arizona and then I’m going to put online search. I put the name of the LLC in there and I see who the managing member is, who the principal, the president or whatever. I’m going to google that dude, gal or that lady. I’m going to see, “Are they on LinkedIn? Are they on Facebook? Is their email somewhere out there?”

Eventually, you follow that web down far enough and you find some way to contact them whether it be an email or a phone number. Batch skip traces LLCs but it’s only a 30% to 40% hit rate. For that other 50 % to 60%, you got to do a little digging. To this day, for many years, I have found every single contact that I’ve looked for if you dig deep enough.

The internet is a powerful machine.

Everything is on there.

The owner of this property emails me next to the one we had contracted. I’m like, “Please call me. Here’s my cell.” He calls me and then we meet at the property. I had a purchase agreement and we agreed on the number.

What’s the condition?

This one is also boarded up and close to looking condemned. We were there when we were getting that contract signed and the neighbors started showing. The neighbor’s like, “What are you guys doing?” We’re like, “We hate these two houses. All the houses on the street are beautiful. It’s a perfectly nice street except for these two houses.” The community’s like, “We’re interested in what you guys are doing. Are you guys getting rid of these? Are you buying these? Are you fixing these up?” We’re like, “We’re in the process of putting these houses and getting them to revitalize. We’ll figure it out how we want to make it go from there.” It’s funny seeing the community wanting to get them out.

That’s the thing. That’s the collateral effect that you have. It’s interesting. I almost feel like this in my own neighborhoods that I’ve lived in before. I was like, “I can go after this property.” For some reason, I offend them or I bug them. I have to live by them or I have to live by a property that they own. That was the only time that I’d be a little bit hesitant myself. I’m the Talk To People guy. I would knock on every door in the world except on my street. A lot of neighbors feel that. I don’t want to rock the boat and offend these people but we need to do something about this property. I don’t want to be a jerk that goes over there and starts something and then they see you guys. All of a sudden, you’re knights in shining armor.

We’re here to save the day. They were like, “You guys are great.” We’re doing our best.

People are like, “You can’t buy properties at a discount, not in this market.” You guys are going out there and doing it every day.

Here’s the kicker. The seller ends up having another property on the same street.

The guy we hunted down.

He had the one next to the other one that we had and then he had a whole separate one on the same street, down the street a little bit. Great property, nice looking property and he wants to get rid of it. He’s like, “I’ve been a landlord. I’m done with it. This is what I want.” We ended up contracting that one, too and we ended up selling all three of them. We sold the two together as a package next to each other and then we sold the other one completely separate.

What did you make on the package? What’d you make total?

On the package, we made about $30,000, $15,000 from each house and then on the one down the street, that was a $72,000 assignment.

Let’s look at this. You made $102,000 off of your Jamaican cold caller calling a vacant list that you got from BatchLeads sending it to you. You’re not being able to make as much as you wanted to on this deal so you have to go down and research the next-door neighbor, find their info and send them an email. They email you back, get that one under contract and get the other one down the street. This is what happens when you’re proactive.

That’s what it’s about. This is real life. That is the process. If you can get over those internal fears that you have, if you can get over the little things stopping you, the little things pulling you back that’s telling you, “You can’t do this.” Use Anthony and Amer here as inspiration to say, “Holy cow, if these guys can do it so can I.”

If we can do it, anyone can do it.

Use this as fuel and keep pouring that fuel on that fire because people aren’t going to be reading this if they don’t have that fire in their belly for real estate, real estate investing, being an entrepreneur and having control of their schedule. You guys are on a trajectory. In your first year in it, you did $50,000 to $60,000. In your second year, you did $100,000. Now, you’ve already got $180,000 close, $240,000 pending and a machine running. How does it feel?

If we can do it, anyone can do it for real.

It’s not done yet. I feel like we’re just getting started. It’s funny, I haven’t put all those kinds of numbers together until I knew I was going to be on the show. I was thinking about it, I’m like, “We have come a long way.” It feels like a blessing. I feel so blessed that I have such a good group of guys with me. We’re all like-minded and no one’s greedy.

It’s cohesive.

We’re all on the same page and we all work well together so I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

Remember, it’s the journey that’s the most important. The goals are great but once you hit them, now you’ve got to just increase them.

Embrace the grind.

It’s the journey. It’s this group. It’s having this with your friends and potentially your family and everybody, being a magnet for people that see how excited you are and all of a sudden, you have all this energy. Can you imagine if you spent the next ten years loading up people’s furniture and delivering them and everything? The lights would be out of your eyes.

Who knows where I’d be?

We have paths in life. You’d just get to be able to do it. How do people get ahold of you? How do people reach out to you if you’re in Cleveland?

You can reach out to me on Instagram if you’re on Instagram @AT3314. You can send me an email at You can check out our website, and you definitely can get in contact with us that way.

Thank you for being here.

It’s a pleasure.

Thanks for coming to town. It’s absolutely incredible. Reach out to them especially if you want to squat up. If you’re in Cleveland and you’re like, “I don’t know anybody. I want to do this business but my family doesn’t do it and my friends don’t have any idea. They think I’m crazy.” Don’t stay on that island by yourself. Go reach out to these guys. DM Anthony and connect. Squat up and maybe join venture on some deals and do some business together.

We’re here to help.

That’s it. A couple of resources you talked about, BatchLeads, If you use the coupon code TTP, you have 5,000 property addresses that you can download for free. Definitely check that out. If you are interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing, it is the TTP family. It is the TTP program. Go to Scroll down, check out what the program’s about and check out what all the testimonials are about. You’re going to have to scroll for a while. If it feels good in your gut, sign up for a strategy call. We look forward to talking to you. Thank you for being here.

Thank you.

Thank you for having us on.

As always, I sign off and encourage everybody to talk to people. Love you. See you.

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WI 735 | Cold CallingBrent Daniels is a multi-million dollar wholesaler in Phoenix, Arizona… and the creator of “Talk To People” — a simple, low cost, and incredibly effective telephone marketing program…

Also known as “TTP”… it helps wholesalers do more, bigger, and more profitable deals by replacing traditional paid advertising (postcards, yellow letters, bandit signs, and PPC) with being proactive and taking action every single day!

Brent has personally coached over 1,000 wholesalers enrolled in his “Cold Calling Mastery” training, and helped 10,000’s of others who listen to him host the Wholesaling Inc. podcast, watch his YouTube channel, and attend his live events…

A natural leader, Brent combines his passion for helping others with his high energy, “don’t-wait-around-for-business” attitude to help you CRUSH your wholesaling goals as quickly and easily as possible!

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