Episode 724: The One “Game Changing Shift” that Totally Transformed this Wholesalers Business

WI 724 | Taking Action


You have to take action now. With determination and commitment, you are headed towards success. So no matter what happens, do not give up. In this episode, Lauren is joined by one of her Virtual Investing Mastery students, Alyssa Coffee. Alyssa started taking action in January of this year, educating herself and taking Lauren’s course. She has just recently closed her first deal, but she already has four contracts in her pipeline—all while balancing a full-time job so that she could provide for marketing and other expenses. Alyssa shares her experiences in sending out contracts and how to react to different situations, highlighting the importance of having a “get-go” attitude. If you’re already doing wholesaling or just starting, tune into this episode for game-changing advice to get ready for the next level of success in your life.

The One “Game Changing Shift” That Totally Transformed This Wholesalers Business With Alyssa Coffee

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