Episode 72: 4 Steps To Finding More Cash Buyers

Today Tom has some quick tips that you can implement RIGHT NOW to start making more money in your Wholesaling business.


How to Find More Cash Buyers

  1. Do not become a CBE, or a Cash Buyer Employee. Always make your buyers bid on your purchase agreements.
  2. Real Estate Agents will provide you with the highest-paying cash buyers. Make sure you’re friends with all of the real estate agents in town, especially the ones that make a lot of cash transactions on MLS!
  3. Use bandit signs. When we have a property under contract, we always put up 30 signs that say, “DESPERATE. 3/2 HOUSE. CASH ONLY. (555) 555-5555.” Often people who are looking to buy a house want to buy based on location, which makes the purchase emotional. It will add buyers to your list and drive up the price with more bids!
  4. Go to private or city auctions. Go a little early and stay a little late so that you can talk to people and find cash buyers.


Remember: It’s your show, not the cash buyer’s show!




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