Posted on: July 03, 2017

If you want to get into Wholesaling and see results FAST, this episode is for you.

Today’s guest, Zack Boothe, is a motivated Rhino who just joined the tribe in February 2017 – and he’s already closed two deals, with more closing soon and more still in the pipeline.



  • How you can create passive income streams using Wholesaling
  • The successes that come from being uncomfortable
  • Why goal setting is a vital skill for high performers


Zack’s Unique Approach: Passive Income Streams

Zack is using Wholesaling as a tool to create passive income streams – in addition to selling properties, he cherry picks the best properties and adds them to his rental portfolio.

  • All of Zack’s deals, whether he keeps them or not, come from hand-written postcards.
  • Zack isn’t looking for the perfect property… he’s looking for the perfect seller. He only works with sellers who want to sell their property. “These deals are always structured as a win-win for everyone, or we don’t do them.”
  • He always asks about what the seller needs and wants, and he always offers an opportunity for a seller finance deal (which can actually save sellers a lot of money on taxes).
  • Using tips from The ABCs of Real Estate Investing, he evaluates if the property is better for flipping or his portfolio.
  • Zack recently acquired a condo and, after all of his expenses and spending $2,000 out of pocket, he will be making $4-500/month from just one deal.


The Art of Goal Setting

Before Zack started Wholesaling, he already had a goal and a vision for his business. That clarity, mixed with motivation, really helped him start off strong. If you don’t know what you want and you don’t put it down on paper, then you’re just going to run in circles.

“You’ll never reach your full potential as a person unless you master the art of setting a goal.”




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Episode Transcription

Cody Hofhine: Welcome to another episode here on Wholesaling Inc, brought to you by Investor Grit. My name is Cody Hofhine and I’ll be hosting today’s podcast and we’ve got a rock star rhino this joining us today. I am super excited for each one of you, our listeners, rhino nation to hear his story. Because if your goal is to get involved in wholesaling and see results happen super quick, this episode is for you. This guy has found results super quick, but I can tell you 100% this guy is 100% motivated, driven and he loves, like has fallen in love with being uncomfortable because he understands the joy, the successes that come from being uncomfortable. Today’s guest is Zack Boothe, he’s from Ogden, Utah, not far from my neck of the woods, my backyard. He joined the tribe just in February of this year. In a few short months, this guy has already had two deals closed and paid them in the bank.
He has multiple deals in the pipeline. He has a couple of deals that are going to be closing here in the next few days. This guy’s just finding massive, massive amounts of success and it’s directly related to just this guy’s drive and his actions. Without sharing too many more details, let’s bring on Mr Zack Boothe. Zack, how you doing, my friend?

Zack Boothe: Doing really good, Cody. Thanks for having me. Thanks for the intro.

Cody Hofhine: I still remember talking to you in February and we’re talking on the phone and-

Zack Boothe: To be fair, it was actually… Well, do you mean when we first met me?

Cody Hofhine: Oh, not even first met, but when we first got on the phone I remember you’re like, “Hey, I listened to your podcast and I’m just going to let you know right now, I am going to be on your podcasts because I going to do a deal faster than anyone in the entire tribe.” And I just sat there like, “I love this guy. This guy’s going to succeed just because of how driven he is.” I still remember like it was yesterday and here we are, on the podcast.

Zack Boothe: I actually had a big old like cheesy grin when you were doing the intro like, “Man, I freaking did it.” I can’t believe it.

Cody Hofhine: It’s perfect. So let’s go a little background. Fill us in a little bit about yourself and then also it might be fun to share the story of how we met.

Zack Boothe: Well, I’m only 28, I’ve been self employed since I was 17, started my first business that I actually sold not too long ago. I had a window cleaning company, so I don’t have really very much real estate experience. Just a humble window cleaner with a lot of drive to be successful. A lot of door to door sales to make that profitable. But I got into real estate five years ago, I wanted to buy a home and I heard about house hacking, rent one side live in the other.
I bought a duplex about five, six years ago with my wife and was so successful with it I said, “Wow, I’m making way more money with this piece of real estate with way less effort than washing windows. There’s got to be something to this.” I really jumped into real estate, reading books, putting my hands on whatever I could. I actually joined another wholesaling program like three years ago. I failed quite miserably. That was very frustrating. It wasn’t cause lack of effort or money that I put into it. It was a very expensive program and put money into marketing. But I truly feel after this program, I know now that I was given completely the wrong instruction, opposite of instruction that I’ve gotten from this program, but I met Cody and a REIA meeting or a Real Estate Investors Association-

Cody Hofhine: This sounds like it was just yesterday too. I’m sitting here laughing and I’m like, “Man, this happened so quick.”

Zack Boothe: It was so quick. I mean that was, it’s what is it now? May!

Cody Hofhine: What are we in? We’re in May of 2017, so was it January maybe?

Zack Boothe: It was the first Tuesday of January is what it was. I met Cody, Cody got up and they’re like, “This guy’s the wholesaling king.” And I’ve kind of had a bad taste in my mouth with wholesaling because I had joined this other program three years ago and-

Cody Hofhine: You were the guy in the background that was like, “Bull-crap!”

Zack Boothe: Yeah I was like, “Prove it!” But actually, that’s funny because I did prove it, I did, that’s kind of what I did is, I’m a local guy to Cody, so I was able to find out where he was doing his closings. Obviously a lot of stuff was confidential, but I was able to find out and prove that he was closing as many deals as he claims. I thought that was really cool. I met Cody, I listened to every single one of his podcasts, we talked about and I was like, “Man, I want to be like that. I want to be successful, I want to join it.” I found out that the program was legit and there was other people being successful. And I said, “Why can’t that be me? I have just as much desire as anybody”, and it’s just completely blown up.
It’s given me every opportunity to accomplish all the financial goals that I made for myself this year and then some. I think that I will, if everything goes right, I should accomplish every single financial goal I set for myself that I did not even see was possible. I had no clue how I was going to accomplish the financial goals that I had set. The very end of December and it’s kind of funny that a few days later I met Cody and my path was laid out to make my goals happen and I should hit my goals before July ever hits.

Cody Hofhine: My man. First and foremost, had no idea you did the whole FBI background search knowing how many-

Zack Boothe: I’m not going to lie, I had to confirm it, I didn’t want to [crosstalk 00:06:51].

Cody Hofhine: -all right, fair enough. But from there, I love it because you kind of have a unique approach to it and I think it’s an approach that a lot of investors want to get into and instantly, just talking with you and knowing you over these last few months, I see your drive and your passion for picking up passive income. By that, what I mean is these wholesale deals or finding these deeply discounted properties and then keeping, cherry picking your best ones and keeping them as a rental portfolio. I just love your approach because right from the beginning you already had goals set that you’re looking for passive income and I want wholesaling to be like the vehicle that gets me there.
I’ve always admired that about you, that you already had goals set, you already had a vision and now you’re saying, “Oh the paths are kind of aligning”, but really it’s because your vision is clear. When opportunities present themselves, you know if it fits the vision or if it doesn’t fit the vision. If it fits it, you take it. If it doesn’t fit it, you pass on it. That’s what a clear goal or a clear vision is and that’s why it’s so powerful.

Zack Boothe: You’re perfectly right. I want to share with the listeners. My goal, I made this goal a year and a half ago and that was to get to $10,000 in passive income. Meaning I would make profit after mortgages, expenses, property management, I would make $10,000 every month, month in, month out by the time I was 32 years old, it was a five year goal. Last year my goal was to get two properties and I did and I hustled but I only increased my passive income $500. I wasn’t going to hit my goal with that kind of idea. And I said, “Okay, I need to put it down on paper. I need to go for it. I need to get my passive income to $5,000 a month by the end of 2017.”
Wholesaling is not necessarily investing. Wholesaling is a business. It’s a job, it’s earned income and it’s taxed that way as well. It’s a very high paying job though. I’m making a lot more money with this than washing windows, that’s for darn sure. Just a few months of doing this, I’m already making way more with this than grinding out a business for 11 years, that’s how long I’ve been doing window cleaning. I’m already making more money with it, with wholesaling and I have no employees with wholesaling. That’s what’s crazy. I mean I had like three, four trucks and I was working 60, 70 hours a week, this I’m not working 40 hours a week. I’m living life pretty good right now. I hunt quite a bit. I’m doing some spring hunts and I’m accomplishing my goals at the same time. But anyway, yeah. I have kind of been having my cake and eating it too I guess .

Cody Hofhine: Let’s do this. I like this side of it because I think it’s unique approach to it. Usually we talk about deep diving wholesale there where you may just simply assign it, but I kind of want to deep dive maybe-

Zack Boothe: And that’s a great end of it. The money is amazing. Like that’s a great thing to talk about. But I like the idea of money without working for it.

Cody Hofhine: The passive side, right, going into the rentals and let’s kind of deep dive this, because we talked a little bit about, before the podcast started, maybe a unique strategy that’d be of value and that could be a gold nugget to a lot of our listeners. I know there’s a lot of people that want to get rentals, they want to, they really just don’t know how to acquire it. But I love it because it brings both of these channels into one that they work perfect together. Wholesaling is simply finding the deal, finding the deal. Like everyone needs to realize, a good real estate deal always begins with a deeply discounted property or a property at a wholesale price. I love the fact that you’re using wholesaling as your vehicle to find these off-market deeply discounted properties. But then you’re cherry picking the best ones and you’re letting it build your passive income so the money, you don’t have to keep working for it. It just keeps working for you.

Zack Boothe: Right. Let’s jump into that. I’ve got one deal, hopefully it’s going to close next week that I’m going to keep for myself.

Cody Hofhine: Let’s do it, let’s deep dive and kind of go for it.

Zack Boothe: Okay. Just real quick, just so you know, I’ve done with the three deals, once the one closes in assignment fees, I’m going to make just over a little over $40,000. Not only am I-

Cody Hofhine: Wait, wait. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Victory bell. Victory bell.

Zack Boothe: I knew that was coming.

Cody Hofhine: Here’s the thing, you’re saying this and it’s like, Holy smokes, you’re blowing it out of the water man. I want you to know you’re doing incredible. That’s an impressive, impressive goals to be hitting. So I love it, man. So 40,000 in assignments and let’s kind of deep dive. Here’s what we can do to get specific on this deal that you’re ultimately going to keep for a rental. But let’s start right from the beginning. Like where, what, how did it begin? Did you mail them, are you cold calling them? Like everything? What kind of mail piece? Where did you get this list? Let’s really give them everything. Everything step-by-step.

Zack Boothe: Okay. So just like any other wholesale deal I’ve done, I got them through mail pieces, all of my deals now have all come through, what do you call them? Just the postcards. Yeah, just the handwritten simple postcards from various different lists that you learn about through the program. I think what’s so funny is my other program taught that mailers don’t work. Don’t spend your time on mailers, a waste of money. Which I think is so silly, because-

Cody Hofhine: Brother, I just saw this on a Facebook post. I just saw literally on a Facebook post saying, “Direct mail is extinct.” And I just, I wanted to chime in and say, “I don’t think it is”. But also, man, I actually love people like this, more deals for me.

Zack Boothe: You’re exactly right. Yeah. Quit sending mail. It doesn’t work. So I can do it. Yeah. So I just do mail pieces, very simple. And then obviously how you interact with the leads that come in have a huge, huge, huge impact. I followed the steps and practiced it, practiced it, practiced it, followed through with all the steps in the program and got good at talking to these people and knowing what to ask for and what to look for in their response. Because you’re looking for a property that they want to sell, not that they really, really just want to be done with it. Whether they’re emotionally done with it, they’re financially tied up because of it. Whatever the situation is, you just need to have the right seller.
It’s been very funny because most of these people I talk to, I say, “Look, Why did you call me? Why don’t you just call a realtor and just list it?” So many people are so afraid to lose the deals by having that conversation. But you need to realize only a certain few people are out there and you’re out there to help them. That’s one thing I loved about his program. I find people that need my help and I help them and I get something in return, which is so awesome.

Cody Hofhine: Well, what’s killer on that, Zack, that you’re sharing and I think this has been touched on quite a bit in our podcast and I love it because it comes right from you guys, the ones that are being interviewed. I love it that every time the mindset is, “I’m going to help these individuals.” How many times do people take you up on that? Some people will take you right up on that. “You’re right, I should list this with a realtor”, and guess what? You just helped these individuals and some people are like, “No, I hate realtors. My mom’s a realtor and my cousin’s a realtor and bugs me. And I hate it. I can’t stand it.” But you’re truly there to help these individuals when you do so. Look what it equates to. It equates to an amazing year so far, Zack of your wholesaling business.

Zack Boothe: Right. Anyway, it all started with that same process for all of them. This one deal came in and it’s only a couple blocks from my house actually, and it’s a condo in Leighton and he called me about it and he told me that he had another investor that was going to look at it so I knew there was going to be competition, which almost every single one of my deals I’ve had competition. It was very similar to all the other deals. I went out and looked at it, it was real close, it was easy to look at and I got talking to him about what he needed and what he wanted.
I always ask about the opportunity of doing some type of seller finance deal because the seller finance deals, if it’s a low enough down payment, I usually can cover the cost and I can do my equations for my net operating income, meaning my income minus my expenses, this is my leftover amount. If it’s a positive number then I know I’m golden to buy it for myself and hold it. Like I said, that was my purpose for getting into wholesaling was to have access to these deals where I can get this passive income.

Cody Hofhine: Hold on right there, real quick because I think this is key. I think so many of us, we hear this and we’re in a great market right now. Would you agree? We’re in a market that’s increasing prices, ever increasing and people can get top dollar for their homes. I just think it’s interesting because so many people believe that there’s no such thing as deals. They don’t exist in this market. I love that you pointed that out. I got into wholesaling because yeah, I’m sick of the retail side because retail is not going to give me an investment that’s worth my money. It’s not going to give me an ROI or return on investment. You’ve got to find, if you want this to really work for you, you’ve got to begin with a deeply discounted property and you’re just not going to find these on the MLS right now.

Zack Boothe: Right, exactly. Yeah. I mean, well it’s just anything in life. If there’s something that you want, you usually have to go out and go for it. You have to do it yourself. You have to, you have to roll up your sleeves and not make excuses and blame other people. When people usually tell me, “Oh, there’s no deals out there”, I just agree with them because they’re saying there’s no deals on the MLS. And it’s like, “No, you’re right, there is no deals.” But I’m going out and getting the deals, I’m creating the deals, I’m structuring the deals to where they do make financial sense. I’m not a fix and flip guy so the properties that make sense as a fix and flip number, I’m passing, those are the ones that I’m wholesaling. I’m selling the contract, I put the house under contract, then I sell that contract to them and they close on it and do the fix and flip and make their money that way.
But it’s not a game I want to play. I consider it speculation, not investing and it’s just not how I want to play with my money. The deals that make sense, which there’s a book that I can recommend, it’s called ABC’s of Real Estate Investing, it’s from the Rich Dad Company. It’s been a amazing book for me to teach me how to evaluate the rental property, I don’t think we should get too far into that, but I looked at this condo, realized it was great numbers for me it was everything that I wanted it to be and I was able to talk to him, he had another cash offer. I made him the offer of the seller finance, he chose the seller finance deal. He saw that it was more money for him in the end, he saw that it was a better structure for him. I asked what he wanted as a down payment, he only wanted $2,000, which is crazy. That means I am buying this property, the only money that’s coming out of my pocket is $2,000.

Cody Hofhine: Wow.

Zack Boothe: $2,000 and I am going to acquire this condo with equity in it. The comps are very easy to pull on these condos because they’re all right next to each other. In the last six months, three of them have been sold. The cheapest one was 100,000 the most expensive was 125,000. So I’ve got roughly 30,000 to $45,000 in equity off of just that purchase.

Cody Hofhine: Something huge about that is not just the down payment of only 2000, but also the fact that you don’t have to go acquire a loan, you don’t have to use your credit. These are very, very strategic planning on ways to acquire properties without any real, your name on a loan or with your credit.

Zack Boothe: To be fair to the listeners, I did talk to him and he wants to be out of it within 12 months, so I have a 12 month balloon, but since I have so much equity in it, I will be able to go to any financial institution and say, “This is a property that I have seller finance, I need to refinance it.” Once I have a tenant in there that’s going to be paying me about 1,200 a month in rent, so my rent to value ratio is super high it’s like one and a half percent, I am going to be making positive cashflow after all my expenses, my mortgage, my property manager, all of my expenses, I’m going to be making about 400 to $500 a month passively, just one deal, and that’s with an investment of my own money of $2,000. That means I’m getting a return on investment of over 200%.

Cody Hofhine: Wow. Wow.

Zack Boothe: 200%! Per year.

Cody Hofhine: Where do you find that anywhere else in the market? You definitely don’t find that in the stocks. You don’t find it in the 401ks, the RR, the roths or anything like that. That’s incredible. That’s awesome my man.

Zack Boothe: It’s just beautiful, I can’t wait to have that $40,000 that I made in wholesaling, 100% reinvested into making 200% per year. I’m going to be a pretty wealthy dude.

Cody Hofhine: That’s awesome. So with wholesaling, is that simply your mindset? Here’s what I think is really cool because to each their own. With wholesaling, again, with finding that deeply discounted property, to each their own on their exit. Whether they want to fix or flip, whether they want to keep for the buy and hold, whether they want to sign it to another investor. But I love your approach because you’re always just thinking passive, passive, passive, and you’re willing to put off the big trips, the fancy cars and all that stuff. You’re like, “No, I want to think passive, because I’m 28 years old and I don’t want to be working for the money the rest of my life. I want money working for me.” You’re already starting with a good head start towards that direction. How many rentals now do you actually have?

Zack Boothe: When I acquire this condo, I’ll have five doors. But just kind of in my pipeline, I have one guy that’s talking about doing a seller finance deal. He wants a seller finance deal, not a cash deal because it saves him money on taxes. So it makes sense for him to do the seller finance, not get a cash offer. So I said, “Yes, let’s do it.” That’s five more rentals. That’s how I think I’m going to hit my $5,000. My goal for this year is to increase my passive income to 5,000. With the rentals I have right now and that condo, looking at it here on my wall, I have it written down, got to eat, sleep, and drink this goal every day, every morning, every night, all day long.

Cody Hofhine: So true. So true.

Zack Boothe: I will be to about $1,800 a month in passive income once I acquire this condo. But with those five properties, I’ve already calculated my ROI, my cash on cash return, all of my numbers, my passive income, I should be really close, probably within $200 of the $5,000 mark with those properties, with the pricing we’ve already talked about.

Cody Hofhine: That is all awesome. But all starts with just the wholesale approach, knowing how to find these motivated sellers that you can go help out and find these deeply discounted properties.

Zack Boothe: Yep. A lot of these guys, they’re not necessarily motivated. I mean these five… I’ve run into people that think negatively towards wholesalers or the wholesaling business because they think we’re taking advantage of people that are in a desperate situation where they have to sell and we’re stealing all their equity. Most of these deals, I’ve given them exactly what they’ve asked for, I haven’t even renegotiated the purchase price. Then on top of that, the seller finance deals, the guy that’s given me these five properties, I’m saving him money on taxes by buying them this way and he’s worth millions upon millions of dollars, he’s a very successful businessman. These deals are always structured as a win, win for everyone or we don’t do them. You don’t continue to stay in business unless everyone is winning.

Cody Hofhine: Such a gold rule in principles. All of our listeners listening right now, that one thing, if you could write down a big takeaway, and even though there’s been a bunch of golden nuggets already dropped, if there was one big takeaway from the podcast, it’s what Zack just said right there. That is, this is all about creating win, win situation. And then sometimes it’s a win, win, win as you get a seller, yourself and another buyer involved. But essentially you don’t do business if someone’s losing, it’s got to be a win, win. I love that Zack is pointing this out. It’s always been the price that they wanted.
It’s even successful people that are millionaires, they’re structuring this deal. It is a win, win every single time when you do business and if you do business that way, you’ll realize that the byproduct is just that you can make money. The byproduct is you can acquire rentals. It’s just truly going out there, seeing if you can serve these individuals, help them and create a win, win situation. And the byproduct is, you can do what Zack does and keep the buy and holds and keep that growing, or you can do a traditional assignment and sell it off to another investor. But those are the byproducts of just quality service and creating win-win situations.

Zack Boothe: Right.

Cody Hofhine: I love it. Tell us this, if you were to break it down, I know now that you’ve got a couple of years of experience in real estate, some times when it wasn’t working, times now that it is working, but if you were to start over, if you said, “I’m starting over today, I’m at the very beginning”, knowing what you know now, how could you help our listeners? What word of advice would you give them? Saying, “This is my gold nugget, that if I had to start all over again, I would make sure I did this.” What would that look like?

Zack Boothe: One principle that I teach to anyone that asks me how to be successful, or even just talking with my spouse and helping her with her new business and my friends and people that I know, what I teach is the importance of goal setting. I truly believe that you’ll never reach your full potential as a person unless you master the art of setting your goal. You have to learn to set a goal because, just like we talked about in this podcast the reason I got into wholesaling, the reason I saw wholesaling as the path to my success and why I’m successful with wholesaling is because it fit my goal that was already put in place. If you don’t know what you want, you don’t know how to put it down on paper and have a deadline and it’s specific, you’re going to just run in circles.
This world is full of opportunities. There’s education galore. You’re just going to take a shotgun approach to life and you’ll never, never, never consider yourself successful because you never challenged yourself to hit a certain level. When I hit that 10,000 a month passive income here in a year or two, I’m going to set another level and another expectation for myself and make myself uncomfortable again so I can feel that feeling of accomplishment and feel good about myself and actually have success. You know Tony Robbins, he says, “Progress is happiness”, and I truly believe that. If you’re not setting goals, how can you progress towards them? If you guys don’t have goals, people that are listening, if you don’t have a specific set goal in every area of your life, not just financially, you’re never going to reach your full potential or truly feel the excitement of waking up every morning to get to work on whatever it is that you’re doing.

Cody Hofhine: Such sound advice. I love it and there is huge power and wisdom behind every word you just said when it comes to setting goals and the power of setting goals. If you were to give us one of your favorite books, now I know you read and I know there’s, it’s hard to nail one, but if you could say, “Hey, I know there’s a lot of great books, but this is my one book.” What is it? On the spot, baby, on the spot! Let’s get you uncomfortable!

Zack Boothe: Read everything you can get your hands on guys. But I will tell you what book that I love for goal setting, since I just preached really loud about setting goals. One of the books that really, really deep dive setting goals and the book that I kind of structure, my goal setting strategy behind is a book from… Oh I should’ve looked it up. I think it’s called, I think it’s Brian Tracy. Hold on, let me look it up on Audible.

Cody Hofhine: I thought you were going to say Darren Hardy’s Live in Your Best Year Ever. That one deep dives-

Zack Boothe: I haven’t read that one Cody.

Cody Hofhine: It’s like a journal. It’s a journal. So it’s more of a daily journal of achieving your goals. You’re taking this book with you everywhere you go, like all day long. Because it’s a daily journal. It’s a daily looking at your goals, setting new goals, push yourself to new heights. And that’s-

Zack Boothe: What’s it called? What’s it called again?

Cody Hofhine: Living Your Best Year Ever, and it’s by Darren Hardy and it’s like a black journal that you carry around and you actually write in it.

Zack Boothe: I’m going to have to look that one up. Bam! Like Tom said, right? Bam! Then writes it down. I’m writing it down.

Cody Hofhine: So Brian Tracy, and you’re looking up on your account. Brian Tracy, what is that book?

Zack Boothe: It’s called The Power of Self-Discipline, No Excuses. And I love Brian Tracy, I’m reading another book right now of his too called Eat the Frog. But anyways, Brian Tracy and The Power of Self-Discipline, No Excuses, and he really deeps dive goal setting in this book and it’s, I kind of follow his pattern. He talks about setting a specific goal than writing a list of 20 things that you can get going on and you have to do like a brainstorming session. I do that with every single goal, whether it’s financial, my relationship with my family, with my spouse, my child, or anything else I’m trying to accomplish in my life. So I love that book for those reasons.

Cody Hofhine: I love it, Mr Zack boothe. Well, I want to tell you, congratulations. That’s amazing. You’ve been wholesaling here for a short three, four months, I guess. Yeah. Three and a half months, four months and already doing $40,000 in assignments, still have plenty of pipeline ready to close. You’re accomplishing your goals, your dreams of acquiring that passive income. You have five more potential properties that you might be able to do that with. This is all because of your hard work ethic, your motivation, your drive to just be progress, not perfection. You’re never looking for the perfect plan. You just go out there and implement. Have you made plenty of mistakes by the way?

Zack Boothe: Oh Cody, have I made mistake. I’ve made some mistakes and you know, I really appreciate that compliment but I do have to say this, Tom and Cody, you guys have been there for me. Your program has given me the instruction that I needed. You’ve shown me how to set up the system, what to say, how to say it, talk to you and teach you on who needs to be on your team and I have an awesome group already around me. They’re not employees, but I have a real estate attorney, I have other real estate guys that are trying to help me sell my deals. It’s got me access to the MLS. So I’ve gotten a group of people that help me and help me be successful to accomplish my goals. Of course, they have their gains through my contribution as well but I’ve been very blessed to be a part of this program and to have good people around me to help me. So it hasn’t been 100% me, but I do appreciate that compliment Cody. That means a lot coming from you because you’re such a go get her yourself.

Cody Hofhine: Awesome. Zack, my man, thank you so much for joining us. This has been an awesome podcast. I know you’re going to be itching to get off this so you can go right back to work, I know your work ethic. Thank you so much for taking some time out and helping our listeners understand how they can achieve their goals and giving them different value of what wholesaling has done for you and what it can mean for them.

Zack Boothe: Well, I’m glad I was able to be here.

Cody Hofhine: Awesome.

Zack Boothe: Hey, can I ask you for one more favor?

Cody Hofhine: Yes. Let’s hear it.

Zack Boothe: Just one more victory bell for my ego?

Cody Hofhine: Ooh, hold on, hold on. Oh, I can’t reach it. No, hold on.

Zack Boothe: All right, I need it. I love it! That’s a good sound. Thank you.

Cody Hofhine: All right, rhino nation. You just heard an amazing podcast by Zack Boothe who has really quickly grown a successful wholesaling business and he’s been able to do so quickly because his is his speed of implementation. He hears something and he just goes out and he does it. He doesn’t question it, he doesn’t second guess it. He gets uncomfortable, he makes mistakes and he’s fine with it. I want each one of you to know as you’ve listened to this podcast, you can do this. This is nothing unique that only certain people can do. Anyone can do this. Not everyone will, but anyone can do this. If you will just set goals. If you will just get uncomfortable. If you’ll just take massive imperfect action and just remember, progress not perfection, there’s no perfect plan. You’ve just got to go out there and implement like speed of implementation.
Just get out there and do, do, do and I promise you’re going to learn a lot of new things that are just going to get you better and stronger and that much closer to your first deal and this is a perfect example of someone just taking massive action to get their first deal and now it’s just wash, rinse, repeat and you can do this over and over again. Guys, if you want to hear some more success stories, head over to, that’s Wholesaling, you can click on the testimonials tab and listen to what people are doing nationwide so it can motivate you, inspire you that you can do this. Also if you’re not on our email list, definitely do so. Sign up at that webpage, we always share gold nuggets and quick tips to help you in your wholesaling business that you can implement. Something easy, some instruction, not education that you can then help you in your wholesaling business so you can take massive action and get big profits from it. Guys, thank you so much for joining us. Until next time, keep working hard. See you guys.

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