Episode 69: Making Your First Wholesaling Deal

Today’s Rockstar Rhino, Alysse Romero, has only been Wholesaling for a few months and she’s already getting ready to close her second deal.

In this episode, we explore exactly what she did with this deal and discuss how others can get off to a strong start in their own Wholesaling businesses.



  • Why honestly trying to help people will have a positive ROI for your business
  • How to avoid common mistakes when you first start Wholesaling (and learn from the mistakes you do make)
  • How to find a motivated seller on a budget


(Not) The Deal

Alysse’s first lead went all the way to closing and then, without a word, didn’t show up to sign. It was devastating, but she learned a valuable lesson: never stop working on the next deal.


The Deal

Alysse started her business with a small budget, but she’s making it work by taking daily action.

  • She’s only sent about 3500 mailings total
  • Her first 500 mailings were sent to a high equity list she pulled from ListSource
  • Her next 600 mailings were sent to individuals on an absentee owner list from ListSource

Alysse received a call from a motivated lead. The house had been on the market for over a year and, in that time, was vandalized. However, the lead was asking for too much – $90k. They couldn’t come to an agreement, but the lead still really wanted to sell the house so Alysse helped her put it up for sale by owner.

This last bit is huge: Alysse never stopped trying to help, and that mindset will have a huge ROI for her business. People want to do business with people they trust.

This is when Alysse learned another big lesson: never take a lead out of your database. Alysse did remove the seller from her database, but later managed to get back in touch with her.

The property didn’t sell and the seller’s price came down to $50k. It was still a little high, but Alysse started marketing the property to her buyers and found a few who were interested.

She sold the property for $60k and made over $7000 from her very first deal. It wasn’t always easy, but she persisted and continued taking massive action until she closed the deal.






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