Posted on: June 26, 2017

Today’s Rockstar Rhino, Alysse Romero, has only been Wholesaling for a few months and she’s already getting ready to close her second deal.

In this episode, we explore exactly what she did with this deal and discuss how others can get off to a strong start in their own Wholesaling businesses.



  • Why honestly trying to help people will have a positive ROI for your business
  • How to avoid common mistakes when you first start Wholesaling (and learn from the mistakes you do make)
  • How to find a motivated seller on a budget


(Not) The Deal

Alysse’s first lead went all the way to closing and then, without a word, didn’t show up to sign. It was devastating, but she learned a valuable lesson: never stop working on the next deal.


The Deal

Alysse started her business with a small budget, but she’s making it work by taking daily action.

  • She’s only sent about 3500 mailings total
  • Her first 500 mailings were sent to a high equity list she pulled from ListSource
  • Her next 600 mailings were sent to individuals on an absentee owner list from ListSource

Alysse received a call from a motivated lead. The house had been on the market for over a year and, in that time, was vandalized. However, the lead was asking for too much – $90k. They couldn’t come to an agreement, but the lead still really wanted to sell the house so Alysse helped her put it up for sale by owner.

This last bit is huge: Alysse never stopped trying to help, and that mindset will have a huge ROI for her business. People want to do business with people they trust.

This is when Alysse learned another big lesson: never take a lead out of your database. Alysse did remove the seller from her database, but later managed to get back in touch with her.

The property didn’t sell and the seller’s price came down to $50k. It was still a little high, but Alysse started marketing the property to her buyers and found a few who were interested.

She sold the property for $60k and made over $7000 from her very first deal. It wasn’t always easy, but she persisted and continued taking massive action until she closed the deal.






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Episode Transcription

Cody Hofhine: Welcome to another podcast episode here on Wholesaling Inc. My name is Cody Hofhine and I am excited to be here today. Glad to have Rhino Nation with me listening. Excited to have you guys with us today. It’s going to be awesome. If you are all but driving because we definitely don’t want you taking notes while you’re driving. But if you are sitting down, get a pad of paper and a pen out and jot down the gold nuggets that are going to be released on this podcast.
Today we have a rock star Rhino that has been wholesaling for just a short few months, about five or six months now. Her name is Alysse Romero. She lives in Chicago, Illinois and she just started in October of 2016, has already closed her first deal and has another deal ready to close here in the short few days. So we are going to bring on Alysse to kind of help us understand what it is that she did with this deal that she has closed. The specifics like step-by-steps. So each one of you listening today can take something away, implement it into your own wholesaling business, take massive action and see the results. So without any more to say, let’s bring on Alysse.
Alysse, how are you doing?

Alysse Romero: I’m doing great, Cody. How are you?

Cody Hofhine: Not too bad. Let’s deep dive and fill us in the background, a little bit about yourself, what you did in the past and lead us up to where you are today.

Alysse Romero: Sure. So I was actually doing some industrial photography for a real estate data company right when I started listening to the podcast. But prior to that I was a broker for a private fund.

Cody Hofhine: So you did the brokering for a private fund, meaning like lending out money or what type?

Alysse Romero: So I was in charge, I was in investor relations, so I was in charge in raising the money for the fund. So I was dealing with mainly investors.

Cody Hofhine: Awesome, awesome, awesome. And then somewhere along the line, what got you to like get the bug that Hey, this whole selling looks pretty fun?

Alysse Romero: Well, I’ve always known that I’ve wanted to get into real estate. I just didn’t know how I was going to do it and I just kept telling myself when I make enough money I’ll buy my first rental. And so I decided to do the contract work because I was just trying to figure it out, how to get there. And I just really, really got sick of it one day and I was just like if I don’t make a move, this is just never going to happen to me. And I’m tired of kind of trying to wait for things to happen. And I was driving one day, sometimes I would get sent up all the way up to Wisconsin on these photography assignments. And so I had all the time in the world to listen and I came across Tom Krol’s podcast and that was actually pretty much the first time I’ve really heard about wholesaling the way I did.

Cody Hofhine: And from there that got you the bug of like, Hey, I can do this.

Alysse Romero: I would really say that it was … Tom said something and like I said, I was in previous sales jobs and I love to make money and I love to help people, but I just didn’t like the way they did business. And he said something very, very specific of it’s a very humbling way to make a living and if you want to help people and you want to make money and something really just, it just clicked from there and I said, yes, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. And I just started pretty much listening to all of the podcasts and reading about it and things like that.

Cody Hofhine: I love it. So a couple things that I want to capitalize that I think it’s huge that you did is I think there’s all of us at some point in life that we have like that breaking point. I love what you said. Like I got to the point where I was like, no, I’m sick of putting this out. And I knew I just had to make a change. I had jumped into it. It wasn’t comfortable. It wasn’t something easy. I think so many people maybe look at people that are successful, that are maybe done a lot in real estate or whatever business career out there or spiritually or physically, and they look at these people and think, Oh, it’s just because these people are so talented and so gifted. But really uncovering all of that, everyone shares the same story of, you know what? I got to a breaking point. I was sick of it and I knew that things aren’t going to change unless I change. So I knew I had to do something extreme to just get things done.
So I love the fact that you just shared that because so many people think it’s just, Oh, these people know so much in the background and they already knew about wholesaling. They’re already successful people, but you still had that I have to make it leap. I have to get out of my comfort zone and get uncomfortable and fall in love with being uncomfortable and just move forward. So absolutely love that.

Alysse Romero: Absolutely agreed.

Cody Hofhine: Okay. So, let’s kind of deep dive and help our listeners today understand that if they were just beginning what that path looks like, let’s go deep and kind of share everything, share the highs, the lows, the good and the bad, but really help them understand a little bit from the beginning and then we’ll kind of just lead right into what was your first deal.

Alysse Romero: Sure. So, I didn’t join The Tribe right away. I was doing tons of research, of course, like I normally would and tons of reading. And so I just, initially I thought that maybe getting a coach here locally would be a much better option for me. And so I went on meetups and I found somebody who I thought would be a really good coach and he wanted me to join his live event, whatever he called it. And so I said, well, you know what, I don’t really care for going to the event and learning about a bunch of different strategies. I’m looking for a coach. And he said, yeah, yeah, I promise you I’ll get you that. Just come to the event and we can talk about it later. And so I went to the event, spent money on the event and I just started moving forward with the wholesaling strategy and I sat in my small Chicago apartment and probably wrote close to 2000 letters. Stuffed them in the envelopes.
I did a bunch of things that I didn’t necessarily have to do. I did bulk mailing and all that. It was just terrible. And I got so many calls and I had no clue what to do with them. And I was reaching out to this person for help and I really felt just left out in the dark. I mean I didn’t receive any help from him at all. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. And I quickly became very frustrated.
So, it was pretty depressing because I had spent all this money on marketing and here was this person saying that he was going to help me and he was pretty much nowhere to be found and yeah. And I think he was looking for kind of to say, well see you can’t do it by yourself and you’re going to need me month to month. And if that was his original plan, fine. But he should have just been open and honest with me. And so then I just got very, very angry and I said, you know what, why don’t I just give The Tribe a try and that’s exactly what I did. I reached out to you guys.

Cody Hofhine: Awesome. Awesome. So some killer things here, like these are huge moments. Because I know this is resonating with a lot of listeners today as you share some of the frustrations, because I think we all have our background. I remember this was a little over two years. So this would be about two and a half maybe years ago when I first started hearing about wholesaling and what it was, I did the same thing. Like I started getting the inherited list and I was doing the yellow letters and my wife set up the printers so that it was like handwritten. So I didn’t have to hand write them, because we still needed them legible and Cody doesn’t write legible writing and so we had the printer do it and I remember the exact same thing. It’s like the phone started ringing.
And I was like, well now what the crap to do? Like I don’t even know what to talk to these people. And so it was. It was quickly like for me it was that frustration of like, okay, I’ve paid money. I could have put that towards like mentors -[crosstalk 00:08:50].

Alysse Romero: Exactly.

Cody Hofhine: There is some unique things. Yes. Can you go out there and do it on your own? Absolutely. But it’s just I love that you shared like your frustration out. To that point though, that frustration, that initial action though is what ultimately led you to where you’ve done your first deal, closed, as well as deals coming in the future. And so know that there’s also that good side to it in the sense of, because of those moments, because of that frustration, because of that action here you are today also saying I’ve done my first deal and I’ve got another deal closing in a few days.

Alysse Romero: Oh absolutely. Yeah. Great.

Cody Hofhine: So let’s kind of deep dive like right from the get go, what it is, how you’re able to, so let’s kind of go deep, like tell them what it is you did. How you got ahold of who you’re going to mail this to. So like if it’s a list, how did you get the list, what was the list? And then let’s go right all the way into it. And like what kind of marketing piece and all that spun stuff.

Alysse Romero: Right. So I joined The Tribe and I didn’t have a large budget at all. I think I was sending out maybe 500 pieces here and there whenever I could. And I think in total I probably send out about 3,500 since I joined. So it hasn’t been that much mail. But my first mailing was … it was an equity list that I had pulled from ListSource and I got really excited. I think it was only five or 600 pieces. It was pretty small.

Cody Hofhine: Okay. Yeah, I’d say that’s not even a big number. So I love this already.

Alysse Romero: Yeah. And so I get her voicemail and it’s just says the name and says I want to sell my house. And I was like, Oh, this is perfect. I got a deal. And so I go to meet with the seller and I’m like, Oh, she’s definitely motivated. Her things were packed and in boxes and she was telling me all the issues that she was having and we went through everything. And so we finally agreed on a number. The deal went all the way to closing and she never showed up to the closing. I was sitting there with my attorney and my title company and I had seen her the day before. I was helping her look for an apartment and she said, Nope, I’m going to be there. I’m going to be there. And she didn’t show up, didn’t call me, nothing. And it was devastating. I really felt like I was just down in the dumps and I said, Oh my God, I can’t believe this happened. And it was just so disappointing. I mean, I can’t even describe how I felt about that. So, yes.

Cody Hofhine: This isn’t even the first deal we’re talking about, this another deal that went all the way to closing, never happened. It was … Holy cow.
So no, I love this. I didn’t even know this story about you. Like I’m sitting here with a smile like, man, she’s sharing even stuff that I’ve never known. I love this. So you had this deal that you got from a high equity list, from ListSource. You mail out, she calls in, leaves a voicemail saying she wants to sell. You go out there. There’s clearly some situations where you can be of help to help her out of it. You find a way to help her out, but then she doesn’t show up to closing and now it’s like a lease all over again, like dun dun dun.

Alysse Romero: Yeah. And I can say that I think I definitely made a huge mistake because I think I heard Tom say this before, but I was really just planning on that deal closing and I would say that I wasn’t working as hard to get the next one. And that was my next big mistake.
And so after that one there was a second mailer that went out, which was the absentee owner list, again pulled from ListSource and it was about the same amount. It might’ve been maybe 600 pieces. And I got her voicemail and she sounded actually pretty motivated, just said I’m looking to sell the house. The house is vacant, please call me. And so I gave her a call and we went over the script, but she lived all the way up in, I think it was like Marengo or something. So it was pretty far.

Cody Hofhine: How far is that from you?

Alysse Romero: Oh, it’s near Wisconsin. So it’s a distance.

Cody Hofhine: And it sounds like you have all of your marketing out to these people, you haven’t sent … all the people that are responding are sent to a voicemail it sounds like.

Alysse Romero: Correct. Yes. And so, I spoke with her and I didn’t develop the rapport that I needed to. I kind of just went to the script quickly. I think I was just frustrated and I was just looking for that deal. But I should have definitely developed more rapport with her because she was all the way up at 90,000 for her home. And I said I can’t do 90 maybe I can do 30 so I would say that was my next big mistake. But this woman basically told me that she had joined, it was some sort of investment First Time Flip Club and they helped her flip her first home, which was in Chicago on the South Side neighborhood. And she couldn’t sell the home right afterwards. And because the market turned and I think that the property was actually vacant since last spring.
And what happened was there were people who went in there and actually vandalized the property and she just did not want to deal with it. She lived all the way up North. But she didn’t like the number that I had given her. And so we kind of just went back and forth and I said, well, you know what, why don’t you try listing it with a realtor? Why don’t you try for sale by owner? And so she’s like at least that might work. And so we were kind of back in touch for maybe a month here and there; came January, we spoke again and she actually reached out to me saying, we’re ready to sell the house and can you do 50,000 and I said, there’s just no way I can do that. And I was assuming things of course. And –

Cody Hofhine: What did you think at this time? Like if you were to break it down, so she’s asking … she went from now 90 to 50 but what was the home valued at, at this point?

Alysse Romero: Well, I went into the home, the home was completely trashed, but it was newly rehab, so it was mostly cosmetic. Just from my comps that I learned to pull from Zillow, that’s all I know. I don’t know anything else. I’m not an appraiser. I don’t know what repairs costs in this area. So I just pulled my comps I learned from The Tribe. And the number was saying right around 30,000 depending on –

Cody Hofhine: [crosstalk 00:15:10] offer price.

Alysse Romero: Right, right. Depending on of course the repairs that it needs. And so that’s where I thought I needed to be right there around.

Cody Hofhine: What could this home be worth if it was [crosstalk 00:15:20]

Alysse Romero: Oh, probably about 140/150 and so I told her again, I said, really, why don’t you try listing it for sale by owner? And so she said, okay.
And I deleted her from my database. I just completely –

Cody Hofhine: Uh-oh, I love that you’re laughing. There’s a no, no. Just kidding. Keep going.

Alysse Romero: No, that was a big no, no. And I deleted her from my database. And so then it was really after I didn’t come in contact with her again until March. And at this point I was just really frustrated because I was like I just really, really need a deal. And listening to the calls that I was listening to, I would listen in on the weekly calls. And I remember some gentleman saying I sent out 15,000 mailers, I only got one deal with it. Does that seem like it’s right? And Tom goes, no, that doesn’t seem like it’s right. And then the gentleman said, well, I just feel like I’m not coming across a motivated seller. And then something just hit me.
And I was like, Oh my God, I feel like I’ve been doing something wrong. I feel like I’ve been doing exactly what this guy has been doing. And so I got really angry and I wasn’t angry at you guys. I wasn’t angry at anybody else. But myself and I went into my emails since I didn’t have her contact information, I found her email and I emailed her and I said, listen, were you able to sell the home and what’s going on? And she said, no, but we’re definitely ready. We need to sell. So I call her. Turns out there was a lot more going on than I knew, she had owed her brother some money who had initially helped her invest in the property to flip it. She then had cancer. So she was dealing with that. And so this was somebody who absolutely just did not have the time or the strength to want to deal with getting rid of this property herself.
And so I said, I’m willing to help you even if I can’t do it, just let me know what your absolute lowest price is. And so she said, 50,000 and I said, okay, I’m going to see what I can do for you. So shortly after she sent me the contract and I started marketing it out to my buyers and I actually got quite a few people that were interested, said send me photos. So I sent photos and then shortly after I had a property inspection and I reached out to some of the buyers who didn’t confirm but had asked for photos. So I got a few more people to come up to the inspection and just got a few people interested. And finally, it went to closing shortly after that.

Cody Hofhine: This is absolutely like gold nugget after gold nugget if you’ve listened to this so far. And really there’s a couple of things to write down. First and foremost is listen to how Alysse truly cared about this individual in the sense of multiple times, hey, I don’t know if … I can’t do 90,000. My number’s completely off from that. Maybe you should list this with a realtor. Going out there and helping her find out what is the best fit. The lady ends up doesn’t want to list with the realtor. Maybe this is something you can list by yourself. Because I don’t know if I can do that price and then helping her along the way. But I love what you said because this is huge and this is why people end up doing business with people like you is because you’re there to help them regardless.
Like I’m going to see what I can do, but regardless whether I’m an option or not, I will do what I can to help you out. And because of that mindset and because of your heart to just go in there and help them irregardless of what happens, whether you are the choice or not the choice, but you’re going to still help that individual. That’s why good will keep coming back to you in the future. It’s because of that right there. It’s very little to do with real estate and all to do with relationships, going in there and just building rapport and building that relationship of trust. And as you do those things, people do business with people they trust and even if not, guess what is it really that bad? You still help that an individual, even if they don’t choose you to be the option on help them with their home or with any of the problems that may be going on in their lives.
So that is some key things that I hope every one of you wrote down because I’m sitting here writing down like gold nugget after gold nugget and that’s awesome. And that’s why you find success. Now what’s lucky is I’m sitting here listening like Holy smokes, you had this amazing lead sit on the docket for like four or five months with no other willing investors maybe out there that even reached your contact or thank goodness. But that’s awesome because here you had the opportunity, you finally said, you know what? What am I doing? I have a good lead right here. You find the email, you reach out to her and you do it. So you go get cash buyers. They want to come look at this place to do an inspection on it. What did this end up doing? Was it from there did someone say, yes, I want it? Or how did that look?

Alysse Romero: So I had, I think it was maybe roughly four people show up. And of course there was a couple people who said, no, no way, I’ll never pay this for the property. But then there was two others who really, really wanted it. And then they said, one guy said, I want to make a move on it and it would have been a smaller assignment and I said, okay, just contact me. And he said, well, just let me know if I need to come up or not from the other buyer. And I said, I just really can’t do that. Just send me your highest and best. And I said that to the two people that were interested. And so ultimately I winded up getting a higher assignment because I did that because I got more buyers, a property and I was fair and they both gave me their highest and best and I just went with the best, which was the cash offer instead of the hard money guy.

Cody Hofhine: Now let’s hear what it ended up being. So you put this on her contract at 50,000 you said?

Alysse Romero: It was at 50,000. Correct.

Cody Hofhine: Okay. And what did you end up selling it to the investor for?

Alysse Romero: 60.

Cody Hofhine: 60,000. Hold on, you know what’s coming. Hold on Alysse.
All right, so victory. You sell it for 60,000. there probably is … I don’t know if there was any kind of cost associated to that. What did that like as of like net to you?

Alysse Romero: So, net I made roughly $7,200. The buyers did agree to pay the closing costs. Unfortunately when I went to the attorneys, she absolutely did not agree with that at all. So I actually had to wind up paying for some of the closing costs and of course attorney fees. And so I still thought that that was still a pretty good assignment from the 10,000.

Cody Hofhine: Absolutely it is. That is something to be like smiling from ear to ear.

Alysse Romero: Oh I was.

Cody Hofhine: $7,200 and now granted, here’s why it should taste so good though. Because this was something over months and months that you’ve put this together. And even though I think another key point that I thought of here that you said was, there are so many moments of frustration, like frustration, frustration, frustration, getting on the phone call and then being mad even at yourself like ah, what am I doing wrong? Like I just want to get this deal and multiple opportunities where you’ve had the chance where it almost like led you there. Like it got you close to it. Where you were like, Oh man, it’s going to happen. And then that one backed out. And so all of this though, even with that frustration, you still pushed forward. We call it the Rhino Power, right? You just Rhino-ed through and you did it. You just went out there and did it and here you are with your first deal making $7,200 and then you said you have another deal now that’s already in escrow ready to close. What does that look like? What’s that going to make you?

Alysse Romero: That will net me probably about $5,000 and that one was off a code violations list that I had pulled.

Cody Hofhine: Code violations. Such a great list. Awesome. So 5k in the future here in a couple of weeks that you’re going to receive from that too. Now, how has your whole entire feeling when it comes to like wholesaling, because I know once you’ve gotten your first deal, it’s kind of like the whole relaxation takes place a little bit in the sense of you’re no longer like fret and fret and fret for the first deal. Now that it’s happened. What does that look like for your future here this year?

Alysse Romero: I really was just waiting for that first deal. It was just like I know this works, I know this works. And I kept hearing from everybody how much it doesn’t work and it doesn’t work here in the city and there’s too many people doing it. And I just turned my ears away from them and I just kept pushing through and now I just feel like I can make so many more deals and it really just takes that one to catapult you that much further.
And so I’m going to invest most of that money into more marketing. And obviously I really want to scale and make more deals and help more people, but it’s just really gratifying. I heard from the seller, she said, you’re such a good person. You have such a good heart, thank you so much for helping me. And that really just meant the world to me because I was just so tired of being in these jobs where I felt like they didn’t care about the people, they didn’t care about the customer or the investor. All they cared about was themselves. And so I’m really happy that I’ve finally found something where I can make money and I can help people. And to me that just means the world.

Cody Hofhine: I love it. So if you were to give some tips to our listeners and you were to say, Hey, starting over again, here’s what I would do differently, or maybe here’s something that I would make sure I did the same because it led to this. What would be a good golden nugget you could give? What value could you give if you were starting all over again?

Alysse Romero: Well, I feel like the experiences that I’ve been through really have made me stronger. I’ve learned so many lessons. I would say after that first deal where it didn’t go to closing, I just became very … I was self conscious and I became afraid. I wasn’t pushing forward as hard as I could. So I would just always say like you and Tom say all the time, just keep making mistakes because you’re going to learn and eventually you’re going to get there. So just push forward from the start. And no matter what happens, just continue going. There’s nothing to be afraid of and the end is well worth it.

Cody Hofhine: Awesome piece of advice. I love that. So fail your way forward. Know that you’re going to make mistakes, but it’s okay. Push through it. You’re going to make mistakes, you’re still going to make mistakes. And even on your third deal, you’re going to make a mistake and your fourth deal, you might make a mistake, but it’s okay. Alysse is a new person and you are going to move through it. So I love that. Now tell me about … are you much of a reader?

Alysse Romero: Yes, definitely. Well –

Cody Hofhine: What is a good book? Okay, go for it. You were going to say something?

Alysse Romero: Oh no, I just said, so I really wasn’t much of a reader until I joined The Tribe, but I just love every single book that you guys recommend. But yeah, if there was a book that I would definitely recommend, it’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. That book has definitely changed my life by far the most.

Cody Hofhine: Is that Dale Carnegie, right?

Alysse Romero: Dale Carnegie. Yes.

Cody Hofhine: Dale Carnegie. How to Win Friends and Influence Others. Awesome. What is it about that book that makes you like, man, I just really love this?

Alysse Romero: I think it’s just … I’ve always just thought about people and why they do the things that they do and it’s been really hard for me to understand them and I think the book just really helps me understand why people do the things they do and why they think certain ways and how to handle people and how to manage people and treat them so your life will be easier. It just has made my life so much easier. So I would definitely recommend somebody who is just looking to build relationships and looking to break down barriers within people. I think it can definitely help with sellers as well to read the book.

Cody Hofhine: I love it. Well Alysse, I want to thank you so much for joining us today. I know your story is going to resonate with a lot of our listeners. I know they’re listening right now thinking, man, I’m in that same boat where I’m working here at this job and I just want something where I can just help people out and get paid for helping people out. And finally like just take that leap, that jump, that breaking point where you’re like I just got to do it. I have to make the difference.
So I know there’s a lot of listeners listening to this story thinking I’ve got to do it, but they also need to know, which is key, it’s not just going to be easy, it’s not going to be like unicorns and rainbows is what we call it. I mean there’s some challenges, but you can do it. You can do this. Like if Cody can do this, if Alysse can do this, if Tom can do this, if all the other hundreds and hundreds of people across this nation can do it, you can do it. And I think this podcast has been a great message of overcoming trials, challenges, fears, and just knowing I’m going to do it. And you did. You ultimately did it. So congratulations. And thank you so much for joining us today.

Alysse Romero: Thanks Cody. I’ll talk to you soon.

Cody Hofhine: This has been another episode here on wholesaling inc that has been awesome. So each one of you out there that this has resonated with. This is something that you should probably listen to over and over again because this is a story that lets you know that you can do this, that anyone can do this. If you’re willing to do all that it takes, willing to get past the hurdles, the trials, the challenges, just like Alysse did in Chicago, Illinois with trial after challenge faced her, she never gave up. She just continued to push forward to get that first deal under contract and each one of you can do that too. So this is something definitely listen to, pull out the gold nuggets, but then the biggest thing about that is implement them in your business today so that you can take massive action. You’re going to make mistakes. You might make what you call a failure, but it’s okay. You’re going to move forward until you find your first deal. Just like Alysse.
Also go over to Here’s an easy way to get some more free gold nuggets that we give to all of our listeners and all of our subscribers and that is getting on our email list. What we do is we email quick tips all of the time about how you can implement certain little tricks and tactics in your wholesaling business so that you can just find massive results because of it. So go over to, that’s wholesaling I-N-C dot com where you can then subscribe to our email list where we’ll be glad to email you over gold nuggets that you can implement each and every day into your wholesale business.
Guys, thank you so much for joining us today. It’s been an amazing podcast and grateful for you guys, our listeners for keeping us here, wanting to do this each and every week. Take care guys. See you.

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