Episode 685: How an 18 Year Old High School Student Closed $106,000 in Real Estate Deals in His First 8 Months of Wholesaling

WI 685 | High School Real Estate


There will always be someone who will excel and exceed expectations, especially in real estate. More amazing if that person is just an 18 years old high school student closing $106K in real estate deals in just eight months of wholesaling! It may sound unbelievable, but it is real! How can someone so young do it?

Carter Libis joins Brent in this episode to share how he closed massive deals in the first eight months of wholesaling at his very young age of 18 while juggling his time with his studies as a high school student. Not only that, he has some flips going on as well.

In this episode, Carter will talk about how he started his real estate wholesaling business, getting massive deals, and expanding it. He will also talk about how he got deals from cold calling and Facebook Messenger. Also, Carter will share how his dad influenced him to do real estate and about doing it together. Also, he will share a little about pricing and some advice for the listeners on doing cold calls.

Get all the inspiration you need from Carter in this episode on acting on his goals to build his real estate business while he is young. Take some note of what he did to achieve his goals that might help improve the way you do things in your business.

How An 18 Year Old High School Student Closed $106,000 In Real Estate Deals In His First 8 Months Of Wholesaling With Carter Libis

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