Posted on: May 11, 2021
WI 685 | High School Real Estate


There will always be someone who will excel and exceed expectations, especially in real estate. More amazing if that person is just an 18 years old high school student closing $106K in real estate deals in just eight months of wholesaling! It may sound unbelievable, but it is real! How can someone so young do it?

Carter Libis joins Brent in this episode to share how he closed massive deals in the first eight months of wholesaling at his very young age of 18 while juggling his time with his studies as a high school student. Not only that, he has some flips going on as well.

In this episode, Carter will talk about how he started his real estate wholesaling business, getting massive deals, and expanding it. He will also talk about how he got deals from cold calling and Facebook Messenger. Also, Carter will share how his dad influenced him to do real estate and about doing it together. Also, he will share a little about pricing and some advice for the listeners on doing cold calls.

Get all the inspiration you need from Carter in this episode on acting on his goals to build his real estate business while he is young. Take some note of what he did to achieve his goals that might help improve the way you do things in your business.

How An 18 Year Old High School Student Closed $106,000 In Real Estate Deals In His First 8 Months Of Wholesaling With Carter Libis

Episode Transcription

You’ve done eight deals, $106,000, and you got a flip going on?


How’s that flip going?

It’s going well. We listed it. It’s like a normal cold call. We came across it.

Who called?

I called it. I pulled a mobile home in Prescott. I got them low and I told dad about it, “I might have this guy pretty low and maybe we could take it down.” He’s like, “Yeah.” The comps in the area were like $300,000, $315,000. We had it for $170,000.

What list was it from?

It was a Prescott mobile list. This area is beautiful. It’s right by a golf course. It’s beautiful. We locked it up for $170,000. I met him at a Denny’s. We decided to take it down ourselves and we listed it for $335,000. We have about $215,000 into it. We’ve had quite a bit of showing so far. No offers yet but we listed it.

Can you get financing for this mobile home?

Yes. It’s a unique situation. We have a friend, his name is Rodney. He owns a landscaping company. He funded the deal for us, the full $170,000. We told him about it and he knew how good of a deal it was. He was comfortable with it and it worked out pretty well. 

The amazing thing is if people know what you’re doing, they want to be a part of it.

I wholesaled him a lot too. Now, he put a mobile home. We have a good relationship with each other, so it worked out pretty well.

Tell everybody when you got started, how old were you, and whether or not you were in high school.

COVID happened in March, April 2020. I started May 1st, 2020. I was watching you and a lot of videos and I started. For me, the main thing was I jumped into it right away. I wasn’t waiting to learn everything, so that helped me out. I started making calls.

You didn’t know every part of the process and you started?

I mainly liked you because you just call. I always think, “I’ve got to spend all this money on mailing out letters and all that type of stuff.” I’m like, “I got all this free time. It’s COVID. I don’t have school. I’ll make some calls.” It worked out pretty well.

It worked out perfectly. It worked out to the tune of a $106,000 and a flip that looks like a $70,000 deal.

WI 685 | High School Real Estate

Rich Dad Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money – That The Poor And Middle Class Do Not!

It doesn’t sink in, the $106,000 so far.

What do you do with $106,000?

I’m cold calling now. I’m looking to buy my first rental. My whole goal was to build up this cash with wholesaling and then buy a rental. That’s the main goal. I know that’s how you get the wealth started and everything, cashflow per month. You may build a little team with the wholesale thing. That’s the main thing here. With the flip going on, that should be a nice payday. It will all work out. I got some good things going on. 

You moved to Prescott from where?

South Dakota.

Are you specializing in Prescott?


Prescott is like 90,000 people.

It’s 50,000. It’s growing. The Google population is 50,000.

Speaking of people that are in the smaller markets that are like, “I need to expand. I need to do it virtually because there are not enough people here.” You’re in your market. You’re still making the calls yourself.

The only list I’ve pulled is Prescott and Prescott Valley, which is ten minutes away. It’s another $40,000. Mainly, I’m calling around. You have Pike County, which is a population of 250,000. It’s not like Maricopa.

It’s six million.

It’s a lot smaller but I know there are deals everywhere. You’ve got to put in the calls and stay consistent. I texted you after my first list, “What market do you suggest I go through next?” You’re like, “Stay in there until you need to move.” I’m like, “All right.”

There are a lot of buyers. We do deals in Prescott and Prescott Valley.

I’ve gained a lot of good contacts through there and I’m going to keep rolling with it until it runs dry, which it never will. 

How do you get the confidence to be able to make these calls at eighteen years old?

God blessed me with the ability to talk to people, which is awesome, but mainly because I took action right away. I wasn’t scared or hesitant to do anything. I jumped into it. I read Rich Dad Poor Dad and it got my mind turning. I wanted to make as much money as I could. If I got to talk to strangers, it’s not like I’m looking at them in the face. It’s over the phone. The worst they can say is no. I started up and I’ve never had too much of a problem talking to people. I looked at my mojo. I’m about over 45,000 calls in so far.

There are a lot of noes that can wear you out. When you get that one yes and it’s $15,000, $20,000, it makes it all worth it.

How many people have you talked to? Do you know?

It’s about over 5,000 conversations. 

You had 5,000 conversations with strangers. Do you feel like you could talk to anybody?

A lot of people, when they talk to me, they’re like, “You’re well-spoken. I thought you were much older.” We’re talking on the phone and everything. It’s a good compliment. When you talk to 5,000 people, you’re going to learn how to talk.

That’s what we were talking about earlier. Mike, you brought this up. You’ve got to talk to 1,000 people before you hire anybody. You’re talking to 5,000 people. You’re going to virtual high school. You’re making calls, you’re making this, and building your business. That’s incredible. Where do you do it from? Do you do it in your bedroom? Do you do it from a library? Do you do it from an office, a den? Where do you make your calls?

I call about 3 hours a day, about 5 days a week, and it’s all in my bedroom on my desk. It can get old waking up, especially with COVID, quarantine and everything. That’s all life is, wake up, eat and make calls. Grinding when you’re young and when you have all this energy will help. It already is. I’m making calls in my bedroom.

What is your schedule? Do you do your calls in the morning or the afternoon?

I try to start around 9:00, 10:00-ish. I go until about 1:00, 2:00. Normally, I’ll go to the gym or something to try to get off the chair for a little bit. It’s late morning until mid-afternoon. Sometimes I’ll start later, as long as I get them in. I talk to the same people normally, contact-wise, throughout the day. There’s not a secret time or anything.

Brent, one of the cool things about Carter is even a year in, he started wholesaling and already evolving the business, taking the next step into fix and flipping. Who knows from there?

That’s the point.

The fix and flip is crazy. It was listed on my nineteenth birthday. When I was eighteen, before I reached that point or anything, I was going to play college and golf. I had no idea what I wanted to do. When COVID hit, that’s when my mind shifted. When we found this deal, dad was like, “I know you found it.” I sent it out to one of the buyers that I met. He’s a good guy.

Is it Luke?

It’s Rick. He offered me $225,000 for it. That’s a $55,000 wholesale. That was hard to turn down.

Why did you turn it down?

Mainly because I know I can make that and my dad can make that out of this deal and more.

How does your dad fit into this?

He buys a lot of real estate. That’s how I got into it. He managed it. He did a lot of the rehab himself. That was his end on the deal. 

WI 685 | High School Real Estate

High School Real Estate: The market is crazy right now. There’s room there. Don’t be scared to even go up a little bit.


He’s managing the rehab. You’re finding the deals and then you split it with him?

Yes. For this one, I found it. He got funding. It was our friends, so it wasn’t just him. He did a lot of the work himself. When he does projects, he goes all-in on them. We used some of my funds for the repairs and some of his. We went on this together. It was a good learning experience. I gained a lot of handyman contacts as well, which is awesome for the future when I do my own flips. I mainly learned the process, the closing costs. All that stuff adds up. When I’m finding wholesale deals, I know that more when I go into negotiating stuff. We’re splitting the profits 50/50. We’re all in about $215,000. The market is crazy there, and it’s great.

When you say that your dad buys a lot of properties, what does that mean?

He’s not doing too many flips. Prescott is a great Airbnb market because it’s beautiful up there. I also found a cabin in the woods in Prescott Pines and it’s beautiful. He bought that one for me and we’re going to turn that into an Airbnb. He also closed down on a duplex-type office space. He’s only doing rentals.

Building the portfolio. You’re following in those footsteps.

He likes that I’m finding good deals. 

I bet he does.

It’s been working out well. 

When you’re looking at a deal and you’re confident, what are you looking at? ARV minus what?

I’m trying to follow that equation that you put out there. The market is hot right now. It’s ARV minus 15%, not the normal 30% when I first started learning. ARV times 0.8, 0.25, and minus repairs.

That works? I tell everybody, ARV minus 0.84, depending on the market because some of the markets are lower. Fix and flippers are going to look for at least a minimum of $20,000 profit. If that doesn’t fit into that 10% or the 16% that you take off the top, then you have to adjust. Minus repairs is the wholesale price and then subtract from there. That’s what you’re doing.

People out there, when you’re figuring out that equation and it’s not perfect, you get a little scared. The market is crazy right now. There’s a lot of room there. If you matched that equation, you’re going to pick a pretty good fee on it. Don’t be scared to even go up a little bit. The market is crazy right now.

What’s your average wholesale fee?

My first one was $3,000. Take that one away, it’s about $16,000, $17,000. 

The numbers say it like that.

$106,000 divided by 8 or whatever. I’m dealing pretty good. Even one of them, I found off Facebook Messenger. It was my biggest deal, $22,000. I messaged a rental off Facebook Messenger.

What do you mean? Break that down.

There’s a lot of deals out there. You just have to put in the calls and stay consistent.

When I’m calling, sometimes I go on to Facebook and they’ll have rental listings. They’ll have an apartment for rent, $800 a month. You’ll be able to message them. I messaged them. I was going through and being like, “I want to see if you’d consider an offer on your property that you’re selling.” They were a young couple and they’re like, “We’ve been thinking about selling.” It was in Dewey. It was twenty minutes from where I live. I went down there the next day. I locked it up for $297,000 and I sold it for $320,000.

From a Facebook Messenger?

Off of Facebook Messenger. It’s crazy.

That’s incredible.

It’s a good hack. When you’re making calls, you’re bored, and you’re playing video games, go to Facebook and send messages.

People are like, “What happens when they start blocking the mass text messages?” DM. Somebody’s going to create a bot that automatically scrapes and sends things. That would be interesting. Maybe you’ll build that. Think about that. That’s the next venture.

You can’t message all of them. They’re going to be right to the owner. More likely, they’re going to be on Facebook throughout the day. They’ll see your message.

Talk to everybody. They’re seeing an 18, 19-year-old making calls and doing deals. Maybe they’re apprehensive to make calls. Maybe they’re trying to fit it into their schedule and their world. They’re not sure if it’s going to work. What would you say to somebody like that?

The biggest thing, for me, is being consistent. I start maybe an hour a day, 30 minutes. If you guys are working your 9:00 to 5:00 and you’re burnt, try to fit in an hour maybe before you go.

Maybe even fifteen minutes. You build the habit. All of a sudden, the funny thing is you start liking it.

All it takes is one conversation. You build energy off of it. There are a lot of noes that can wear you out. When you get that one yes and it’s $15,000, $20,000, it makes it all worth it.

I remember when I first started making calls. I was calling and calling and somebody was like, “Yes, I would consider it.” I was like, “This is it.” I then got obsessed with it. I was consistent for years and years, then I started hiring people. I was calling forever. I talked to over 45,000 homeowners. You can imagine because you’ve already talked to over 5,000 of them. You get into that rhythm and you get it. It gives you that juice of it. It is exciting.

The main thing is if you guys can stay consistent, even five days a week, make your calls, it’s going to mean the world of a difference. I don’t know what kept me coming back to make calls. It’s not like it’s fun right away. I kept doing it. It then gets part of your daily routine.

How long did it take you to get your first deal?

Probably about a month.

Tell everybody about this. If I’m telling everybody 90 days from the first time you talked to them to the time that you get closed, it’s average. You’ve got your first deal closed in a month or locked up in a month?

It’s a little over a month and then it closed.

WI 685 | High School Real Estate

High School Real Estate: When you talk to 5,000 people, you’re going to learn how to talk.


That was the little guy, the $3,000.

It’s messy. The work I put in should have been $30,000. I saw something about you can get pre-foreclosure lists from realtors. I know pre-foreclosures are small because banks are giving you a bunch.


Before COVID started and everything, I got a pre-foreclosure list from an agent in town and I called it. There were maybe 100, 200 people on there. I found this couple down in Camp Verde that was going through some things. I was able to help them out. The worst things you could have done, I did. She was crying on the phone, like, “We’re not going to be able to close. We have this big tax lien that we have to pay before we close.”

It was a couple of grand. I know that they would figure it out. It’s either that or they’re getting foreclosed on. I didn’t have the money to pay for that. I let it right out. Eventually, I got it done for them. I helped them out. They owed about $90,000 on it. I locked it up for $110,000. Zillow said $120,000. I had to go back and lower them down to $95,000. I ended up selling it for $98,000 to a local investor in Cape Verde. I put it on Craigslist and Marketplace, and I end up finding this guy named Jim who wanted a little rental.

In the smaller markets, you can find buyers there. It’s a little bit tougher in the bigger markets to find legit because most of the people on Craigslist and the Marketplace here are other wholesalers. It’s a good way to network in that sense. Tell everybody about your YouTube channel, how to connect with you, everything. I know that this was quick but you’ve made a big impact.

I appreciate it. If you want to go to my YouTube, it’s my name, Carter Libis. I got my fix and flip on there and how I made my $100,000 in those eight months and some good content on there. I try my best to document what I’m doing. If you guys want to follow along, you guys can subscribe. My Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, it’s all my name, Carter Libis. Search me up and message me if you want.

Thank you for being here. It’s incredible. Make sure that you follow Carter. Carter, thank you for joining us. Until next time, we encourage you to talk to people. We love you, guys.

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