Posted on: May 06, 2021
WI 682 | Financial Freedom


The ultimate goal for entrepreneurs who venture into real estate is to be financially free while having the power to control their precious time, which is liberation from working on a full-time job! Transitioning, on the other hand, is another challenging phase to face. Most listeners have this question in mind when it comes to transitioning – HOW to do it?

This will be an inspiring episode as Kelvin Mathis and Darrell Smith from Camden County, New Jersey, join Brent to share how they transitioned from working full-time to being full-time real estate entrepreneurs in less than a year. They will break every step of their journey where listeners can pick up tips to apply in their businesses.

Kelvin and Darrell started their partnership in September of 2020. Fueled by their ambition and hunger for experience, they were able to put together 5 to 6  deals over $65,000! They continue to build awe-inspiring things to keep the momentum of their business going, the Maybell Acquisitions.

Learn from Kelvin and Darrell, the living proofs, on transitioning into successful real estate entrepreneurs. Do not miss this episode.

From Full-Time Job to Financial Freedom Through Real Estate In Less Than A Year! With Kelvin Mathis And Daryle Smith

Episode Transcription

I’m going to get started with this episode with a question, “How?” This is the question on everybody’s mind. How do I transition from a full-time job to doing this business, being a true real estate entrepreneur full-time? I think the best way to break this down is to show and prove it. It’s to give you a path that these two incredible wholesalers out of Camden County, New Jersey are going to break it all down. It is my absolute pleasure to bring to the show, Darrell Smith and Kelvin Mathis.

How are you doing?

It’s a pleasure to be on board.

First of all, we are going to time-travel and get into your backstory. Before we do, what is the Maybell Club? Tell me about this.

It started because we are both married, full-time husbands and dads. I’ve got twin daughters. I have put both their names together, Isabell and Maylaya. I started from there. That’s how that kicked off. I ran with the name and the first time I ever heard somebody say that with their mouth, it was an affirmation to me like, “This is real. When somebody else says it, that lets you know, It’s established now because they processed that in their mind.” They said that because that’s how they identify you. That’s where it started for us.

That’s the name of your business?

Yes. It’s Maybell Acquisitions. Maybell Club is another brand that we are going into for people that we know that want to know what we do, how we do and they want to break it down. Maybell Acquisitions is the actual business. Maybell Club, it’s more so the brand, the educational behind all the fun stuff.

For everybody reading this, Darrell and Kelvin came together in September of 2020. Since then, they have put together 5, 6 deals over $65,000. They are building this momentum. They are doing incredible things. Darrell, let’s go back to where you were in 2020 essentially or even further. What were you doing in 2020?

Prior to coming out to South Jersey meeting Kelvin, I was in Nassau County, New York. I was working at a hospital. I was living at my mom’s house with my wife and my two kids. I didn’t have too much of a real estate background. In 2018, I started working at the hospital and a couple of months in, I’m trying to be the best employee. I’m a go-getter. I always aspire to be the best at anything that I do. A friend of mine back in New York, who’s a commercial broker now, named Christian Rodriguez introduced me to BiggerPockets. I started listening to the podcast and that’s how I’ve got introduced to real estate. I didn’t get my feet wet too much.

I fell into the analysis paralysis. On my end, I fell in love with the idea of flipping houses. When I first got into that idea, it was to the best of my knowledge that the key to flipping houses is finding deals. I practice day in and day out, Redfin, Trulia, Zillow on running numbers, finding properties, how to get that max allowable offer and how to pursue an offer. You would rather be off-market to a distressed seller or through a real estate agent. I’ve got good at that.

The key to flipping houses is finding deals.

That was my own little personal niche. Fast forward to August 28, 2020, it was my last day of working at my job at the hospital. I put it all on the table. I took my last bit of savings. I told my wife, my kids, “We are going to move and give ourselves a fresh start.” I had the thought that I had this cushion, that if I were to take a chance and risk it all, now will be the time.

I did that on August 28th. I quit through that weekend. That following Monday, September 1st, I believe it was, I moved to South Jersey. We’ve got into our place. We found a nice little two-bedroom spot. We moved in and I’m getting the feel for the area. Driving around everywhere, I kept seeing Kelvin signs, the Maybell Acquisitions “We buy houses” signs. I knew that if I were to come out here, I’m going to need someone that has boots on the ground that knows this market because, in New York, it’s a completely different ball game.

The price of homes is extremely high. It’s very competitive. Out here, it was a lower price point for homes. I saw a lot of opportunities myself. When I kept seeing his signs, I was like, “I’ve got to find this dude.” I found him on Facebook. I sent him this lengthy-long message saying, “I’m new out here. I want to get connected. Whatever I can do to help you, let’s do it.” He messaged me back later on that evening, we met the next day at a Wawa parking lot.

There was someone else that was with us and he didn’t end up sticking around because he was more focused on the money aspect. I was more focused on the experience and getting my feet wet with the business. He had already established three deals on his own. That was its own story itself. I come from not doing any deals. I didn’t know much but I knew I was hungry. Our ambition together is what took this business off the ground.

The most important thing as you are starting or any time in this business is that hunger. The beautiful thing is in that story that was the little missing pieces. Darrell, you found Kelvin through Facebook, DM-ing. Did you try calling him?

I didn’t call him initially. I messaged him first and then we spoke on the phone after.

Either way, you are being proactive and reaching out. You are not sitting back and going, “He will probably ignore me or won’t respond.” You put it out there and are being proactive. Kelvin, give us your story because you were loading trucks with earbuds in your ear, listening to podcasts on YouTube and feeding your mind. Go for it. Tell us.

Where I worked, you load the truck but as long as you get the job done, they don’t care what you do. Everybody is listening to music. I listen to music but I have started listening to BiggerPockets, TTP and stuff like that. I’ve got the YouTube playing. I can’t watch it but I can hear it. I set it up. I load my trucks and it helps me get through my crap. I’m learning, getting excited about other people doing deals, wrapping me up and getting my work done. That was my little thing. Everybody else thinks I’m playing music. No, I’m trying to get educated. I’ve got to figure out how to get out of here.

I started doing that. Listening and start applying, figuring out what PropStream and Mojo Dialer are. I’m learning what everybody else is doing. Lo and behold, my first deal was in January. I think my first deals were set the confidence for me because, until this day, I have never even met my seller at all. It was all through texting. What was crazy about it? Everybody at my job knew what I was trying to do. I would talk about it all day because it’s on my mind. I’ve got to tell everybody. We were going home one day and the dude was like, “There’s one of those houses you are always be talking about. It has been there forever.” I was like, “Okay.” I get the information. I skip trace on it.

I get in touch. I run my little pitch and he was like, “Would you guys all go to the same school and all that?” I have always been good at talking to people. I laughed it off and started talking to him. After two weeks, it went dry, no response. That’s when the New Year’s hit. I have sent out a reminder saying, “Just saying Happy New Year and seeing how you are going. How’s everything going?” He hit me back and said, “If you are still interested, I want to sell.” From that point on 30 days later, $3,000, that set the tone for me. I kept going. Around March time, that’s when COVID started coming in and you can’t work.

WI 682 | Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom: It’s not always about the deal. Focus on trying to solve somebody’s problem.


I go from listening to podcasts and all these stirring up in me. I’ve got one deal under my belt. I’m ready to go and now we can’t work anymore. I have all the time in the world to focus on what I already was doing. That’s when the momentum hit. That’s when I’ve got to buy my third deal around April. I went and got myself some bandit signs. I put them everywhere. I will wait and here are leads and stuff. Here comes Darrell. I stored everything that I was learning and listening to into him. It was like I duplicated myself because he had the same energy. We hit it running.

I love that you were getting louder and louder. Not only in your own group or with the guys that you were working with but now you are getting louder with the bandit signs. The more that we are putting out, the more things like a magnet come to us, like Darrell coming to you, seeing that sign and going, “I moved here. I have been listening to this BiggerPockets and I’m ready to go but I need some help. I need somebody that has the experience. I don’t have to fumble and stumble around for the next 6, 9, 12 months to get frustrated, discouraged, disappointed,” all those things and start doubting yourself. You went right in and start building this relationship, which is absolutely phenomenal. Are you telling me, Kelvin, that you saw an ugly house, got the phone number for that house and made $3,000 on it?

Yes, I sure did.

It’s that simple. That’s what I want to get across here for everybody that has a full-time job, fire in their belly to be a real estate entrepreneur, to build that portfolio of properties and tastes that financial freedom that maybe your family, friends or group has never had before. It starts with that first step. The first step is you need to find a distressed property and have a quality conversation with that owner. You do that enough times, you win. You can’t lose if you have it.

Not to fast forward too much, but our business is now structured of having quality conversations. We have quality conversations and you focus on building relationships and the money will follow. Don’t chase the money. Chase the relationships.

The hats and the shirt, the club, I assume that you guys are bringing more people to what you are doing. You want to bring like-minded people around you. You want to help them and build a real good community so that everybody wins. That is what it’s about. It’s about squatting up in your local markets or nationwide, especially in your local markets and helping people out. Should you get part of those deals? Absolutely.

That builds and builds your team. It helps you find the right people for your company. It starts with finding ugly houses, calling the owners and getting in front of them and going there with a servant’s heart to serve them and solve their problems. How do you function as a team? Do you split the rules? Do you both go out and go after the properties? Are you both hunting for opportunities? How does it work? There are a lot of partnerships reading.

The way it works now is, at first, we do whatever, knock on doors, cold call. Some of the deals we have done came from different things. That’s how you know everything works. Some came from a door knock, cold calling or somebody knows where our house is at. For the most part, I like to cold call, get that initial, “How are you doing? This is Kelvin of Maybell Acquisitions.” Once I have filtered them out, I know that they are interested, I will send that email off to Darrell and he will do that follow-up. His whole objective is, “The initial conversation went good and they liked that. Let me follow up with my partner to come exactly in to understand that the property has value.”

I’m not going to talk about the property yet. Let’s talk to this person as a person. Especially in this market, everybody is calling everybody. People are more likely to sell to their friend than an investor. I focused on trying to find friends. I tell people all the time, “We can be friends. If I can go any way to help you, let me help you.” It’s not all about the deal. That’s the initial goal but focus on trying to solve somebody’s problem. We are problem solvers. When you can solve somebody’s problem, they are happy. They are good.

When starting a business, focus on the experience, not the money.

I always look at it, if you go to the previous people I have done deals with all the previous sales, I can call them now and say, “How’s everything going?” They are like, “Great man.” That’s what you want. We learned that from calling people and getting our script together. It’s not that I was cold calling with my script like, “Maybe I should take this line out,” because it’s a science behind it but you don’t know until you do it over and over. We are still learning and growing. As you said, that doubt and fear, that doesn’t necessarily go away. You’ve got to keep training your mind. You don’t get to a point where you do a few deals and like, “No, I never got doubts and fears.” That’s everlasting death.

It’s the people that go through with this and go, “That’s great,” but that’s not bigger than the goal. That’s not bigger than the dream. That’s not bigger than where I see me in the next 10, 20 years for the rest of my life doing this business. We could do this forever. That’s what’s so exciting about this. Let’s break down a deal. Let’s give people some meat and potatoes of how you found a deal, what list it was on, how you went about it so that people can replicate that in their own markets.

We’ve got one that we were waiting to close on now but the one that we did where we made $15,000 off the deal from cold calling. It was an absentee owner list.

For everybody that’s reading and you are just getting into this, absentee owner means that the people that own it don’t live in the property. You can pull these lists. Kelvin mentioned PropStream. You can get that at Percentage of equity, do you put that in there?

I think this one was anywhere from 30% free and clear.

That means that what they owe on it is 30% less than what it’s worth. Whenever you are wholesaling real estate, there have to be two main factors, equity and motivation and in some distress from the property owner. Do you do it by hot ZIP codes? Your ZIP codes, counties and everything in New Jersey are crazy. Do you do it at a certain location? How do you guys do it?

This one was specifically set on Camden County, the whole county.

What about the length of ownership that they have owned it?

We took it down a little bit. It depends on what shows up in the PropStream. You’ve got a whole bunch and you are not trying to spend too much money on skip tracing that many. I would go higher. I will do twenty years first because that’s when the estates are going to start popping up. Those people have held on to that for a long time. You want to start there and then you work your way. As you go through all those calls, open it up a little bit, go down to 15 or 10 years.

You can always build motivation into your list by narrowing down your filters.

WI 682 | Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom: Keep training your mind because you don’t get to the point of doing a few deals and you’re good. You still have to learn.


They are in a bigger market. If you are in a smaller market, you need to open your filters up. If you are in a bigger market that has a lot of opportunities, you’ve got to tighten it first. I love that you said that, twenty years of ownership. For everybody that’s reading, when you put it in for people that have owned properties for twenty years, the total amount gets smaller.

They are targeting a more motivated one because they have owned it for a long time. Maybe they are like, “We are done.” I typically recommend seven years as a minimum of ownership because the stats, the numbers prove it. People sell their properties every seven years on average. You hit them in the sweet spot but if you have somebody that’s owning a property for twenty years plus, fantastic. Go after that. That is a great tip. That’s incredible.

It just so happens that this specific seller owns 23 other properties. Not only did he own this one that we got under contract and this boat, but he also owned 23 other properties outside that one.

Did you do just single-family houses?

I will put a couple of multifamilies in there as well but for the most part, I would collect it as much as I could and narrow it down. I’m trying to see what’s the oldest of the oldest and then work my way.

Is it multifamily up to four units like a fourplex?


I’m breaking this down because I can see people’s minds churning and they are going through like, “I can put this list right in PropStream and be able to pull this.” Did you do anything about the price that they originally bought it for, the original sale price? Did you mess around with that at all?

A little.

That’s another tip that I would say for anybody. If your list is still bigger, I like going about two-thirds of the median sale price. You google in your area, Median Sale Price, go two-thirds of that and then go for the properties that sold that are less. You are going to get some good opportunities because if there’s a sweet spot for cash buyers, it’s doing flips on single-family houses that will sell to first-time home buyers.

Don’t chase the money, chase the relationships.

If you give them that inventory, they are going to love you and you are going to make a ton on it. We did a lot of breaks down there. That was fantastic. We did not prepare this. I did not ask them to break down this list. They know this list. You guys know your stuff. It’s incredible. You know exactly what you are going after and not only the passion but the precision of you knowing all these things, it’s incredible. It shows a lot. Do you cold-called them?

I cold-called them. What happened was that Darrell was going back through my notes. After I’m done for the day, he will go back through to look and make sure. I remember he put a note saying, “Spoke to the guy and he was rude.” Here’s the motto I go by. If they don’t say no right off the rip, I’ve got to make sure. I look at it and like, “Let me get you out of my mind. If you don’t want to sell it and want nothing to do with it, great. I accomplished getting you out the way. This is not for you.”

When I called him, he said, “I’m in traffic. It’s a bad time.” Instead of me trying to force my pitch, I said, “It’s not a problem. I will call you tomorrow. I don’t want to disturb you. You take care of what you’ve got to go.” He said, “All right, thank you.” Meanwhile, I’ve got him on notice that he was in traffic. He said there was a cop in front of him and doesn’t want to be on the phone. I’m out of here. When I follow up, I have the notes and I say, “How are you doing, Mr. Seller? I know the other day when we previously spoke, you didn’t have the right time. I know you were in traffic. There was a cop in front of you.”

He said, “Okay.” I’m reminding him of who I was because so many people call him. He’s a receptive person, which means if he’s receptive for me, he’s receptive for anybody. I established what we spoke about. That’s the first thing. After that, I was like, “I’m seeing if you were still interested in possibly selling this property?” He was like, “Yes, if the price is right.” At that point, I’m getting excited. I’m like, “Here we go. This is what I have looked for all day.”

I do it again. I will make it seem like I’m not being super aggressive. I want to be your friend. I said, “I’m going to look at the numbers and come up with the offer that we could stand behind. I will call you back either later on today or Darrell will get in touch with you tomorrow.” He said, “All right, it sounds good.” The next day we talked to him, had a good conversation and told us the situation with the tenants and how he’s owed money. I heard his pain.

I said, “I get it. I know you’ve got a lot going on, this market, all this COVID stuff.” I’m hitting all the points that relate to what he wants to hear, which is the truth, “I agree with what you’ve got going on. I hear your struggle.” The next day, we are at the Wawa. We signed the agreement. After that, I said, “Let me go over and talk to these tenants and see what’s going on.” I’m on the way over there. I don’t know what’s going to happen. They are upset, too. It’s broken communication. They opened the door and they are the nicest people in the world. They were like, “He doesn’t talk to us.” I said, “If I can do anything for you guys, I’m going to do the best that I can.”

They had a five-month-old baby, no heat in the house. They are going through all this mess. What we learned is that we are like a lot of these landlords and the tenants, it’s broken communication. It’s so awkward to not talk but that’s where we come out in the gray area because we are communicators. We are going to talk to the landlord, the tenants and get it figured out. We went so far with it that we locked up the deal. We’ve got them a U-Haul truck. We packed all their stuff. They moved to Philly and they were happy.

I set up a Cash for Keys where they could get a couple of dollars so they could restart. Literally, they said they’ve got them a laptop, they are ready to train and learn what we are doing. That’s what you get when you are building rapport. Sellers are wanting to be friends with you. I get text messages all the time with sellers like, “There are a lot of people that we are talking to but we feel comfortable with you, we like you or I have been at the closing table. Many people call me but there was something about you.” That’s the part you’ve got to perfect. You’ve got to understand everybody is calling these people. You have to stand out. They have to field transparency. They have to resonate with you. If you go somewhere to buy a car or something like that, if you don’t like the way that car salesman is coming off to you, you are out of here.

I use this example all the time. It’s like a guy talking to a girl. If you come off not confident, shaking, she’s like, “I’m out of here. This dude is crazy.” If you come without being aggressive, “How are you doing? I want to talk to you and see how things are going,” you are going to win. There’s nothing different from talking to people on the phone because it’s person-to-person. It’s a people business. Once we learned that, we start learning how to go in for all the questions that we need to know we’ve got to do but know how to back off.

We are all hungry. We all want dues but you’ve got to put that to the side and focus on this person that’ has been successful for us because it was rapport building. That’s what it’s all about. If I’m going to up to build that rapport, you’ve got to earn the mind share in that person’s mind that when they are ready to make a move, they will call you back.

WI 682 | Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom: You can always build motivation into your lists by narrowing down your filters.


It’s like the other deal that we did for $18,000. I knocked on this guy’s door. I shook his hand and said, “How are you doing?” I said, “If it’s ever on your mind you are ready to sell, take my card, let me know what you want to do. I can see what I can do for you.” I was probably the only person that knocked on his door ever who showed my face to him to show my transparency. On Monday, I’m eating breakfast with my wife. The text message goes off and it blatantly says, “Ready to set up.” Thirty days later, $18,000.

There’s a big deal there. There’s a big difference between having that positive hunger and having like deal breath where you are like, “Eureka.” You are almost desperate for it. You are trying to push it too hard and fast. You are not considering the emotions and the situation that are going on with this person. If you dig in, go and try to figure out what is going on, put them in this situation and how do we get them out of it, you are going to win way more.

You are a pure testament to that. It’s not even close to the approach. You don’t have to learn all these slick sales things and ways to manipulate and go through all these different ways to communicate so that you are manipulating them instead of influencing them. You can go there and be yourself. Be kind, optimistic, likable and you can be that certainty. When you have all those things and go in there with that confidence, you are going to win. It’s going to be a lot easier for you. You can do that.

Read this. Listen to Darrell and Kelvin talking about it here. Literally, take this to heart because that is the absolute truth, especially when you are playing the middleman between the landlord and the tenant. Obviously, you are seeing this but on our end, it’s like 60% of our deals. We are playing like mediation between the two here. It’s crazy.

I will tell you what, the deal has been getting bigger and bigger. Those landlords will take less and less because if you go there, figure it out and you are the glue that holds us all together, then you are going to get some fantastic opportunities. It’s true. The deal of a lifetime comes around about once a week. You’ve got to be able to find it, work with those people and have that certainty, and likeability that you are talking about. I want to ring this bell. What did you lock it up for and what did you sell it for?

We put it under contract for $85,000. From the moment we put it under contract, that same day after we went to go speak to the tenants, the buyer went to the house and he says, “I will take it at $100,000.” We locked them in for $85,000 and we signed it for $100,000. We made $15,000 off that deal.

I talked to him. I said, “Bro, we are going to get on that show.” It happened. I’m not surprised. When everything aligns up in your mind and you say, “I’m going to win. I don’t care what happens.” The universe has to serve like, “This guy is going to win it. It’s on his mind.” You’ve got to believe it. I set a timer at 8:00 in the morning, 8:00 at night for the amount of money I want to make for that month.

That way, it’s going in. It’s embedded. That’s why that second deal is so critical because you have to break through that film, “I did this before. I can do this again,” because you can always hold on. That’s critical for everybody. You have to fight until you get that first 1 or 2 deals under your belt. You know, “I’ve got this. I’m going to keep going.”

Never doubt and stay consistent. That’s the key to success.

I used to get up and I would write every morning, “I’m going to make $10,000 today,” and then I started dissecting it. I was like, “To make $10,000, I have to provide $10,000 worth of value. How do I do that? Where are they? Where are these property owners? Whose problems that I can start?” Now, you are in the right mindset, you are like, “I need to put myself in a position to be able to bring that much value.” Your income is equal to the amount of value you provide to the marketplace or your community. That’s the fact. That’s the equation. I love that you do that. Obviously, you get together and brainstorm. What is the goal? What’s the vision? Where do you see this in 5 to 10 years?

Staying consistent is the key to success.

I see this syndication rental portfolio because you start learning going through this buwsiness. You are getting deals but you’ve got to get to the point where you are sourcing them. I was telling him, “The deals are great but we want to get deals. We hold on to them and flip them by having these rentals because you want to get off that rat race.” Once you start doing deals, then you’ve got this other thing like, “Am I getting the next deal? Is it coming? What’s going to happen?”

As you keep going and get deals, you will start learning. You build the capital. Do I want to hold on to this or do I not? That’s it. Another thing I want to tell people out there is not only to be transparent with your sellers but also to do it with your buyers, too. You’ve got to sell at each avenue because your buyers are your bread and butter. You get those core buyers. They believe in you. They see a track record. They are with you. You can’t lock up this deal and then keep trying to talk to everybody. Once you’ve got your core buyers and they know you, that’s it.

On each avenue, people got to know you. They’ve got to know your heart. They’ve got to know your serious. They want your energy. They are receptive to you because like I tell Darrell, “Receptive people get the deal done.” The buyers, sellers, title companies, all parties have to be receptive. Push that thing through. You’ve got to go through a lot to get that done.

Darrell, talk to somebody just starting out. Give them some advice on how to get their first deal, what they should be doing and putting it into their minds. Give them some advice here.

I would definitely recommend doing what I did. Find someone else in your market that you can provide value to and do whatever it takes to alleviate stress from their shoulders to help them grow their business so that you can grow also. You will gain knowledge no matter what. You can’t chase the dollar. You would have to chase the knowledge and the experience because the experience is what’s going to carry you through no matter where you go.

Find somebody that you can squat up with. I’m telling you if you are going to be proactive and show that you are being proactive, people want you on their team. People want to be around you and be around people. You naturally find people that are also proactive. They also have that energy. They also are on that frequency where they are like, “No matter what, this must happen. I must be successful at this.”

Not want. Want is flimsy. Want is a flash in the pan. “I want to do this.” No. You don’t want to do it. It must happen. That’s where it comes from. Find people that it must happen, connect with them and squat up. Kelvin, how do people get ahold of you? If they are in New Jersey, how do they hang out? How do they find the Maybell Club? What does that look like?

Hit us up on Facebook. Type in Maybell Acquisitions or Maybell Club. It’s got the little commercial. It should pop right up and you send me a DM and we will go from there. It’s all love. I would love to help somebody starting out because I was there. The fact that I went through the process and I know what’s real, that’s what makes it crazy even if I go back and look at old interviews and stuff. Out here, is different now because I know exactly how that feels. It’s different hearing it from the outside once you are in it. I will help out as many people as I can.

You are going from a full-time job to now working full-time in your business. It’s an incredible inspiration. Any final thoughts from you, guys?

Stay motivated.

Try to talk to as many people as you can and have as many quality conversations and track your progress. If I could go back, I would say, “Try to pick one thing that works for you.” Go down a hallway with one thing as much as you can. At the end of the day, if that lane doesn’t work for you, know why it didn’t work. “I tried that. Now, I will go on the next thing.” You can’t be all over the place. You’ve got to dial down and focus.

WI 682 | Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom: Find someone else in your market that you can provide value to. Do whatever it takes to ease the stress from their shoulders and help them grow their business. By doing this, you’ll learn and grow yours.


For anybody starting out, get the no-pay. Drive around your area. Somebody that’s in distress stop taking care of what they are not paying for. It’s going to show on the outside. Keep it simple. This business is the simplest. Keep it easy until it gets complicated because you don’t want to overthink it. There are people that I know that got major deals. Their first deal knocked on the door. It’s that simple.

Don’t let all the software, the gurus and everything tell you otherwise because of the simplicity of having a wholesale business or wholesaling in general, there’s no science to it. There’s no secret. The secret is that there’s no secret. Anyone and everyone can do this business but you have to not doubt yourself, stay consistent and choose one lane. One thing that works for you around your life and your schedule that you can commit to.

It has to be sustainable. Find ugly houses, talk to the owner and see if they would consider an offer. I tell my TTP students all the time, “Focus on this. The only question you have to answer at the end of the day is, ‘Did I have enough quality conversations with distressed property owners to hit my financial goals?'”

Everything else, you will figure out and the title company takes care of it. Somebody else in your market can help you do a few things if you don’t have a mentor or squat up. Find somebody in the market that will help you with all those things. If you are having those quality conversations, you are going to win.

Maybell Acquisitions, Darrell, Kelvin, it’s great to have you on here. A couple of resources that they talked about PropStream at Definitely check that out. If you are looking to get the phone numbers, that’s at Use the TTP code to get it at $0.15 a skip trace. If you are interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing, it is the TTP family.

For the TTP program, go to Check it out, scroll down, see what the program is all about. See all the testimonials. You are going to have to scroll for a while. If it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call. I look forward to working with you personally. Darrell, Kelvin, great show. Thank you so much for joining us. For everybody else out there, I encourage you as always to talk to people. Until next time. Love you, guys.

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