Episode 682: From Full-Time Job to Financial Freedom through Real Estate in Less than a Year!

WI 682 | Financial Freedom


The ultimate goal for entrepreneurs who venture into real estate is to be financially free while having the power to control their precious time, which is liberation from working on a full-time job! Transitioning, on the other hand, is another challenging phase to face. Most listeners have this question in mind when it comes to transitioning – HOW to do it?

This will be an inspiring episode as Kelvin Mathis and Darrell Smith from Camden County, New Jersey, join Brent to share how they transitioned from working full-time to being full-time real estate entrepreneurs in less than a year. They will break every step of their journey where listeners can pick up tips to apply in their businesses.

Kelvin and Darrell started their partnership in September of 2020. Fueled by their ambition and hunger for experience, they were able to put together 5 to 6  deals over $65,000! They continue to build awe-inspiring things to keep the momentum of their business going, the Maybell Acquisitions.

Learn from Kelvin and Darrell, the living proofs, on transitioning into successful real estate entrepreneurs. Do not miss this episode.

From Full-Time Job to Financial Freedom Through Real Estate In Less Than A Year! With Kelvin Mathis And Daryle Smith

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