Episode 68: How To Break Up and Mail a Large Equity List

In this episode you’ll get to hear a conversation between Tom and one of his tribe members on how to approach a big equity list. This tribe member recently completed her first deal and Tom provides some incredible coaching to help her stay on task, leverage her list, and make more deals.



  • Simple tips for marketing to your list
  • How to break up a big equity list and find the best neighborhoods in your territory


Simple Tips for your Lists:

  • Plot your list across a 2-month (8-week) schedule. When you start, there may be gaps in your marketing schedule – that’s perfectly normal! You just want to be slowly add to your list to fill in the gaps.
  • If you mail to a list in Week 2 of Month 1 during your 2-month cycle, then you want to mail that list every Week 2 of Month 1 as your cycle repeats. No more or less.


If you have a really big equity list and it is too expensive to mail every person, here’s what you do:

  • Sort the list by address. Why? It allows you to take a shotgun approach to the territory. You’ll start to see certain areas of the territory that stand out or appeal to you.
  • As you mature as a Wholesaler, you can shift from a shotgun approach to a sharpshooter approach and focus in on those hot areas.


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