Posted on: April 21, 2021
WI 671 | RESimpli Software


If you are looking for a system to simplify the way you do your business to save time and money, then do not miss this episode! Learn more about the REsimpli software as Sharad Mehta joins Chris Arnold and his COO, Sierra Ford, on the show. Sharad is a software developer who created REsimpli. It is a technology that works wonders for Chris in running his real estate wholesaling business, turning all the ala carte software into a one-stop-shop! In this episode, Sharad and Sierra will talk about the new version of the REsimpli technology and how to use it to your business’ advantage to save a lot of money.

How To Use Technology To Systematize And Grow Your Wholesaling Business With Sharad Mehta

We have Sharad Mehta today in the show, with Chris’ Chief Operating Officer (COO), Sierra Ford. Sharad is a developer who created the REsimpli software. It is a technology that works wonders for Chris in running his real estate wholesaling business, turning all the ala carte software into a one-stop-shop!

Episode Transcription

As always, I’m excited that you are with us and to talk to you about some technology. I’m going to tell you this and I will give Sharad a pat on the back. This is the one piece of technology that I have shared with you that the most people have come and said, “Chris, this changed the game for my business because what I was looking for was an end-to-end user experience, a piece of technology that could do everything for me.” I was talking to Sharad. I was like, “Sharad, I’ve got to thank you because you created this system.”

It’s our responsibility to go in and sift through all the options that are out there for you. I wanted to thank you because the number of people have come back and say, “Chris, do this REsimpli thing. I have executed it into my business and I want to tell you how much I appreciate that.” I was like, “I didn’t do anything but talk about it. Thank you.” Sharad is the one that had to come in and build it. I’ve got Sharad on. When we talk tech, I always bring in my Chief Operating Officer, Cierra Ford. Here’s what you are going to get.

We are going to be talking about REsimpli 2.0. Can you believe it? Not only does it do everything it’s doing now, which is unbelievable. I don’t know another system like it. We are going to talk about like, “What are the new features coming down the pipeline that you can expect to keep you up-to-date?” Here’s the biggest thing I see. It allows you to get rid of all these à la carte pieces of software that you are having to currently use. You can house your entire business. I like to call it “a business in a box” in one place.

Sharad and Cierra, what’s up? Welcome to the show.

Thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

Sharad has got a new pair of glasses on. I was like, “You truly look like the CEO of REsimpli now.”

Before, I looked like the tech support guy.

You looked like the tech guy and now you look nice. I was like, “You are pulling off the Seth Godin. You are going to be known for the glasses that you are wearing.” You can definitely take a look at us and subscribe to Chris Arnold – Real Estate. Cierra, you talk to a lot of people. You get a ton of calls on REsimpli. Sharad’s team does an amazing job but because people know you, they tend to come to you and say, “I know you are using the system in your business. How do you get it to do this year?” How many people have thanked or given praise for REsimpli based on what you have seen? I have been pretty overwhelmed.

In the student world of things, I get one at least every week. At least every week, somebody is telling me that it was the best decision, that they are getting so much out of it and asking me all the time, “What’s rolling out next?” It’s like I’m a part of the company. At least once a week, somebody is talking about it. It’s huge.

We are not here to sell you REsimpli but at Wholesaling Inc., it’s our responsibility. You guys come to us and say, “We need to know what tech is out there. There are so many options.” You have come to lean on us to do all the research and find something that’s great. We use REsimpli in our business. It’s a big deal. We have another company in which we are about to use REsimpli in that company as well. We are now moving it into the other companies we have, not just our real estate company.

Let’s talk at a high level about a few things originally that people love about REsimpli. When I say one-stop-shop, I have to have a list in front of me. You get everything from a CRM to the ability to function like CallRail, to list stacking, to DocuSign, to bookkeeping, to Dropbox, to property management. There’s the QuickBooks piece as well. It’s endless. I have five more things on my list. That has been one of the coolest things. Sharad, when I asked you what you love most about the system, this is what you said, “It’s because it’s a one-stop-shop.” Elaborate on that. Why in the world would you take the time to take twenty different software and build them in one place?

Having to work in so many different systems is not efficient. REsimpli solves that by consolidating all these systems into one platform.

It’s something I needed for my own business. I have a pretty active successful business in Indiana right out to Chicago. I used to be an accountant. I needed something where I had the real data in front of me and not people telling me stories but the actual numbers. I wanted something where I logged into one system and I was able to run my business rather than logging into a CRM, going into accounting software, going to a different system to do marketing and then list stacking. If I didn’t want to do it in my business, I figured other people would want the same thing. That’s why we created REsimpli and I’m talking about what we are coming up within 2.0.

It’s the old adage, “You started by scratching your own itch.” You realized that everybody else had the exact same itch. I know that we did. We know everything is in one. Cierra, I was talking to you and I was like, “We have been using this for a while. What is one of your favorite things?” You started talking about the amount of money that it saved us. People are reading, let’s be exact. How much money did it save us?

When we calculated the change, we came up to around $700 a month. I know that sounds like a big number but you have to think about the technology we were using. We had CallRail, Grasshopper, TeleTracker, Google Drive, DocuSign and Klipfolio for KPIs. You have all of these different systems where you have to go to fifteen different places. Consolidating that into REsimpli has saved us about $700 a month. In all honesty, that’s the actual number, which is mind-blowing.

There’s also the cost of labor as well. Having to work in so many different systems is not efficient. We can’t necessarily calculate that but I know the number of hours that translates into payroll. There’s a whole level of savings there. I would be curious if we could ever figure out what that is. That’s an interesting number.

It’s something that occurred to me as also exporting and importing the data. We have used multiple different CRMs. Every time it comes down to me sitting there, cleaning up a database and then going, exporting and importing it myself, that’s a headache. It’s a lot of work. This is the first company that did it 100% for us. Sharad did that import for us. His team made sure that everything was tagged properly and did the import. I didn’t even have to ask. They just asked me for the export to get it in. That alone is a big deal to me.

Tell me about auto-populating the properties of why you think that has been such a feature. Now we are going from the perspective of our REI Radio students and people that say, “I heard you.” I was at an event where a guy walked up and was like, “I have never coached with you but I was listening to your show. I signed up with REsimpli. Thank you.” I was like, “That’s super cool.” What are you finding from the students and what they are telling you is one of their favorite aspects of it?

Definitely, the property information auto-populates in REsimpli. When you go to Add a Lead and type in that address, you are getting bedrooms, baths and square footage. It’s coming up. That’s a big deal, especially for entrepreneurs who don’t like CRMs to begin with. They don’t want to do lead management and enter data.

WI 671 | RESimpli Software

RESimpli Software: The property information auto-populating feature is a big deal, especially for entrepreneurs who don’t like CRMs to begin with.


If you get a lead on the phone and you are going in and typing in basic information and the system is auto-populating the rest, it’s huge. It’s something people don’t want to do. It’s probably the number one thing I hear that is amazing about the lead entry part of the system is getting that information put in for you. You are typing it in and it’s coming through. It’s a huge time-saver.

Sharad is over there. He is probably blushing while we are talking about his baby. I love the automation piece. You are caught up. You are reading like, “I didn’t know about REsimpli but I get a gist of what’s going on here.” For those that have been following, let’s talk about the new features because people are calling you and going, “What’s next?”

Sharad and I have a good friendship with him. Sharad is one of my brothers in Multipliers Brotherhood. He is a part of what we are doing so I get to chat with him as a buddy. That’s why I trust him and his character. Four things are rolling out and coming down the pipeline. Let’s talk about the ability now to use REsimpli for multiple markets and specifically the ability to sign leads. What is this feature? Why is it being rolled out?

What we did was a sub-1.0 is what we have in the system now. It was still based on my business and what I do in my business. I’m in one market. I have one acquisition manager. There was never a need for me to assign leads to multiple people. I would just assign one person to manage all the leads. We sent out a survey to all our users that we have every lead from, just people getting started out and doing over 100 deals a year we said, “What would you like to see in the system?”

We’ve got hundreds of feedback requests and I was going through them with my team. We have been going over everything and then 80% to 85% of everything that was requested is going to be part of 2.0. Everything else will be coming very shortly after 2.0. Some of the main things that people requested were, “I’m in four different markets. How can I manage my leads in four different markets? I have multiple acquisition managers. I want to be able to assign a lead to a specific acquisition manager. I only want them to have access to that specific lead and only that they are assigned to.” All of that is going to be a part of 2.0.

Not just that, we are going to take you to the next level where there’s a re-assignment of the lead as you scale your business. When you are starting out, you are going to be the owner of the business, in the seat of the acquisition manager, disposition manager and bookkeeper. As you scale your business and you hire somebody to replace you within the business, all of the tasks and leads that you have assigned to yourself will automatically get re-assigned to the other person. With a click of a button, all the tasks, leads and everything gets re-assigned to the next person. That’s something I’m super excited about and then you will also be able to manage multiple leads within the system.

If I’m now in multiple markets, I can almost take REsimpli and break it down into little pods. I can have a group or pod in this city and they see their own leads. You are creating a mini-ecosystems within the entire ecosystem of your CRM. That would probably be the best way to describe it.

With REsimpli’s new calendar feature, you won’t need Calendly for your business anymore.

If you have multiple teams, you might be in Dallas and then you open a market in Austin, for example. You want your Dallas team to only see the Dallas leads and you only want your Austin team to see the Austin leads. However, let’s say if you have somebody like Cierra on your team and she should see all the leads because she is the Chief Operating Officer, she will have access to everything but the person in Austin will only see the Austin leads.

Even within that, that person will only see the leads assigned to him for Austin and not everything in Austin. It’s custom. Another thing that was requested by almost all of our users was, “I want to customize my lead intake form.” We had a standard form that worked for pretty much everyone but now you are going to have complete customization. You can completely customize your lead intake form. You can have questions to fill out the dollar, date, numbers, paragraph, text, checkbox and radio button. Whatever you want, it’s customizable.

Cierra, why do you think this whole lead assignment in multiple markets piece is important? I know you talked to a lot of people about REsimpli. What value do you see here?

For us, specifically, we have multiple acquisition managers. It’s important to be able to have a lead come in and make sure that it’s assigned to specific people. On a bigger scale, we run into a lot of students as well that are working in multiple markets and are doing virtual wholesaling. It’s important to be able to differentiate those leads in the system and make sure that they are going to specific people.

Just because you have four acquisition managers in California doesn’t mean that those same four are closing in Oregon. Being able to split that up in the system and make sure they are only seeing what’s assigned to them is a big deal. I’m excited for that one. I think that me, you and Sharad talked about that when we first started how that would be a game-changer.

Another thing we are going to add is even within the stages that you see in the pipeline, now in 2.0, you will be able to give access to somebody to a specific age in the pipeline. If you want your acquisition manager to only be focused once something becomes an appointment, then they won’t see anything that has a new contract made or no contract made. They will only see something in an appointment.

If you want your disposition person to only see a lead once it’s under contract because, before that, they don’t have anything to do with it, they will only see leads once it becomes under contract. There are a lot of customization. You can specify and control. If you don’t want somebody to delete any lead, then they won’t have access. If you don’t want somebody to be able to delete a comment, then you can control all of that within the system.

Another feature that’s coming down the pipelines, Cierra, you’ve got excited about this when Sharad told you this whole file storage piece and the ability to upload. Why did you perk up so much when Sharad told you this was happening?

WI 671 | RESimpli Software

RESimpli Software: In REsimpli 2.0, you can automatically reassign leads to another person just by a click of a button.


I get excited about crazy things. Honestly, we are in a place around the country where there’s this pandemic and things are happening. It has put a little bit of a scary cloud, especially in investment real estate. You have these investors who need to get into properties. They need to see what they are planning on purchasing so they can help and people are giving a lot of pushback on that. What Sharad said is there’s this link that is attached to each lead. You can send the link out to a seller, acquisition manager or whoever and they can upload pictures right there. It immediately goes right into the system into that lead.

We have been doing that but we have been taking a long way around. We have been going through Google Drive to Google Forms to get this information to then manually add it to Podio, REsimpli or whatever system that the lead is in. At this point, that’s done. We can go into REsimpli, grab the property link, send it out and get the pictures. That saves that whole virtual aspect so much time.

It’s going to put us ahead of everyone else. When people are being told, “You can’t come into my house,” they are still trying to either get into that house physically or taking a long way around. We skipped all that. That’s a big deal, especially with what’s going on, is giving that option to sellers to send pictures and property information virtually.

It’s supporting the virtual process.

Some of those things are going to be permanent. On the other end of COVID, some people are moving on to virtual investing. Even if they have a choice to go to a property, they can send a link. You just don’t have to send a link to the seller. Think about it if you are doing a project. You send a link to your contractor and say, “Upload the pictures of the work that you have done.” They upload the pictures and it automatically syncs up at the property.

You don’t have to do anything. You can create as many folders as you want. You can create an in-progress folder, send it to your contractor. You create a different folder for the seller, within that property for your contractor and acquisition person. Whatever they upload, it automatically syncs with that property to that specific folder. There are a lot more applications out there. That’s the new reality that you live in. Some of those are going to be permanent as we move forward.

Let’s talk about this whole idea of the ability to do better calendar management and how you are optimizing that. I always ask the question, “Why to roll this feature out?” Did you give feedback? What specifically are you going to be able to do with calendar management?

With the calendar management, we have some investors using our platform that has a very large team, eight and/or more people on their team. In 2.0, you will be able to manage your calendar. For example, if you set your availability in our system, you say, “If I’m an acquisition person, I’m available for appointment from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.” You send that link using an answering service like Call Porter. Call Porter picks up your phone and then they want to book an appointment.

If you are unavailable for that time, they won’t be able to book your time. They will book for a time only when you are available. If they book an appointment for you from 9:00 to 11:00 for a specific property, and when they come back again, that time is going to be blocked. Essentially, you don’t need Calendly for your business anymore. As you keep booking appointments, your time is going to be blocked for that time slot. If you block your time from Monday to Friday, you mark it unavailable, then nobody can book you for that time.

You are taking everybody down. You are going after Calendly, too. I don’t want Sharad setting sights on my business. This guy is coming and disrupting everybody going, “You don’t need that.”

At least, I can say this was my idea. This was all based on the feedback we are getting. We do have a very active community of users that are using our product. It’s based on the feedback we get from them. I’m excited about some of the things we are grooming up here.

Cierra, let’s hit this last piece. What Sharad telling us and you get this as a COO is that, you have somebody that’s working a position. They have been assigned certain tasks. He is saying that, “You can migrate and delegate that person’s position with a click of a button over to someone else.” What do you think about this?

Unlike most other CRMs, REsimpli is built from the ground up for the investors.

We know that some people stay longer than they should or that they don’t belong there. The business is always changing. People change just as much as the business changes. It’s amazing to be able to have the security of knowing that if for some reason, somebody was to move on, that we have the control to move everything over and we are not going to skip a beat. All the tasks are still going to stay within the system and they are going to move over to another body, which is important, especially because people do come and go. We want to be prepared. It’s a good feature.

That’s pretty cool because it makes it such a smoother process to have to pass the baton, whether somebody outgrows the position or on top of that, for some reason, you may have to fire someone from that position. As I was talking to Sharad and you are reading, you go, “I like this REsimpli thing.” This is my favorite question to answer, “How much is all this?” I go and give Sharad a hard time. I was like, “I don’t know how you came up with your pricing.” It’s $100 a month. When Cierra says we saved $700, it’s not just we can speak that we’ve got rid of all that. It’s also on top of the fact that we only pay $100 a month for REsimpli.

If you want to know more and everyone is like, “Chris, where’s my promo code? Give me a discount,” we do. You want to go to This is what Sharad was telling me. With the promo code, you get list stacking for free. That’s an additional service that he said costs around $100 a month. With the promo code, you get a free list stacking for life. He said once 2.0 rolls out, they are going to remove that discount because it’s gaining so much traction.

He is probably not giving the same discounts when this thing was getting up and going because it’s snowballing quickly. I can’t believe how many people tell me that they transitioned over to REsimpli, particularly from Podio because Podio is not built for the wholesaler, fix and flipper, and renter. REsimpli was built from the ground up for the investors.

I appreciate you, guys, coming on. Thank you so much. For those of you reading, I hope we continue to add value. One of the reasons we want to do this show is because you ask us, “Can we be on the forefront, the cutting edge of what’s coming down the pipeline with REsimpli?” Occasionally, I will pull Sharad in and go, “What are you working on next? The curious minds want to know.” Sharad and Cierra, thanks so much for popping on. To the rest of you, we will catch you soon when we add more value. I will talk to you later.

Thank you for having me.

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