Episode 67: Attention To Detail In A Long-Term Deal | Alex Joungblood pt. 2

We learned in Episode 65 that Alex Joungblood is a Wholesaling ninja and the man behind one of the best free Wholesaling resources on the web: the Wholesaling Houses Full Time Facebook Group.

Today we’re digging into one of his biggest deals, which wasn’t necessarily an easy deal to close.


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  • The importance of your WHY
  • Why the most successful Wholesalers help solve people’s problems
  • Why you can’t make a sale if your lead doesn’t have a fly away plan


The Year-Long Contract

This deal took over a year from contract to closing.  

  • The lead originally came from direct mail.
  • They were able to negotiate the deal down to $167k, and at the time renovated properties in this area were selling for around $350k.
  • The owner wanted to move closer to her children, but she was having trouble finding a place to rent that would accept her dog. Alex tried to help her find an apartment and connected her with someone to help with a mortgage.
  • She wanted to sell, but she didn’t know where she was going to go. Alex learned from his mentor, “If they don’t have a fly away plan, then you’re in for a long road.”
  • Alex was originally intending to buy the property himself but, during this months-long process, he found a buyer who was very interested in the property.


It’s important to note that Alex was repeatedly talking to the property owner and helping her overcome obstacles. If you can help the seller accomplish their goals, whatever they may be, then you are more likely to make a sale – and make it a win-win for both of you!

At the end of the deal, Alex walked away with a $26,000 Wholesale assignment fee.


17 Wholesaling Hacks

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