Posted on: April 08, 2021

We have Jay Donaldson today in the show. He is a full-time professional wholesaler from Texas who has done eight deals for over $200K! Aside from wholesaling, his other passion is making incredible watches and timepieces.

In this episode, Jay is going to break down a massive deal that he just closed! He will also share his wholesaling experience as well as how he found his real estate business. Also, he will share his lead generation and marketing strategies and how he does things in his business.

If you are not hitting big deals from wholesaling properties, learn how Jay got his massive deals over time! Do not miss this episode.

Key Takeaways

  • How Jay started with real estate business
  • On having an entrepreneurial mindset
  • His 8 to 5 experience and actions he took to be a business owner
  • About his real estate business, its process, and strategies
  • Breaking down his massive $65K profit deal
  • Tracking and reevaluating his deals to increase profit
  • His advice on how to get started with the real estate business
  • How to get a hold of Jay


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