Posted on: April 07, 2021

There are lots of advertising options in the real estate market. Among the most effective and lucrative marketing strategies in the market are Radio and Television. Both give real estate investors an effective way to appeal to their target market.

Today’s show is another interview with an expert on television. This time we will have two of them who have stayed in the game, utilizing TV, for more than six years to market real estate, Tony Javier and his student, Dean Rogers. Dean, a sports enthusiast, has been in the business for seven years now.

In this episode, Tony and Dean will break down their numbers doing TV — leads and deals they made. Dean will compare his real estate investing experience without and with TV. He will also talk about the numbers behind his deals. Also, Tony will talk about doing TV and its system.

Find out how beneficial TV is through this episode. TV might work for you. It is time to listen and learn!

Key Takeaways

  • Dean’s story on making the hard decision to walk away from playing sports
  • How Dean generated leads before TV
  • The reason for Tony to go TV
  • The experience in setting up TV for Dean
  • Why Tony set up the done with you system in TV
  • How much Dean spends on TV ads
  • Leads generated by Dean in six weeks
  • Total offers Dean put in six weeks
  • Numbers on Dean’s pending deals
  • Tony’s feeling about the defaults
  • Tony’s recommendation for listeners to go TV
  • How to find Tony


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