Episode 654: Case Study – How a Newbie Closed 4 Deals (and has 5 More in Escrow) in One of the Toughest Markets in the Country!

WI 654 | Virtual Wholesaling


If you want to run a virtual wholesaling business, you need creativity, strategy, and the right market. This is what Kevin Manuel did by venturing into a lesser-known market. He is still new to the game but has already closed four big deals.

In this episode, Kevin talks about his real estate investing journey. He shares his story on how he grew his business fast from his backyard, applying what he learned from the coaching program. Kevin also talks about his chosen market to do business virtually and shares his plans for his business.

Learn how Kevin made a lot of deals from doing business virtually for a short time. Listen and jot down those important points!

Case Study – How A Newbie Closed 4 Deals (And Has 5 More In Escrow) In One Of The Toughest Markets In The Country! With Kevin Manuel

Creativity, strategy, and the right market are all our guest has to run his wholesaling business virtual and hit big deals. Our guest for this show, Kevin Manuel, is a perfect example of nailing the business virtually by venturing into his chosen market.

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