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WI 650 | Team Management


How does a company keep a clean slate of success in the wholesaling business? The company relies on team management and builds a team that runs smoothly without too much supervision, of course. In this episode, we hear from Brent Daniels and Jackie of the TTP family, who give us another inside look into TTP. This time, it will be how Jackie, TTP’s lead manager, does things in the company. She has her hands full, ensuring that all runs smoothly in terms of getting the deals done. Jackie talks about what makes a good list and how she handles and tracks the team to keep everything in sync according to the timeline. Learn from Jackie’s superb strategies in keeping the process of generating leads and deals in control. Learn the system that could be applied in your company to attain much more success!

Team Management – The Secret to Operating a Business That Runs Without You

Episode Transcription

Jackie is my Lead Manager. She makes sure that we get the lists, that they are clean, skip traced, uploaded, that our phone prospectors are making their calls, getting their numbers and getting to the Acquisition Managers. The acquisition managers are getting their tasks done and hitting our goals. It’s incredible. Jackie, what makes a good list? We started with everything and it starts with getting good data but we all know that we use Batch. Second to that is the list. How do we know and list is good?

First of all, deals. If you end up getting a deal from it, it’s a good list. Otherwise, it’s contacts per hour. The cold caller telling you it’s a good list, seeing appointments coming from that list and lots of leads coming from that list.

We take a list, skip trace it and put it into our dialer. Phone prospectors are making the calls. What happens when they get a lead? What do they do? How do we get that lead from them?

For us, it automatically goes into our Podio once they click a maybe or a yes but then we have a VA who will check it for accuracy, make sure the phone number matches up and everything is put in correctly, then she sends it to me.

Like the notes are put in correctly?

The phone number is right. No mistakes.

When you get it, how do you filter it to make sure that it’s a quality lead?

I read it and then I will look it up on Google. Look at the house itself and on the MLS as well.

If it’s on the MLS?

Meaning, looking it up on the MLS to see when it was last refinanced and when it was sold.

If it looks ugly and they have equity, do you send it in?

Yes. Even if they have equity because we are doing creative financing deal so I will send it in. They have to have 1 of the 4 pillars. Two is best but if they have one, I will take it.

Which one is the most common pillar that we get?

It’s better to go meet clients in person because not only does it build trust, you can also usually do the best negotiation there.

I would probably say that they want to sell.

Do we get their motivation or the condition of the property?

We can get both but I’m saying that realistically, anyone who comes through wants to sell, whether that’s in 1 month or 6 months. That’s to be determined. The second would probably be, they are willing to talk about the condition so I will see that condition right on there.

You get the condition. How often are they throwing out a price?

We try to train our cold callers not to do that because it can kill the lead. It’s better to just see it through. They rarely throw it out. Usually, if they have to throw it out, they are not that motivated or they are very difficult personalities. It has happened where they throw one out, came in and turned out to be a deal.

What do our phone prospectors say when somebody says, “Just give me an offer. I want an offer. What’s your offer?” That’s one of the six responses we get.

It is common. They say, “A neighborhood and houses that are similar to yours, we have typically been buying in your area for blank.”

If they are okay with that, that gets in and if they don’t, they just don’t even send it in?

Usually, yes or if they give a new number like, “I don’t like that number but I would be willing to do this number,” they might put that in as long as it’s not a ridiculously high number.

How important is it that you are meeting with the phone prospectors every week?

It’s crucial because it’s a hard job. Morale can be low. They enjoy team building, the training and the competition talking about their numbers, how they are doing and the encouragement. Also, if there’s a team of them more than one, they want to compete against each other.

Once it goes from you to the Acquisition Manager, how fast do you want that Acquisition Manager making contact?

Immediately would be great. Texting is as fast as possible. Cold calling would be great as fast as possible but personally, I’m okay if they call them the next day. If someone is super motivated, they want to talk that day but if it’s somebody who’s saying, “I don’t want to sell for three months,” a next day call is not a big deal because they have already talked to somebody once on one day so the next day is fine.

WI 650 | Team Management

Team Management: It’s better to just see it through. It’s rare that they throw it out, but usually, if they have to throw it out, they’re not that motivated or they’re a very difficult personality.


How do you make sure that we don’t over saturate the leads to our acquisition team?

It’s a fine balance. If it’s a terrible lead, not giving it to them, giving it to somebody else. We have a Junior Acquisition Manager. We have been having a cold caller do some cold follow-ups. I will give it to them versus the main Acquisition Manager. Sometimes if it’s a terrible lead, I will give it to a real estate referral, where they are never going to work with us. I will give it to you.

Like a real estate agent?


Just so everybody knows, we have leads come into Jackie, and then it goes to Chad, who we have had on here, who’s our Junior Acquisition Manager to warm it up. Once it gets through that and filtered through Chad, then it goes to Ryan. Ryan then goes and gets the deal locked up. In the Junior Acquisition in Chad’s role, what are you tracking to make sure that he is successful?

How many dials a day he’s doing? How many leads we are giving him? How many contacts he’s making? How many leads he’s converting to make sure that he’s warming up the leads appropriately?

Ryan, the Acquisition Manager, what do you track with him?

For him, it’s the same thing. It’s dials, conversations but then the appointment is the bread and butter of his position. He should be going on five appointments a week.

Why are appointments important? Why can’t we just do everything virtual?

Every once in a while, you can but it’s better to go in person because not only does it build trust but you can usually do the best negotiation there. You can point out stuff in the home that needs work. You can build rapport better. We found that anytime someone goes in person, we can get it down at least $5,000 to $10,000 lower than what they originally said.

How about that eightplex that he locked up? What did that guy originally want? He was like, “That was crazy.” He wanted sixplex, and then he got them down to $583,000 or something. What did he get that at $583,000?

It was $583,000.

That was because he kept going over to the guy’s house. He kept getting in front of him. That was incredible. Jackie, thank you so much. Everybody must be tracking their numbers so they know how many calls they need to make to get a deal, and then they can set all their goals around that. Thanks for giving us an inside look. It took us three times but I appreciate it.

Thank you.

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