Episode 65: How Wholesaling Will Take Care of Your Bills Today & Set You Up for Success

Alex Joungblood is a Wholesaling ninja and the man behind one of the best free Wholesaling resources on the web: the Wholesaling Houses Full Time Facebook Group.



  • How Alex uses Wholesaling as a stepping stone towards bigger real estate deals
  • Why Alex created Wholesaling Houses Full Time for people like us
  • Why Direct Mail is one of the most scaleable and data-driven marketing channels for Wholesaling


The Best Marketing Channel for Wholesaling

Marketing drives any Wholesaling business.

Alex uses many marketing channels, but direct mail is his favorite. One of the biggest benefits is that it’s extremely scaleable. On top of that, you don’t have to take any guesses – the process should be data-driven.

Here’s a glimpse at how you easily you can scale direct mail marketing, without any guesswork.

  • Start can start by looking at a list of all the transactions in a certain market
  • Find the area of the market that has the most activity
  • Focus further to one hot subdivision and direct all of your marketing towards it with the goal of getting just one deal
  • If you invest $200 in marketing to the subdivision and you can make even $2-5000 from that deal, then you have enough money to re-invest and market to the whole zip code (or other targeted subdivisions)


With direct mail, you can really let the business fund itself.




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