Posted on: March 18, 2021

Did you know that the power of having a mindset pumped up with optimism has a high likelihood for a person to develop that winning attitude and reach lasting success? And, did you also know that empowering oneself starts with learning?

Brace yourself for an extreme show as Brent will have a conversation with a sensational man who has presented himself to be interviewed in the podcast to tick off a goal from his list. Our guest, Daniel Nissim, knows how to get serious with work. He managed to attain success in the business despite working remotely. Impossible? Well, he made it possible.

In this episode, Daniel will break down a deal that he closed on a multi-family wholesale deal that will crumble all the excuses in every entrepreneurs’ head — you cannot do this business. He does business in Pittsburg that requires him to fly for 17 hours from TeL Aviv, Israel, where he resides.

Get that inspiration to build that confidence from the 22-year-old Daniel. Learn how he breaks the barrier of distance building and operating his business remotely. Time to dig in!

Key Takeaways

  • What brought Daniel into the business from the other side of the world
  • Breaking down his $75K-profit deal
  • Brent’s essential coaching points in doing multi-family wholesale deals
  • How Daniel felt in getting his first big profit
  • His vision for his business in 5 years
  • How to connect with Daniel


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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels:
Welcome, everybody, to the Wholesaling Inc. podcast, America’s number one podcast for new real estate investors, where we know that finding discounted properties is the most proven path to financial freedom. I am your host, Brent Daniels, Mr. TTP. And I am telling you this, if I can do it, so can you. So, let’s get started.
All right, this podcast is going to be absolutely extreme. Extreme in a lot of different ways, but extreme in, the first time that I had a conversation with this sensational young man that I’m about to have a conversation with, he told me, point blank, “Brent, I am going to be on the Wholesaling Inc. Podcast. You are going to be interviewing me, it is on my goal board, my dream board. It is going to happen, I know, without a doubt, it’s going to happen.” And I told him, 100%, “Listen, the only thing you got to do, is you got to get to work. You got to follow the plan and you got to get to work.” And that’s exactly what he did.
Not only that, but he’s going to break down a massive deal, that he closed on a multifamily wholesale deal that he did, but listen to this, this is going to crumble all of those excuses that you might have in your head that you can’t do this business, because this young man does business in Pittsburgh, but he is a 17-hour flight away, living in Israel, in Tel Aviv. I am so excited to introduce Daniel Nissim to the podcast, this is going to be incredible. Welcome, Daniel.

Daniel Nissim:
I can’t wait, guys seriously, it’s absolutely amazing. As you said, I’ve been waiting for that moment for a while. Seriously guys, I’m so excited, so thank you for letting me sharing the story here.

Brent Daniels:
And listen guys, if he sounds like he’s far away, he is far away. He’s all the way across the world, and he’s doing wholesale deals. He’s done over 10 deals already in the last year, in Pittsburgh, in a market that… Have you ever been to Pittsburgh, Daniel?

Daniel Nissim:
No, actually I haven’t been there. I should have been there in March, but because of the pandemic and everything, so I haven’t.

Brent Daniels:
So give us the backstory, tell me about you. Tell me about what brought you into this business, it’s such a niche business to be in. How did you find wholesaling real estate all the way on the other side of the world?

Daniel Nissim:
Yeah, so it’s crazy actually, because it all started when I was four years old, actually, and my father is a CPA so he only told me, “You know what? You’re four years old, you’re adult now, go open a business.” Yeah, so ever since I was young, when I was 10, 11 years old, I already read Rich Dad Poor Dad, and all of that stuff, when I was extremely young. It was like, “Okay, so how can I get into that business?” So I went to school, and get grades and everything, but something was missing, they never taught you anything about money or something like that. So, and usually you have to go to the army, so it’s instead of college, you have to go to the army. So back then I went to the Israeli Air Force, and I used to be an air traffic controller. I don’t know if you guys know what it means, these are the guys that actually in the middle of the airport, they have the tower.
So back then, I used to be an air traffic controller, and I didn’t really have the time, because it was nine until nine, not nine until five. And some days in the middle of the night, if there’s something secret that you have to do, and stuff like that, and it was messy. And back then, I remember I wanted to go that road, because they promised me that if I’m going to be an air traffic controller, I’m going to get a safe job, with great conditions, and you get the check every month, and everything’s going to be sunshines and rainbows, but during the process I realized I hate it.
I totally hate it, I hated every moment of it. And I said, “Okay, how can I get out of that?” You know, like rat race, even though I haven’t been there yet, but that the thought that I had. In the middle of the service that I had back then, I just asked myself one time in the middle of the night, actually, “What would Daniel, the four years old, would do?” Okay, what he would like me to do actually, if he was in the same position that I am right now, when I was like 18 years old, 19 years old, something like that. And I remember that I used to like to play Lego when I was young. And I say, “Yeah, I had that dream about becoming a developer, or something like that. So how can I get closer to that area?”
Even though people always say, “You know what, none of your family members ever been through that industry, nobody came from that industry. Your father is a CPA, your mother did something different, you have to be someone with connections, or something, to get into that business.” And I said, “Screw them, I’m going to make it anyway.” So I just stop everything, doing the Air Force, I still have done well over there, but I just started learning. I read a book named, How Come That Idiot’s Rich And I’m Not? By Robert Shemin, and at the end of the book, there was a seminar or something in Israel, and I was like, “Wow, seriously, that guy, he comes to Israel?” And I was like, “I must go.”
And then my sister actually bought me the ticket for that, and she came with me. And the first time I met Robert, and I actually saw it face to face, and I was like, “Wow.” He was like, I mean seriously, that guy changed my life. He was the first rich person I ever met, and he was so nice, extremely nice, seriously. And he talked about real estate, and the seminar introduced me to a group in Israel that actually teach about that, their name is Project X, they’re awesome. And I said, “How can I get in?” They were pretty expensive, and I was a soldier, I didn’t have the money. So, back then, when I came back home, I came home twice in a month. When I came back home, I used to work during the weekends, from morning until late nights, to get the funds to get the education that I wanted, because I didn’t have the money. And I also borrowed money to get into the program.
I was about to finish the army, and I say, “What can I do in my last year in the army, to make sure the moment I start the process and the program, after I finish the army, how can I make sure it’s going to be smooth as possible?” And I said, “I have to work on my English.” Because my English was actually, it was good, but I couldn’t really make any conversations, or something, the way I do it with you right now. Even though my grammar is not the best, you can probably tell within a second that I’m not a native-

Brent Daniels:
It’s fantastic, you’re crushing.

Daniel Nissim:
Yeah, you can tell within the second that I’m not a native speaker, but I said, “Okay, how can I improve my language as much as I can?” And, I said, “Okay, I have to start reading in English, I have to start listening to audio books, and I have to start writing.” I just started writing notes, about aviation and everything, everything in English. Changed the phone, everything is English, everything. I tried grammar teachers, I ordered books from Cambridge, and London, to get as much as I can learn. And I used to wake up at 4:00 AM to do it, because I didn’t really have time during the army, because as I said, it was a mess over there. So I finished the army service, I think it was like two years ago, almost, almost two years ago. And I started the program, and it was awesome, because my English was okay, I’ve improved it since I started learning and everything.
But, I started the program and I was fascinated by real estate, especially in the US. Because they teach you how to invest in the US, not in Israel, actually, which is crazy by the way. And then they started teaching about the US, and the markets, and everything. And then after I use, money partners, we bought rental over there, we actually bought a rental in Pittsburgh. Yeah, but then, I think it was in the middle of the course, or something, you know, you run out of money. I talked to one of the teachers over there, actually, in the course, the mentors. And he said, “I just went to a seminar with Max Maxwell.” I think it was 2019 or something, that he has the event, WELIVE, or something like that, I think he had an event or something.
And I said, “Who is Max Maxwell?” And he said, “Just Google that guy, Google Max Maxwell, and he teaches about real estate, and about wholesaling.” And I say, “What was wholesaling?” And he said, “Wholesaling is, like your mentor told you something about flippers, that they buy properties from wholesalers, so you can become that guy.” I said, “Wow, what do they know? How can I become that guy? I want to be that guy.” And he say, “Google Max Maxwell.” It was on January, yeah, somewhere around January. I was in the middle of the course over there, I had a nine to five job that I hated, actually, I worked only to make sure that I pay back the loan I take to get into the course. And one day I remember I was sick, I just wake up, and I didn’t want to come to the job, I hated every second of it.
Part of the day, you actually learn about that, and real estate, and everything, and then the second part, you’re just doing things that you hate. So, I was sick, seriously I was sick, and I just talked to my boss and say, “Listen, I don’t know how we’re going to make it, but I just have to quit. And I don’t want to work here anymore.” Even though he’s a family member, I said “Listen, I don’t want to work here anymore, seriously.” And I just quit, and it was January, I had no money, and I said, “I have to make it work.” I had to find a way, okay? And then I was obsessed about real estate, and about wholesaling, because I just said heard about that Max Maxwell guy.
And I remember it was January, 2020 actually, it was 2020, the beginning of that year. And everything that I’ve done, was I woke up, go to work out, and then YouTube University, YouTube University, YouTube University, and everything. And then I heard about you, and Wholesaling, Inc., And I was “Man, one day, I’m going to be on that show, on Wholesaling Inc., and I’m going to share my story over there, going to change someone life, hopefully.” Yeah, and I started using the TTP script that you gave online, and all the tools that you gave for free, actually. Insane, seriously, you gave so much value, you guys and all of the great teachers over there, just so much value for free. I started doing the thing that needs to be done.

Brent Daniels:
It’s incredible. Well, first of all, just to unpack, because that’s a lot, but I love it. You learn a second language to go after a dream of real estate, from reading a book that most people are reading in their twenties and thirties, you read it at 10. It planted a seed, Rich Dad Poor Dad planted a seed, and that seed didn’t blossom until you were frustrated being an air traffic controller, and you saw an opportunity, for somebody that had written a book, that was in your town, that was talking about investing in real estate. You unwind all that, and then somebody in that program tells you about wholesaling, and then you go, “Oh, I found it. I found it. I found it. I found it.”
And the beautiful thing is, listen, everybody listening to this or watching this, oh my gosh, you went all the way, all the way to finding wholesale, and then not only that you became obsessed. And everybody listening and watching this has that fire in their belly, they have that fire in their belly, they have that passion that you have. But sometimes we just don’t take action, because maybe we’re not frustrated enough, maybe we’re not stressed enough in our current circumstances, maybe just the right things didn’t hit in a line. But it just, boom, you found it and you’re off and running, and now not only are you obsessed with it, but you’re being successful in a market you’ve never stepped foot in, right?
And Daniel, I have people here, locally in Phoenix, that have seen every video that I’ve done, heard every podcast, seen every Instagram post, and they just can’t get going, to get started, to call their first seller, to go on their first appointment, they just can’t do it. They really want to, but they just can’t do it, and that my friends is the difference between “You must do it,” and “You want to do it.” That’s the difference between doing a dealer every once in a while, and being a superstar. You must not live an average life, you must not be an air traffic controller for your whole life, even though it’s secure, even though it’s wonderful, even though you get benefits, even though you get all those things, you must not do that because it is sucking out your soul. It is literally taking everything out of you, it is draining you of life-giving energy. And you made the decision, then you quit another job after that, and you were just like, “I’m going full force into this.” I think it’s incredible, listen, how old are you?

Daniel Nissim:

Brent Daniels:
22 years old, all of this at 22 years old. I can’t imagine where you’re going to be at 30, it’s going to be absolutely bananas, it’s going to be incredible. You know something about your dad telling you to get a job at four years old, my son’s going to be four in about a month, I’m going to tell him to get a job. I’m going to tell him to get a job every week, and I’m going to put Rich Dad Poor Dad in his bedroom and hope that someday he reads that thing, because man, you turned out fantastic, brother. You’re a true inspiration, you’re living all the way across the world, you’re doing business here, it’s wild, it’s bananas. So let’s break down a deal, it’s nice, they now know you. Now let’s give them the meat and potatoes. Let’s let them sink their teeth into, how do you actually get deals?
So you have a six unit deal that you closed recently, massive deal, we’ll break down, we’ll save the number until the end. But why don’t you tell me, how did you find it? Did you call him? Did you text him? Did you mail him? Was it web? What was it? How’d you find them? What lists were they on? If they were on a list and how long it took to do the pre-qualifying, and the lead follow-up, to the point where you actually got paid, so let’s break that down.

Daniel Nissim:
Okay, so that one was a text, actually. I cold-call, and I also use BatchLeads for the texts. That one was a text, it was a tired landlord actually, the way you actually always say in your videos, “tired landlord, more than 10 years old, been the owner of the property.” And that time, actually, I just said, “Maybe I should put the multi-units also in there, let’s give it a try”

Brent Daniels:
I have been telling you. Go ahead.

Daniel Nissim:
Yeah, because you told me that, actually. You said something about it, and I said, “you know what? that’s what I’m going to do.” And I just add the multi-unit tired landlord. So I text the guy, and after you’ve been cold-calling for a while, you can just smell the type, because the guys are not really motivated, I can tell within a second if he’s not motivated, within a second. And that guy actually, I thought he’s not motivated, seriously I was thinking until the moment we signed the paperwork, “He’s not motivated.” I text the guy, and I said, “Hey,” these scripted ideas, it’s the same that you actually tell everybody to use, the, “Hey, this is Daniel, I just text about a property on X, Y, and Z street. Just wanted to know if you would consider any offers for the property over there?”
And he said, “$300,000, not a penny less.” One of these guys, you know? And most of the time in Pittsburgh, actually, when you see $300,000 for a property, you’re just like, it’s not Phoenix, you know what I mean? And I was about to just skip, and move on, and say, “Not interested.” And move on. And I said, “Let’s click on it, but check it out.” And I check it out, and then I talked to the guy, the moment I talked to him I said, “So, is selling something that you would even consider, or just looking for an offer?” That’s one of the sentence I use all the time while texting, to see if someone is seriously motivated, or just looking for an offer.

Brent Daniels:
Say that again.

Daniel Nissim:
“Is selling something that you’ve been seriously considering, or just looking for an offer?” That one, I use it all the time, to make sure the guy on the other side is actually motivated. And then he said, “Yeah, I might consider selling.” That one sentence, that, “Might consider,” that “Possibly.” These guys, I like these guys. So I just grabbed the phone, and pick the phone, and just started talking to the guy. And he said, “Listen, I’m not living in there, actually. I’m an absentee owner.” Which is another layer of motivation. And then there’s an alarm in your head, the moment they say these things, and then I say, “Okay, so tell me more about that.” And he said, “Listen, I’m not in Pittsburgh. The property has been vacant for a while, that’s the number that I want to get for the property, not a penny less, okay?”
And listen, I haven’t done multi-unit, six unit building, I’ve never sold something like that in my life, never done something like that. And I remember, I think in the morning, I heard one of your podcasts, actually, and it was like Wholesaling Hotline with Pace, and Jimmy O’Neil, you always say, “Hey guys, if you don’t have something, go squad up.” And I said, “Yeah, I think I should squad up with someone that knows how to do it.” And I talked to one of the local wholesalers in the area, and I said, “Listen, I’ve never done something like that, can we JV on that one?” And he actually said, “You know what, the number he said is not that high, maybe we should check it out.” And then he met with the seller, talked to the seller, and then we come up to an agreement for $315,000, I think, yeah it was $315,000 over there.
And he said, I think we might be able to [inaudible 00:18:59] that one for 350, so, that was actually the way we lock it down. And we were aiming, sorry, should I say, we aim to get $350,000 over there, at the beginning. And then what happened, is we send it, we use their cash buyer place, I have my own cash buyers, but they are actually bigger than me, and they’re in that market, and they blast it. And then what happened is fire sales, people just started calling, and sending offers, and wanted to come see the property, it was insane.
And then, after the showing, he just texts me in the middle of the night and said “$400,000.” And I said, “What?” He said “$400,000.” And I said, “Oh wow.” And then I was like, “$400,000? Okay.” Then after we eventually signed with the end buyer for that, somebody tried to behind our back, over there, and try to talk to the seller and say, “Hey, listen, these guys are not serious.” Because they actually showed them, I think, the mail he got from us and yeah, it was a mess. So we had to talk to the guy and pay him, come up with the numbers little bit to $325,000 instead of $315,000, to make sure everything is going to be okay and just save the deal. Two weeks ago, actually, we sold that property. We had it for $325,000, and we sold it for $400,000

Brent Daniels:
And made, total, how much?

Daniel Nissim:

Brent Daniels:
Come on, man. Yes, oh my gosh. Listen to this, so some really important coaching points here. All right, number one, listen to me, everybody out there. Multi-family units, tired multi-family owners, I’m going to give you the most incredible good news. Here’s what’s held people back from going after multi-family, most of them are owned by LLCs, well, guess what?, Which I tell everybody to go to, because they have the most accurate phone numbers for the properties you’re trying to get ahold of, they can now, and they spent a lot of money to be able to do this, they can now give you phone numbers for the LLCs and the trusts. Now it’s about %30 to 40% success rate, but that is bananas, that opens everything up. Oh my gosh, you have to be going after properties that were built before 1990, that the owners owned for at least seven years, you can pull these. You can pull all those lists of those at
I’m just giving you resources so you don’t have to go, “What do I do next? What do I do next?” You can pull it right there, get the list, skip trace it, boom, you’re calling, you’re texting, and you’re going after it. Another thing Daniel mentioned was 90 days, listen to me, that is the average it takes, from day one, the point, the origin of contact, to getting paid is typically about 90 days. Stay in the saddle, stay focused. The next coaching point I want to point out is this, if you’re going to send out, like Daniel had, his joint venture partner had a big list, you never know who’s on that big list, some people on that big list, if you don’t accept their offer, they’re going to try to go behind your back, especially in some sort of bidding war. And they feel salty, and they feel bitter, and they want to go out, and they want to try to go behind your back and show it to the seller, and start throwing a bunch of mud all into this transaction.
So, if you’re going to send it out to a big list, you need to have this conversation with the seller, “Mr. And Mrs. Seller, as soon as I open up escrow on this, as soon as we put this property under contract, I’m sure people are going to find out about this deal, they’re going to come to you and try to get you to take a different offer. But let me tell you, we are locked in, we are committed to each other. You’re committed to me, I’m committed to you, until we go through this process, we are together on this thing and we’re going to get this done as smooth and as easy for you as possible.” So, you just future pace them.
“If somebody comes up and tells you, and is trying to offer you, just tell them I’m already under contract, here’s Daniel’s number, you can call him to talk about it, all right?” That’s what you do there. Or, what you do is, you bring it to a select amount of people, you don’t blast it out to your giant list, you bring it to a few trusted buyers, you try to push the value on it, to get the most out of it, and you keep it very private, especially on a deal that’s $75,000. Well, at the time, Daniel, it was $85,000, because he didn’t even know, right? It was $85,000 that you were going to make on this thing. So that’s a couple of different strategies when you have a big deal.
Another way you can do it, if you want, if you’re feeling like this is going to be a really big deal, I highly suggest you close it as fast as you can, you get either what’s called transactional funding, which just Google it in your area. It’s expensive, but what they will do is they will give you 100% of the funds to close it, as long as you have a buyer, that’s going to close it right behind you. Or, just raise the funds from somebody private, close it, and then put it on the market, or blast it out once you own it, then you have no worries about it. So there’s a lot of different ways to protect you there, but just find one of those strategies.
And then the other thing you mentioned is, you got this from, right there in the services of batch skip tracing., if you use the coupon code TTP, you get 500 free texts, definitely check that out. And the last one, I love that you talked about it, Wholesale Hotline, every Monday at five o’clock Arizona time, we go live and answer questions on the YouTube channel, definitely check that out. But Holy cow, Daniel, you rocked it. Yes, you got half of it, you got thirty-seven five, but oh my gosh. When that hit your account, what’d you feel?

Daniel Nissim:
It was like, “Wow, it’s possible.” You always see it on the television, you always hear it on the podcast actually, and I said, “Wow, it’s possible to make so much money” It’s just possible, you know what I mean?

Brent Daniels:
It’s fact, it’s a fact. I’ve said this a billion times, people are probably tired of me saying this on this podcast, but you cross the bridge from faith, believing that you can do it, and you cross over to the side of fact, and now your brain has changed, it changes your brain chemistry. Now you’re thinking about big deals. I guarantee you, as soon as you close this, in your mind, you’re like, “Man, it was almost $100,000.” You know, “It was almost a six figure deal, I need to get myself one of those.” I guarantee you that’s going through your head. So, just absolutely incredible. So Daniel, just to put a bow on all this, sourcing real estate opportunities, which is essentially interchangeable with the word wholesaling, that’s what wholesaling is, is sourcing, finding real estate opportunities, the art of finding discounted properties, whatever you want to say, is the foundation of being a real estate entrepreneur. What’s the next step? Are you looking to be the bank? Are you looking to develop properties? Are you looking to flip? Are you looking to own a huge portfolio? What’s in your brain? What is the vision?

Daniel Nissim:
It’s a great question actually, because me and my friend, actually, I think we talked about that one. As I told you, I’m currently chasing after that dream that I had, back then when I was four years old, it was like, I just love to play Lego and everything, and all of these games and seriously, I’m I’m still playing, every day, I’m still playing, that’s my attitude, when I do these types of things. So, I would like to be a developer, to make sure I fulfill that dream and actually make it, even though right now we’re buying properties, and we use wholesaling as a source to buy properties, and actually cherrypick and get the best of these. Definitely, hey, it’s the reason I’m here, within five years, actually become a developer, in my country, also. And develop neighborhoods, and change peoples’ lives through building. Because I believe that if you change someone’s environment, you can change their life. You can see New York, and Chicago, the way they changed the environment, their buildings, it changed the atmosphere. And then people actually started treating better the neighborhoods, and then the streets and everything.
You can take toilets, for example, if the toilet is clean and everything, people just make sure it stays clean, you know what I mean? So that’s the effect that the environment have on the person. So I believe that through buildings you can change lives, actually, so that’s why I would like to become a developer.

Brent Daniels:
Love it. And how do people get ahold of you?

Daniel Nissim:
Probably Facebook is awesome, I use Facebook for all the real estate. You can just Google, not Google, sorry. Search for Daniel, D-A-N-I-E-L, Nissim, which is, N-I-S-S-I-M, feel free to reach out if you’re in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, or just want to say something.

Brent Daniels:
And if you’re in Tel Aviv, right? People are going to hear this, right? I mean, obviously, reach out to him, connect with him, if you’re in Pittsburgh, joint venture. So, Daniel, what an incredible story, I was so excited for today, I really was. I was telling my whole team, I was like, “Oh man, this is just going to blow everybody’s face off.” It’s incredible.
Listen, you’re doing this all from that thing dangling from your ear right now, right? You’re doing this all from an old school iPhone headphone, I mean, it’s incredible. And that’s what you need, you need that, but it starts with your mindset. It starts with your ability to build up your confidence, and your courage, to pick up the phone and to have a quality conversation with a distressed property owner, that’s where it starts, that’s where you go. And then from there, you build a pipeline of leads, and those close, you start building, you start building, you start building, and then all of a sudden you look up, you’re 22, by the time you’re 32, you’re now developing skyscrapers, who knows? It’s just absolutely phenomenal, so such an inspiration. Thank you, Daniel.

Daniel Nissim:
Thank you.

Brent Daniels:
All right, and everybody out there listening, if you are interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing, it is the TTP family, without a doubt. Go to, scroll down, check out the unbelievable people doing unbelievable deals, time and time and time again, nobody has more testimonials. If it feels good, see what the program’s about, it’s a one-on-one mentorship with me. Daniel, you have my cell phone, we talk all the time, you text me all the time, that’s what it’s about, I love it.
Anyway, if you’re interested in that, if it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call and I’d look forward to working with you. And that’s it, what an incredible story, all the way from Tel Aviv, you can do this. What’d you say? It’s just a belief, getting that deal through changes everything, and I want that for everybody. So thank you, Daniel, for giving us a real example of what that means. And for everybody out there as always, I encourage you to talk to people. Until next time, see you, love you.

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