Episode 634: Lessons From a Legend – How to Become a Million Dollar Real Estate Investor – Part 1

WI 634 | Real Estate Lessons


This episode is the first part of the two-part series that talks about lessons from the legend, Mike Cantu, on becoming a Million Dollar Real Estate Investor.  He is behind Lauren Hardy’s explosive success in real estate.

Mike is a full-time Real Estate Investor and Real Estate Entrepreneur for 39 years and runs a buy or sell operation in Southern California, wholesales properties, and manages a rental house portfolio. He is the author of the first piece of real estate education for Lauren entitled Don’t Get Voted Off Real Estate Island, released in early 2009. He also offered a course that covers everything you want to know about real estate.

In this episode, Mike Cantu will dig deep into the topic to let listeners learn the strategies on how to get started with real estate when you are dead-busted-broke — starting with nothing from nothing. He will share his views on building a massive rental portfolio to become a million-dollar investor. Along with the topic, he will also share how to adapt to any market and still make money.

This series is a big one in getting investors going towards being a millionaire! Start learning the lessons here! Listen to this episode, and be sure to take notes on the valuable inputs from the legend!

Lessons From A Legend – How To Become A Million Dollar Real Estate Investor With Mike Cantu – Part 1

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