Posted on: February 23, 2021

Get excited as Brent answers the Top Ten most commonly asked Questions for new investors who just started venturing into the wholesaling business.

Know the answers from Brent and get valuable inputs to guide you in handling common hurdles or issues on wholesaling if you are new in the business.

If you are searching for answers, then this is an episode that you do not want to miss!

Key Takeaways

  • On moving on to something else and finding other deals if there is a big IRS lean on the property and squeezes out all the equity
  • Finding cash buyers by joining Facebook groups, calling real estate agents selling properties in the neighbourhood, and talking to bidders in auctions
  • Brent’s suggestion for newbies to start sending a hundred texts a day and see how it feels and start growing from there
  • With LLCs, go the extra step to find the name and mailing address of the managing member through where LLCs are registered.
  • In skiptracing uploading, put both the physical and mailing address and attach it to the mailing address that you are trying to get a hold of.
  • In cold calling, get the numbers or price out of them first or check Zillow and ask more questions.
  • In talking with people with leans, build rapport by asking them at a friendly neighbour pace if they accept an offer on their property.
  • Post on social media that you are looking for somebody who wants to drive part-time to get those dollar drivers, preferably the retirees.
  • Using  DocuSign in sending contracts and other e-signature resources
  • Using TurboScan app in sign contracts face to face
  • On pre-qualifying leads before doing work or comping


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