Episode 627: No Excuses – How a 21 Year Old Closed His First Wholesaling Deal Living in a Storage Unit

WI 627 | Wholesaling Deal


There are always opportunities out there to close wholesaling deals for us. And contrary to what many think, they are not only for those who have stayed long in the industry. Today’s guest is here to prove it. Douglas Aguilar is a young real estate investor who closed $102,000 in wholesale assignment fees before hitting 21! He was given a shot, tried, and just won. His secret? Staying consistent and just following the plan. In this episode, Douglas shares how he grew his business from his first $1,000 deal to his $50,000 worth of property that he got for free at a very young age. Learn his strategies and know the software that he uses that works for his business. What is more, Douglas also shares how he learned about wholesaling, the benefit of investing in TTP, and his plans for the next five years. Age is just a number when it comes to success! With the right tools and attitude, anyone can achieve it!

No Excuses – How A 21 Year Old Closed His First Wholesaling Deal Living In A Storage Unit With Douglas Aguilar

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