Posted on: February 18, 2021
WI 627 | Wholesaling Deal


There are always opportunities out there to close wholesaling deals for us. And contrary to what many think, they are not only for those who have stayed long in the industry. Today’s guest is here to prove it. Douglas Aguilar is a young real estate investor who closed $102,000 in wholesale assignment fees before hitting 21! He was given a shot, tried, and just won. His secret? Staying consistent and just following the plan. In this episode, Douglas shares how he grew his business from his first $1,000 deal to his $50,000 worth of property that he got for free at a very young age. Learn his strategies and know the software that he uses that works for his business. What is more, Douglas also shares how he learned about wholesaling, the benefit of investing in TTP, and his plans for the next five years. Age is just a number when it comes to success! With the right tools and attitude, anyone can achieve it!

No Excuses – How A 21 Year Old Closed His First Wholesaling Deal Living In A Storage Unit With Douglas Aguilar

Episode Transcription

I want to open up this episode with a quote from the great book by Gary Keller, The ONE Thing. On Page 81, he says something, which I love because this is going to introduce my guest on the show perfectly. “To achieve an extraordinary result, you must choose what matters most and give it all the time it demands. This requires getting extremely out of balance in relation to all other work issues.” What he’s talking about here is doing income-producing activities.

To shine some light on that and give us a beautiful crystal-clear example of focusing on income-producing activities, I have a young man here that before he was legal to drink alcohol, before he was 21 years old, he closed $102,000 in wholesale assignment fees. It is my pleasure to introduce out of Houston, Texas, Mr. Doug Aguilar. Doug, welcome.

A big thank you to Brent Daniels.

Let’s get right into this. You’re two years out of high school. You’re looking at the opportunities that are coming your way. Did you always know that you wanted to be a real estate investor?

WI 627 | Wholesaling DealI didn’t know anything about real estate at all. Nobody in my family is in real estate. I was good at making furniture. I was always good at construction. I don’t know why but I always liked doing construction. There was a woodshop class in my high school. That’s the first time I started doing any construction. Out of high school, I started selling custom-made furniture. I did that for a couple of months. I ended up meeting some guy out north from where I live. I started doing some construction on the properties that he had. I heard about wholesaling in that period of time. That’s the first thing I ever heard about real estate.

Was this guy a fix and flipper?

No, I was over there working on his properties. My girlfriend found out about wholesaling from a YouTuber and told me about it. The guy never told me anything about it. I started watching videos. No coaching or anything. It’s straight off of YouTube.

You’re watching YouTube, getting some education, entertainment, most importantly, some instruction. What was the first thing that you did? Do you remember? Can you go back and be like, “This is my first action as a real estate entrepreneur?”

It wasn’t that long ago. I was watching a bunch of different YouTube channels. I tried everything, cold calling, door knocking, sending out letters or putting letters in people’s mailboxes. I was doing everything. Nothing was working because I was all over the place. I didn’t know what I was doing. That’s how it started. One time it was luck. October of 2019 is when I got my first deal. I was working at the time. I was still over there doing construction. I couldn’t do any wholesaling or anything like that. I heard about wholesaling from YouTube. I wanted to do it. I didn’t think it was real but I wanted to try. I had my girlfriend make a few calls, and she ended up finding somebody within a few days. That was my first deal. Two weeks later, it closed, and that was in late October of 2019.

Your girlfriend picks up the phone. Is she hand dialing? She’s pushing numbers on her phone, pressing call and reaches a motivated seller?

Yeah. The seller wasn’t even motivated. I made $1,000 off the deal. I wanted to make calls, but I couldn’t since I was up there working. I was working for free rent, so I was living there rent-free. I was getting paid $6,000 for the entire year working. I was working around 24 hours.

Swinging a hammer?

Yeah. I was doing construction on homes. We got a property with a couple of homes and I was doing construction on it. Nothing but construction work, so I had no time to do calls or anything. I told her to make a few calls and see what happens.

It worked out. That’s how it starts. It was super real that you made $1,000. It all came from being proactive, stemming from one quality conversation with that seller. You said that she wasn’t motivated. What does that mean? Why didn’t she sell the property?

They wanted a particular number. I spoke to a guy who had it on a contract previously. He has a big company over here. He offered $60,000 and she would not move off her number. It was the same number that I got her under contract on. I said, “Maybe I’ll find a buyer.” I was able to find a guy. $1,000 to me back then was like $100,000. I didn’t have a car at the time. I couldn’t do anything. I used that $1,000 and I got a car. I got PropStream. I wanted to keep making calls, but I couldn’t since I was still working. I left from there in January and then I was able to get another deal that I closed in February.

Have a large portfolio of rental properties. That’s how you create early retirement.

Your girlfriend calls. She finds somebody willing to have a conversation with her. They’re having a good conversation. Does she turn it over to you and then all of a sudden, you’re talking to her and doing a lead follow-up? With your deep voice, she doesn’t know that you’re twenty years old or whatever else. You’re having these conversations and you go on to the appointment? Did somebody drive you there?

My dad had to take me there because I had nothing. I had no car. I wanted to make calls. I couldn’t. My girlfriend is not good at calls. I asked her to do it. She got lucky in a few days. As soon as the lady told her she wanted to sell, I called her back later the same day and told her, “I’ll do it at $75,000.” I had my dad drive me over to her. He drove an hour to pick me up and then take me there. I had her sign it and that’s pretty much it.

Were you shaking? Were you nervous? You’re nineteen years old. You got paperwork to buy this gal’s house. Your dad drove you to the employment, but you got it done.

I was nervous and sweating. I tried to talk to her as we’re going through the contract.

What do you do? Did you swallow all those emotions down as you’re walking to the door? Think of a time that you were confident and cool. Slow it down. What’s going through your head as you’re leaving your dad’s car door and going to her front door?

I was hoping that she would take me seriously when I met her and shook her hand. She was 70 something. She was like, “You’re the thirteen-year-old buying my house.” I said, “Yeah.” I was hoping she’d take me seriously up to that point. I was talking with her.

You did it. If it was me at nineteen years old, I know without a doubt, I would have never gone. I would have been too scared. I would have been like, “Something bad is going to happen. I’m going to get rejected. I don’t have enough confidence and certainty. I don’t know if she’s going to like me, whatever else.” You win. You have something inside of you that has that supreme confidence that you are going to be successful. A lot of people reading have that inside them as well. They know that they’re going to win. Give me a shot.

This is your shot. You didn’t make $10,000, $20,000, $50,000, but you made $1,000 and you’re rolling. 30, 45, 60 days later, you close your second one and you’re rolling. You come see me in the TTP. We poured some gasoline on this thing. Keep us going. Your second deal closed in the beginning of 2020, right before the world started going wild. Through this situation, through everything, we’ve got political, health, media things going on. It’s like what we’re talking about in The ONE Thing book here. You’re staying focused on income-producing activities. What do you do? Did you jump into this full-time? Did you still keep doing part-time? Break that down for us.

It’s such a long story. After I got that deal in October 2019, I was still working. I was able to buy a car with the deal because at the time, I only had $1,000 in my bank. The big thing for me is that it was real and possible. It’s not a scam or anything like that. I wanted to leave where I was as soon as possible, but I left. I didn’t have any place to live. I was living in a storage unit. I went into a full-time. I then lived with my parents. I didn’t want to move back. I didn’t want to be comfortable because I wanted to be able to get another deal as soon as possible. I ended up getting another one and that one closed in February 2020 off of PropStream. I took that $1,000. I put it into PropStream. I pulled one list. It came back and I closed the deal on February 16th, 2020 for $16,000.

WI 627 | Wholesaling Deal


When Doug is referring to PropStream, you can check that out at It’s a phenomenal resource. If you are serious about this business, Doug had $1,000 to his name and he invested in this. I would do the same. I would sell whatever, my blood or whatever. I don’t know if people would buy my blood, but I would sell blood to be able to buy that. Seriously, it’s that big of a tool. You’ve got the list and you make $16,000 on your second one?

Yes. With that money, I was able to find a place to live.

You were living in a storage unit and your car?


Are you talking like a no air-conditioning storage unit in Houston, Texas, in the spring?

It was winter at the time, so it was pretty cold. That’s how I was able to survive. I didn’t want to be comfortable. I didn’t want to go live with my parents or something and be comfortable knowing that, “I’m taking care of so and so.”

Are you making calls from a storage unit, a coffee shop or from your car? How are you finding opportunities?

I was making some calls. This list, I got pretty lucky on it too. It was a small list of pre-foreclosure. I called a couple of people. She was motivated. Nobody’s ever called her. I met her the next day after that. I wasn’t making any more calls. I couldn’t. I waited until I got a house. I started going from there full-time. I dove right into it.

I bet when that deal closed, you’re like, “Here we go. It’s time to get a place, settled and into the rhythm.” It’s a lot easier to be consistent in your real estate business if you live in a place that has air-conditioning, heat, amenities and everything else. You’ve got a lot of other distractions and things on your mind. You’re fresh out of high school. You’re living in a storage unit and you get this $16,000 deal. It’s incredible.

Readers, this is what I’m talking about. Being proactive, picking up this thing here, this phone right here, this is your chance, shot, opportunity and ability to change your financial future. If you pick it up and you talk to people, that’s what it comes down to. That’s what Doug did. He did it with his first two. He gets out of the storage and gets into a house. Let’s break down a deal. You said that you’ve got a house.

It is more of a piece of land.

Did you get a piece of land for free?

Yeah, there’s a mobile home on it. I have to demo it, but it’s not livable. It’s got all city utilities.

How does somebody get a free piece of property?

I stopped pulling lists and I started driving for dollars.

Are you using an app?

It’s DealMachine. I’ve got your code before I even joined.

If you want the biggest discount, we have a great relationship with DealMachine. They’d love the Rhino Tribe. Use TTP and you get it for $40 a month. That’s incredible. Use TTP for DealMachine. They work with us a lot. You started driving for dollars.

Stop pulling lists and start driving for dollars.

I started driving for dollars. It started exploding. That was one of the deals that I was able to get. It was a vacant property. It was so vacant because he forgot.

Step us through this for anybody that is coming into this and they haven’t lived the life. You download DealMachine. It’s an app on your phone. You’re in your $1,000 car. You’re driving around. What are you looking for?

I’m looking for the worst houses or clearly vacant houses. That’s the biggest thing.

What happens when you find them?

Just skip trace them.

You add them to your app.

Add them and take a picture. Make sure you know what house it is. You have to find that owner by any means necessary. That’s what I started doing.

What did you use to skip trace?

It’s Batch., check that out. You’ve got your list of drive for dollars. You’ve got the phone numbers. You’re driving around, looking for the ugliest properties that you can. You’re adding them to the app and then you call them. It’s a very complicated business. Isn’t it, Doug?

No. I’ve spoken to teenagers doing it who are still in high school. It’s very simple. You have to keep looking for the deals.

You called, and what did the owner say?

He said he doesn’t own that property anymore. I say, “You do. You’re still on the county records.” He’s 80 years old. He was getting condemn letters that they’re going to condemn the house and all this stuff. He’s like, “Is that why I’m getting all these letters?” I say, “Yeah, you still own it.” He sold it to a friend decades ago. He signed a deed and gave it to the friend and the friend paid them, but the friend never filed the deed.

He kept telling me he wasn’t going to sell it to me unless he spoke to the friend. I had to skip trace the friend and I brought them back together. They were lifelong friends. I got them in touch. They were super happy to be talking to each other. They both agree that they’ll give me the property. That’s it. There was a family member paying the taxes on it that don’t want the property. The taxes were all kept up. I only paid $600 to bring the taxes current.

Do you have a piece of land?

Yeah. I’m already getting offers on it for $45,000, $50,000. I’m going to keep it as a rental property, but those offers are tempting.

What do you mean by rental property? It’s got a beat-up old mobile home on it.

My plan was to demolish it. Those are three separate lots. I was planning on putting maybe 2 or 3 mobile homes on it and running them out. They rent over here for $1,200 a month.

I’m going to ring the victory bell for all three of those. For your first $1,000 deal, that got you a little bit of room to buy a storage unit so that you could live out of it until you close your $16,000 deal. You’re staring right in the face of something that’s $40,000 or $50,000 if you want or you’ll invest some, but you’re going to get a rental on there. It’s a free property. You got a $40,000 to $50,000 free property. You’re 21 years old.

Are you kidding me? People are like, “This can’t be real.” He was living in a storage unit. He’s got six figures. He’s this young and his dad’s driving him to his first appointments. Everybody out there who’s reading, this is real life. This happens. If you are focusing on income-producing activities, having quality conversations with distressed property owners, acting like Doug, matching up and solving the problems of distressed property owners, you brought together 80-year-old friends and they’re like, “Thanks. Let me give you this title quick.” Our income is based on the amount of value we provide to our community. That is the absolute fact. It’s a law. It’s in there. It is what it is. It’s an incredible story, Doug. Do you ever look at it and you’re like, “This is bananas?”

WI 627 | Wholesaling Deal


I never thought that I was ever going to get into real estate. I just thought I was going to be working. I know I didn’t want to go to college. I like to get my hands dirty and doing stuff. My family never has real estate experience except for YouTube. It’s off of a YouTube video.

When did you join TTP?

It was in July 2020. I closed three deals prior to joining, so I had some money. You’re the main guy I watched. That was the only course I’ve ever joined in my life. That’s probably the only one I’m going to join, except for maybe creative financing.

I’m happy to have you in the TTP family. It’s a shining example of what you can do if you just follow a plan and stay consistent. That’s all it is. It’s already out there. It’s already set up. Just be consistent. You have to do all the hard work. The guide and the map are out there. Doug, talk to me. As you’re digesting all of this success that you’re having, what’s the big goal? What do you want to do? Do you want to be the developer, the guy that owns a big portfolio of properties, a lender at some point or fix and flip properties? What do you think in the next years that will look like?

I expect to have a large portfolio of rental properties. That’s how you create early retirement. That’s my big plan. I’m sure I will probably do a couple of quick flips like hotels, but for the most part, I want a big rental portfolio.

I know you have a number in mind. How many doors?

Maybe 50.

I think you’ll probably double that with your work ethic and focus. I am so excited for you. How do people get ahold of you? How do people reach out to you and show you some love, or maybe they want to connect with you or joint venture with you in the Houston area?

I do a lot of joint ventures. I only have Facebook. I don’t have anything else. I’m not a big social media guy. That’s it.

Look for him. He’s in the Houston area. It’s phenomenal. I applaud you. I hear these things. My heart starts beating up faster when you’re telling me that you’re living in a storage unit and then all of a sudden, $16,000, getting a free property that’s worth $40,000 or $50,000. It energizes me. You’ve energized everybody that’s reading. Thank you for being on here. Do you have any advice for anybody starting out?

Watch Brent’s YouTube. He described it. The easiest way to do it is to drive for dollars. I stopped pulling lists and started driving for dollars. That’s how it exploded. I already closed $20,000. It’s all drive for dollars.

Thank you for being on here. Everybody out there reading, if you are interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing, it is the TTP family, the TTP program. Check it out if you have any interest at Scroll down. Check out what it’s about and all the testimonials. Keep scrolling and scrolling. Your mouse is going to burn up because there are so many success stories in there that I’m very proud of. I truly am.

I have incredible people in this group, and I’d love to work with you. If it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call. That’s it. Doug, thank you for being on here with us. Thank you for giving us so much energy, juice and good vibes. Everybody out there, I love you. I encourage you as always to go out there and talk to people. Until next time. See you.

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