Episode 624: How Two Real Estate Newbies Closed $74k in Wholesaling Fees in Their First 4 Months

WI 624 | Real Estate Wholesaling


Like other successful partnerships, such as Google and Microsoft, their common interests and complementing one another are indicators of success. Our guests for this show are lucky to do the business with each other, a perfect fit, and they are rocking the wholesaling business!

Keenan Williams and Shane Dobine are products of the WIP’s virtual investing mastery coaching program. They run their business virtually in Florida. Currently, they have closed $74,000 in fees and four deals in just a few short months.

In this episode, Keenan and Shane share their wholesaling journey applying what they learned from the coaching program and how their lives changed dramatically along the way. They talk about how they complement each other in running the business, how they manage their sales, hours spent in wholesaling, being turned down a lot of times, and eventually finding success. They also emphasize the importance of building relationships, setting deadlines and having an abundant mindset in achieving your goals.

Find the courage you need to start your wholesaling journey, listen to this episode and learn from this dynamic duo!

How Two Real Estate Newbies Closed $74k In Wholesaling Fees In Their First 4 Months With Keenan Williams And Shane Dobine

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