Episode 620: Wholesaling on Terms – How to Profit on Every Deal!

We have today Pace Morby, an expert on putting terms together. Doing business based on terms is what keeps the business good for Pace. He is doing deal after deal, building his portfolio terms-based, while showing people how to do it and wholesale those deals from leads coming from TTP (Talking To People) or cold calls done by an outsourced team. He is a wizard in earning people’s trust and getting the job done. True enough, he has made over 2,000 appointments with leads that led him to Fifteen contracts, Six came from door knocking, last December 2020.

In this episode, Pace will share his experience doing business based on terms and talk about his support team: the cold callers, his lead manager, and his team for door-knocking that helped him do business smoothly. He will also share how he earns big in wholesaling deals and what drives him to get things done.

If you are into wholesaling and want to find something new to boost your business, this episode may help you find that light bulb. Don’t miss this episode!

Key Takeaways

  • Outsourcing his cold callers to get leads
  • How he looks at pains from leads in getting deals
  • What his lead manager does
  • Involving other decision-makers in dealing with elderly clients
  • The benefit of laying all options down for his clients
  • Lining up renters to take over the house and start earning
  • How he earns big in wholesaling deals
  • How he makes deals in justifying the value through terms
  • The philosophy on getting deals done
  • Getting deals from having a door-knocking team


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