Episode 62: The ONE rule that every Agent, Broker, Rehabber, and Landlord MUST know before Wholesaling

If you have multiple exit strategies, you’re making wholesaling more difficult for yourself. This is why agents and brokers frequently have trouble getting into the Wholesaling business – they have a fallback option.



  • Why having multiple exit strategies is a mistake
  • The ONE rule that every Wholesaler needs to follow


The ONE Rule

There’s only ONE rule you need to follow when you go into a new deal. You need to have a single focus: Wholesale this deal or there is no deal.

Don’t think of how you can list the property yourself or dream up other exit strategies. Keep things simple so that you can stay focused on your priority.

The big problem with multiple exit strategies:

  • You will be less committed to your number.
  • It’s more difficult to create a fully streamlined and automated business that scales and serves you.


If you keep a singular focus on your top priority – making a great Wholesaling deal – then you will make it happen.


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