Episode 616: The Top-Secret Marketing Channel Capable of a 10X Return on Investment! – Part 1


Chris Arnold is a 15 year Real Estate veteran who has closed over 2500 single family real estate transactions in the DFW metroplex. Chris is the founder of multiple companies that are managed by a US virtual team, which allows Chris to run his organizations while living in Tulum, Mexico full time. His passion for leaders has led to the creation of Multipliers brotherhood which serves the top 5% of real estate entrepreneurs out of the US. Most recently Chris has launched his REI Radio coaching program. This program is designed to teach real estate investors the marketing stream that everyone knows about but NO ONE is doing!

WI 616 | Marketing Channel


Are you interested in analyzing your business to spend less money and get the same results with a marketing channel that people think is hard to use? If you can attest to how amazing radio is as a marketing channel, then listen on. In today’s show, brilliant REI coach Chris Arnold talks with one of the most successful real estate investors in the industry Tony Javier, who used a top-secret marketing channel with a 10X return on investment! This is the first installment of a two-part series where he gets granular about the marketing channel he uses that helped him generate motivated sellers and how he makes it work for him. He shares effective methods, strategies, and best practices so we can make educated decisions in our businesses. If you want to start the year with a marketing channel that truly delivers, you have to tune into this episode!


The Top-Secret Marketing Channel Capable of a 10X Return on Investment! – Part 1

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