Posted on: February 02, 2021

If 2021 is the year you want to change your financial future, start by adding 25 more deals this year. While closing 25 more deals can seem like a tall feat, it will become easy when you learn how to do it from one of the best in the wholesaling world—Brent Daniels!

In this episode, Brent will share ten simple, powerful, and actionable goals you can implement right away to start adding deals to your pipeline this year. If you get creative and work extra hard, you might even add more than 25 deals with utmost ease!

So have your pen and paper handy and tune in. Today’s compelling episode might just be what you need to hear to rake in the cash!

Key Takeaways

  • What keeps you consistent
  • Why you need to make a decision
  • Why you need to find distressed property owners
  • How you can get the numbers of homeowners
  • Number of hours you should spend cold calling
  • Why you need to feed your mind with positive things
  • What you should listen to when driving around
  • The power of reading books
  • The toughest challenge you’ll face when first starting out
  • Why you need to celebrate the small wins


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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels:
Hey everybody. It is Brent Daniels TTP and adding 25 extra deals to your business. That is the goal that I have for you. Everybody is setting goals. Everybody’s writing goals. There’s a million books about goals. There’s a million books about writing your goals daily, and I get it. You guys get all that. I love it, implement it. Use what works in your gut. You guys have enough self-awareness to know what works for you. Now, listen. I’m going to break down 10 steps that will add 25 deals to your business. Now these are 10 goals that I want you to implement every single day and they’re simple. So write these down.
Number one is the most important out of every single one of them. It’s the most important thing when it comes to goal setting. It’s the most important thing when it comes to, are you going to change your financial future? And that is this. Do you want this or must this happen? There’s a big difference between it must happen and you wanting something. Wanting something fizzles out. When you must not be average, when you must not have a 9:00 to 5:00 job, when you must not have $500 in your savings account like 68% of the US population has, when you must not live that average life, that is when you can actually accomplish these goals. That’s when you’re going to take action every single day, because you’ve got that burning in your brain. You’ve got a burning in your heart. You got a burning in your stomach and you know that you’re going to take action.
Listen, when it comes to the wholesaling business, we know that it comes down to one thing and that is having consistent quality conversations with distressed property owners. That’s it. At the end of the day, at night, at the end of your week, at the end of your month, at the end of the year, ask yourself the question. Did I have enough quality conversations with distressed property owners to reach my financial goals? That’s it. Don’t over-complicate this. The problem is people love setting goals because it creates this avoidance of actually doing work, right? Don’t be average. This is the difference between being passionate about something and actually having a purpose.
The purpose lasts. The purpose is inside you. Passion is just what filters in. Passion is this uplifting momentum, that enthusiasm that gets you to take some action, but is it going to keep you consistent? No. Purpose does. That’s the difference between wanting it and it must happen. So make that decision. You have to make the decision. That’s the goal. That’s step number one, make the decision. Is this something you want or is this something that absolutely must happen?
Number two here. Get a list of 2,000 addresses. I’m going to cut right to this. This is instruction here, baby. This isn’t education. This isn’t entertainment. This is instruction. Get 2,000 addresses. Get a mix of distressed property owners, okay? These are pre-foreclosures. These are probates. These are inherited. This is driving for dollars. This is getting on and giving all of the liens in your areas. There’s so many different ways to do this.
Number three, skip, trace them. Skip, trace. Get the phone numbers of the people that you’re trying to get ahold of. If there is 3% to 7%, listen to me. There’s 3% to 7% of every market is in distress in the nation. Go after those people. Don’t go after the people that aren’t in distress. If you’re not solving problems, you’re not getting these wholesale deals. That’s a fact. It seems like it’s a small sliver, but it’s thousands. Thousands, and thousands of millions of homes need your help. They need our help. They need our community to go out and reach out to them. These people are not going to reach out to us, okay.?
Until the very last second, we need to go out there and provide that value to them, okay? So get 2,000 and then skip, trace them. Reach out to them., obviously. Go to BatchSkipTracing, check it out. That’s where you’re going to get the data. The right numbers to get the phone numbers for those addresses. And here’s the thing. If you can’t get a phone number for those addresses, go to the door. It’s still proactive. It’s still having a quality conversation with the distress property owner. Don’t hesitate going to the door. In this year, coming up over the next 12 months, this is going to be critical. Going to the door’s going to be absolutely critical. Watch this blow up.
Number four. You got to call for a minimum of three hours a day if you’re full-time. If you’re full-time, calling three hours a day, you will do 25 deals. If you stay consistent, if you do 15 hours of calls, if you’re building up all the momentum of those conversations, you will crush it this year. And what is 25 extra deals? If the average deal’s 10,000, which is on the low end, it averages out, depends on your market. That’s $250,000 that you can make off of 15 hours a week. We have 168 hours in a week. I’m asking for less than 10% for you to be proactive, go out there and find these opportunities, right? Because that’s how we make money. We source real estate opportunities. That’s what we do. That’s the wholesaling business, right?
So like three hours a day. Now, if you’re part-time make it a minimum that you do one hour a day, okay? If you do one hour a day, then it’s a third of the productivity. You’re going to get a third of the results. So you’re going to do seven or eight deals this year. But seven or eight deals at 10,000, some markets are 20,000. Here in Phoenix it’s $25,000 a deal. What would an extra $80,000 do for your life part time? It’s bananas.
Number five. You’ve got to follow up with each and every lead. Every single time, you got to follow up. Stop not following up with these leads. It takes 30 seconds. If you can send an email or a text, you can pick up a phone and make a call. It’s actually faster. Call them, call them, call them, text them, get in front of them, drop some seeds, drop some seeds. If you’re the guy that they’re thinking of, or the girl that they’re thinking of, when they’re thinking about selling their house, and they’re finally at that point where they have to make a decision, your texts are there. Your call comes in at the perfect time. So much of this business is about timing.
So put it in your favor. You got to follow up with everybody. It takes 30 seconds. Don’t tell me that you don’t like doing it. Don’t tell me that you don’t have enough time to do it. You got to love it. This is gathering. You already did the hunting. You already went out and you cold called them. You already did the hunting, now gather them up, okay?
Number six, go on every appointment with certainty and likeability. These are two words that ring true for any industry. Certainty and likeability. This is the key. This is the access to whatever you want. To the network of people. To these deals. To growing your business. To having charisma. Certainty and likability. When you go to that house, you’ve got to be certain that you understand that you came to help solve their problem. And you got to be likable. You can’t just go in there like the big, bad dude, the big investor dude that knows more than them and just beat them over the head and get them to submit. It never works. It might work. It works sometimes, but it doesn’t work as a career. It doesn’t work as a business. Certainty and likability, two things.
Seven. In your car, when you’re driving, for the next 12 months, this is going to drive a lot of people crazy. I don’t want you to listen to anything but podcasts and audio books. That’s it. All positive things, all business building things. I haven’t listened to the radio in my car for six years. I am telling you. I have learned much from Audible, from podcasts, from all of these things, because you’re just driving around and you’re listening to this and it’s flowing in you and it’s giving you that positive, all these positive ideas. You’re getting people that are multimillionaires, that are basically sitting in your car with you. It’s genius. Listen to it. It is huge.
Number eight. Read 10 pages of an incredible book every single day. Listen, there is something magical when you are reading a book. I highly suggest you actually buy books. I get it. You got a Kindle. I get it. You got an iPhone. I get it. If you have a book it’s staring at you, it’s tactile. It feels good. There’s something magical there. You can highlight it. You can keep it. You can share it. You can talk to people about it, but read 10 pages of a great business book every single day. It’s going to plunge all the crap that is thrown into your life out of your brain. 10 pages a day. That’s it. That’s it.
Number nine. We got two more here. Quickly learn if this is a deal or no deal, okay? This is the toughest challenge when you’re starting out is, is the price, are the terms that we’re talking with, with this distress seller. Is this an actual deal? Listen to me for your first few, if you need to have a mentor in your area, split the deal with you 50,50 or whatever, do it. It’s an education. You need to understand, is this a deal or no deal? My first three deals, I sold it to an investors. They marked it up $92,000 from where I was at. My first three deals. Guess what? I still have a million dollar business. I still love this business, and I learned so much from it.
So don’t look short-term, look long-term, build really good relationships. Talk to real estate agents. Talk to appraisers, talk to developers, talk to these people. Get a wealth of knowledge from people that are already doing it, okay? Deal or no deal? And then the second part of that is how big of a deal is it? This is the beautiful part that happens when you start being a rhino, taking action, getting out there and being educated by what your actions are telling you, by the results are telling you, okay? That’s what it’s about because your buyers are going to tell you how big of a deal these are. And the more buyers you have, the bigger the deals that you’re going to have. So get out, get a contract, put it in front of everybody. See what they’re saying.
Get their feedback, understand what people are buying it for. And don’t just take the first person’s opinion. Don’t take the second or third or fifth, get 10 opinions on a deal. See if you’re just a crazy person and you locked it up too high, or if it’s just an undesirable area. And now you know. Now you know, and now you build on, build on, build on. And every single time you do that, you’re getting better and better and better.
Number 10, you got to celebrate more. You got to celebrate the small wins, okay? The small wins. Doing number one, making the decision that is a huge win. But number two, getting a list of 2,000 addresses. It doesn’t feel like that’s not making you money, but that’s a small win, celebrate that. Getting the list back and it’s skip trace, celebrate that. Calling these people for the first time is a win. Getting out of your car in front of a terrible looking house and knocking on the door to see if you can help, is a small win. Just getting out of the car.
I don’t even care if you go to the door, these are the small winds that stack up, stack up, stack up to actually making income, to actually getting a wire of a big check, a big amount into your bank account, right? It is the small wins that lead us to that. I talk to it all the time, but celebrate them because if you don’t, you’re just going to get into this lull that you’re not really doing anything. You’re not really getting there. I did this today. That’s a win. Tomorrow I’m going to actually call them. That’s a win. The next day I’m going to call for an hour. That’s a win. You got to be proactive. You’ve got to celebrate these small wins because it’s going to lead to the big wins.
So I hope you wrote them down. That’s the 10 there. We’ll put them in the show notes here. But listen to me, the most important one is, do you want this or must this happen? Do you want this or must you not be average, okay? That’s the biggest one here. You know I love you. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, you’re ready for that step. Go to You’re going to check out the program, check out the testimonials. It feels good in your gut, sign up for a call. Until next time guys, love you. See you.

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