Episode 611: The Fully Automated Marketing Channel That Led a Retired Broker to Freedom

WI 611 | Fully Automated Marketing Channel


Having a fully automated marketing channel is the dream of every real estate investor, and radio has made that dream a possibility. Today’s guest is an REI Radio student who was once a real estate broker for 25 years. Now back in the real estate game, he discovered an automated marketing channel that has made his real estate return seamless and easy: radio. In today’s episode, Michael McCaffrey shares with host Chris Arnold what his return to real estate has been like so far—the calls and leads he has generated through radio, what he loves about radio, and what his game plan for the coming years when it comes to radio. If you are considering radio but unsure if it’s right for you, today’s episode might just help make the decision-making process easier!

The Fully Automated Marketing Channel That Led A Retired Broker To Freedom With  Michael McCaffrey

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