Posted on: January 06, 2021
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If you want to take your business to the next level (and stay organized while at it), you’ll need all the help you can get. This is where tools can come in very handy. In this episode, discover a tool that will not only increase your efficiency but will also do pretty much all the work for you!

In today’s show, Chris Arnold talked to Yahavy St. Clair regarding his experience using REsimpli, a software that’s designed to empower users with real-time data so they can generate more profit. Chris and Yahavy were also joined by REsimpli’s founder and CEO, Sharad Mehta.

If you are looking for a tool that can help you get ahead of the pack, this episode is exactly what you need to hear!

Business in a Box – A Tool that Actually Does the Work for You

Episode Transcription

As always, I’m glad you joined us. You know me, I like to do a different show. I get bored with the same type of thing. I’m always like, “How can I make this interesting or different for you from what you read again and again?” You know we’ve been talking about REsimpli. The reason I don’t talk about ten different products is that there’s now one product that does ten different things. It is a one-stop-shop. I like to call it a business in a box for your business.

One of the guests we have on, I love what he says, “I don’t need anything else.” That’s probably the best way to put it. I have Yahavy on, who’s been utilizing REsimpli. This is the first time I meet him. I called the owner, Sharad, who’s on with us from REsimpli, and I said, “Sharad, bring me somebody that’s been utilizing REsimpli and I want to interview them about the impact on their business. Not someone that has come through REI Radio or someone that I have a relationship with.”

I want someone I’ve never even met because I want to have a real talk about what this is going to do for someone’s business. It’s been huge and I’ve gotten incredible feedback and a lot of thank-yous from people going, ‘Chris, this CRM, REsimpli, has changed my business. It’s everything I need in one place.’”

Here’s what you’re going to get by the end of this show. We’re going to walk through Yahavy’s experience so far and what it’s done for his business, practically. I like to bring in Sharad because he’s the owner, so I can pick his brain at the same time. We’re going to have a good time with this. Welcome to the show Sharad and Yahavy. What’s going down? How are you?

We’re good. Thank you for having us.

Yahavy, you’ve been utilizing REsimpli. I asked you, “Practically, what has this thing done for your business? Don’t give me any fluff. Straight to the point.” Without blinking, the first thing out of your mouth was, “Increased efficiency.” You didn’t even have to think about that one. I didn’t have to pull it out of you. What have you seen on this? You said something that I thought was incredible and that is, “REsimpli does the work for me.” I was like, “That’s well said.” How has this done work for you? What is happening in your business on efficiency?

To dive into my experience with REsimpli, it works with drip campaigns, CRMs, automation systems, and web forms. There are so many different contexts. Not just the system but the service with the system changed the game. It’s like I have my own team of virtual assistants. As a solo entrepreneur, as a wholesaler, you start by yourself. You’re on your own.

Signing up with REsimpli, I feel like I have a whole team. With Danielle, Sharad, everyone’s been extremely helpful in making the onboarding process more so educational. It also addressed my pain points as far as the type of leads I should be targeting. Based on the feedback, it also increased my efficiency. I broke through the process of, “Do I want to do a cold call?” RVMs, text messages, emails, postcards. You could do postcards within the system. It increased my overall efficiency in reaching out to leads at volume.

This allowed you in one system rather than à la carte to have a texting system and RVMs. I’ve been there. I paid for all that stuff, cold calling. You have it housed all in one place. You can log into one system and start sending mass texting out or you can start doing RVMing. Practically, what are you doing that’s working well? Is it texting? Is it RVMing? Where are you getting actual results from?

I’m getting more results from the drip campaigns because the way I do my lead gen is I target New York, I’ll target Ohio or Texas and I’ll put them on a campaign. What my drip campaign looks like, my first form of contact is SMS. My second form of contact is the RVM followed by another SMS. One of the things I love about REsimpli is there’s no limit to the follow-up.

As a solo entrepreneur or a wholesaler, you start by yourself.

If you’re in this, you know the money is in the follow-up. I don’t have to worry about following up. It also does those little set auto-reminders for me to say, “Sharon, I’m calling about the property.” The RVMs and the text messages have been efficient. You could previously record a ringless voicemail and fluff it to be a follow-up. I have one that says, “Just following up, Sharon.” I have that first point of contact, so different variations in one system.

It’s funny, I had Don Costa on a couple of episodes ago and he said something that I thought was so good. I’ve repeated it five times. He says, “I treat my follow-up like an entirely separate marketing channel. Its own marketing channel is the follow-up itself.” I was like, “That is well said.” I hear you saying, Yahavy, that the sequencing that REsimpli has created for you is amazing because you’re automating and doing texting, RVMing, reminders and all of the above. It’s doing the work of all of these people behind you telling you what to do or doing it for you. Is that right?

Absolutely. There are so many things that you could integrate with the SMS template with the onboarding process. There’s always something new being added to the system. They also sent me Loom videos. If I was having a troubleshoot issue with activating my auto follow-up, I’ve had the experience of me calling sellers and they didn’t want to be called. I have call forwarding, which I love. They’re cursing me out but they’re cursing out the numbers that I’ve purchased within REsimpli. There are unlimited phone numbers that you could have with your account. They give you five numbers with the account, which is unbelievable.

Sharad, we’re talking about your baby that you’ve created and now you’re seeing the fruit of like, “I want to do something that’s going to help the real estate industry.” That’s why you built this thing. What are you feeling as he’s talking about in the trenches, using your stuff the way that you pictured it would be used?

I’m getting goosebumps. This is more than anything. This is exactly what my team and I live for, people that we’re creating this for. Chris, I know you’ve asked me a couple of times. We’re priced competitively for everything that we offer. Our vision has never been, “Let’s make tons of money.” It’s all been, “Let’s add tons of value.” What Yahavy is saying has been amazing.

Another thing that’s been cool for me as the company owner is some of the things that we are adding. People are using them in a way that we didn’t anticipate. That’s opened up our minds. We’re coming out with REsimpli 2.0 and that’s based on the feedback like how people are using it. Initially, it was set up based on, “This is how I run my business,” but then as more and more investors are using it, I’m like, “It’s cool if it does this.” That’s been amazing feedback. Thank you, Yahavy.

We told you what we felt like you needed to do on the data side. You listened to us. We were frustrated with Podio and needed to find something that would take us to the next level. If you’re reading, go to YouTube, subscribe, Chris Arnold – Real Estate.

This is a perfect show. I don’t have to talk much and I can just sit in. It’s perfect for me.

One thing I do want to mention is I listened to Wholesaling Inc. for the first time and I saved this. This is a line that I remembered, which is extremely important, that ties in REsimpli, “Time kills all deals.” I have that episode saved. When I initially make that contact, I think about the time, “I reached out. Maybe I should wait 2 days for the SMS, 5 days for the ringless voicemail.” I think more so time-based and more so how you could help. The system does so much more. I’m grateful because I’ve met cash buyers on accident because of REsimpli. I called one number and it turned into another investor up here. It’s been an incredible networking experience as well.

Let’s go to the second thing. I love the phrase, “Unlimited onboarding.” It’s something you guys were talking about. A lot of the students I work with are solopreneur. I love the solopreneur because they’re hungry, wearing every hat. They’re like, “Whatever it takes, I’m going to grow this business.” When I was that person, I remember being on my own and there was such a purity about the business at that level because it was hustle and make it happen.

WI 596 | Business Tool

Business Tool: Being in a service industry means people are going to remember you more for what you do for them.


You plugged in REsimpli and all of a sudden, you felt like you were part of a community. You had people working on your behalf, although they weren’t on your payroll. What was that like in the sense of them helping you set this up? A lot of times, people sign up and all they get is some videos to watch, there’s no support to be able to call into, etc. What was your experience with this unlimited onboarding and help?

Being in the service industry, I’ve realized people are going to remember you more for what you do for them. Danielle went the extra mile with a drip campaign. I originally wanted to do a 6,000-lead blast and she walked me through the process of how I should load everything up. They go above and beyond making it more of an educational experience.

I am a part of the REsimpli family because I feel it genuinely. I’ve referenced the link that me and Sharad did on YouTube to so many different wholesalers that are now starting out to avoid those hiccups. When I first started out, I kid you not, I used to write all my leads down on paper and that was a living nightmare compared to where I’m at now.

We’ve all been there. When you look back, that system is better than not having any system at all. Writing on a piece of paper is better than relying on your memory, especially as you get older. That’s honestly been a learning process for us. We cannot create a product, send some videos to people, say, “This is how you use it,” and then expect people to watch the videos. We’ve taken responsibility for ourselves.

Our job is not just to create a product. Our job is we want investors to succeed. How do we do that? We can’t use it for them, but at least we can get it to the point, “You sign up. Here’s a link. As soon as you sign up, let’s schedule an onboarding call. Let’s make sure the system is set up correctly. Let’s make sure everybody in your team knows what their responsibilities are like how to buy a phone number.” We have an entire call flow system built-in, so you don’t need to call there.

We can’t just leave it on investors. Entrepreneurs are busy, so we can’t leave it on them just to watch your video. That’s something we’ve noticed a huge positive change in the response that we’ve been getting. Our job is to make sure investors are successful. That’s one of the things we’ve started doing now.

That’s super important. If you’re not as familiar with REsimpli, typically, you would have to buy all of these individual, à la carte technologies that you need. Everybody needs to be able to utilize things like DocuSign or something like that. You’re utilizing something for text blasting. You might have a system that tracks your KPIs like Klipfolio or something. Imagine getting rid of all of that and putting it into one place where you don’t need anything else but this one system. Of course, we’re speaking of a robust CRM system.

With this type of system, if it’s the only thing you need, to provide this unlimited onboarding is essential because we want to learn to use the system probably at a level that we’ve not used any other software that we needed to before. It’s a business in a box. It’s absolutely everything that we need, so I get that.

I want to move on to the next point. Yahavy, you started talking about your cash buyers list, something practical here that you’ve loved. Everyone is talking about the best ways to dispo properties. “Do I email them? Do I utilize something like ActiveCampaign?” There’s been a lot of questions around that. If a system does everything, there’s already houses, an ActiveCampaign type deal where you can email and blast your list. Talk to us, Yahavy, about how this was practical and efficient for you with your ability to come in and send out text blasts to certain segments with one click and stuff like that. How does that practically work?

It cut down my work date and work hours, which it would usually take before REsimpli so many hours to reach out to, say 500, 600 leads.

You don’t deserve any deals if you don’t follow up.

How are you doing it, though? That’s what everyone wants to know. What was eating your time?

I was doing the basic standard cold call before. Now, I would set a call reminder for myself to make a call reaching out to a pre-foreclosure that I’m following up with or reaching out to everyone with the old-fashioned SMS, what I was doing before REsimpli was all over the place. This showed me that with a system, you will be successful. Now I know my chances of landing multiple deals are a lot higher because I have a system that’s not out of whack. I legit have a system that works.

When you’re dispo-ing properties, walk us through what that looks like. You’ve got a property and you probably put it into a template the way you want to sell it. What do you have to do in the system to get that property out to investors who want to buy it?

I’m knocking that property out on an SMS template sent out.

You were tapping to dispo, not email.

I would do SMS and sometimes I would do email. It depends, but I’m also in a lot of Facebook groups where there’s a lot of real estate wholesalers. There are different groups out there that I’m a part of and it’s instant access to other wholesalers but those cash buyers as well. To market in REsimpli, I would group everyone up. I would get cash buyers from wherever and load them into the system because I could do it myself with the CSV file, then upload them into the SMS template and market to them right away.

How much time does that take versus what you were doing before?

To be quite frank, it does not take more than 30 minutes. That used to take me, I kid you not, seven hours. I’m a full-time stay-at-home dad so I got the little one here. One of the things that were slowing me down was I couldn’t be as efficient. With REsimpli, it’s like night and day. It’s given me so much more confidence to speak to something because it showed me where I was going wrong. I wasn’t following up. No wonder I wasn’t getting any deals. You don’t deserve any deals if you don’t follow up.

It showed me my weak areas, too. It is what it is. It was more so an educational experience for me. I’ve learned to improve as a wholesaler and humble myself in the process because there was so much more that I got exposed to. It’s in the software. Software is what’s going to make a lot of wholesalers, investors a lot of money. Clearly, it’s all in the software.

If you have 500 people in a particular area that you want to text property to, you push a button, it texts all 500, but it does them separately, so they don’t see each other being texted at the same time. Is that right?

WI 596 | Business Tool

Business Tool: The entrepreneur’s job is not just to create a product. It is also to want investors to succeed.


That is correct. The incredible thing about that is you could have multiple different numbers and you could label it, “This one’s going to be for pre-foreclosures. This one is for probates. This one’s for vacant properties.” It’s incredible. You could label it state by state and you could market to 500 leads with one phone number. You have those other four numbers that come with the account that you could repeat and market another set of 500, then another set.

Sharad, do you want to hop in on any of this right here?

He’s doing a better job of it than I would. My business is not wholesaling. We’re a straight-up fix and flip investors. Some of the things that he’s talking about are the things I was not using in my system and I’m still not using cash buyers. For example, we buy everything we close on it. Some other things like assigned to buyer status in leads, I have never used it, but that’s the feedback we get from active investors like Yahavy.

That’s funny to see someone using your system in a way that you don’t because you’re running your business differently. Let’s go to this last thing. Yahavy, you were telling me something interesting. You were like, “I pulled an address off of Zillow and I threw it into REsimpli.” Tell us what you were able to do once you threw the address in because you were like, “This was eyeballing me how this system even does this.”

It’s a crazy system. I did it and I’m still talking back and forth with that same seller. I found a lead through Zillow, then there was the property right under it. I’m like, “Let me see something real quick.” I copied the address, saved it, entered it in, and added a new contact in REsimpli. You go right there. As soon as you log in, new contact. You could add and store a contact in, first, last name, property address, the ZIP code. As long as you have that, it’s going to auto-find all that background information, including the property’s square footage. From there, you have the address and you can market to the property.

Some of the other things we’ve done with that are we just launched that, as soon as you enter a property address, it’ll tell you who the owner is, whether they live at the property or if they don’t, where do they live and when did they buy the property. Not just when they bought it but who was the person who bought it before them, how much, what are the property taxes, and what’s the assessed value. You have this additional data point that you can make better decisions when you’re talking to sellers.

Only a bunch of background information and contact?

Exactly. All we need is an address and we can pull the owner’s name, mailing address, and a bunch of other information.

You could put them in a hot lead and a warm lead. The second I would market to that specific property, I could batch them over into their own separate file, so they’re not going to be on that same marketing campaign as the other current contacts.

I want to start to wrap up here. You said, “At this point, I don’t need anything else.” What do you mean by that with REsimpli? That’s a big statement. Why is that?

REsimpli literally is an entire business in a box.

I’ve looked at all of the systems that I’ve used in the past and it’s not a knock at all the other systems that I have. I would have to use different brands and softwares like Text Lead, TextMagic, GoHighLevel, these other softwares to do everything that REsimpli already has all in one. Why do I need a CRM base if I already have one? Why do I need a text SMS chain blast if I already have one? Why do I need a call system if I already have one? Also, direct mail and skip tracing, which they have. It gives me everything.

All I need to do is dump in my leads or dump in the cash buyers list and market and that’s it. If I put everything on that autorun, I don’t need anything else. I could jump on podcasts or play with my daughter, knowing that I have my campaign set for 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. I have 800 leads that are going to get marketed to. The second they get marketed to, someone’s interested. I have something going out for my cash buyers, “I got this for you.” It makes me question, “Do I need a virtual assistant?” If you root into that much volume, you also do need a lot of help. It showed me, yes, it could give you everything.

That’s the best way to describe it. I’m excited about it because it is an entire business in a box. Get rid of à la carte stuff that you’ve been paying for, have a one-stop-shop for everything. On top of that, you’re going to save a ton of money because the cost of this thing monthly is $100. We know that we roughly save $500 a month in my company by getting rid of all those ancillary softwares and housing everything into REsimpli. The fact that it saved us money was fantastic on top of the fact that the system is that good.

If you’re reading and you want to find some more information about it, Sharad’s amazing. This isn’t some type of system you’re going to use, not get support or never get an opportunity. I brought Sharad in and I was like “Sharad, why don’t we do a demo with a bunch of people I know that have signed up?” You came in and did a demo. I got texts from everyone going, “That was amazing. The owner came in and did a demo with us. Who does that?” That is because this is Sharad’s baby and he wants to do the best he can with it. What you want to do is go to Sharad, with the domain we gave, what do they do with that? Everyone always asks me you give them discounts.

They get 20% off the first month and they get discounts on additional services that we have. As we’re rolling out new features, they’ll get a discount on those. If you’re signing up, make sure you sign up from that because otherwise, we won’t know and then you won’t get the discount.

Sharad, why don’t you bring this home for us? Now that you’ve been down this road, what are you most excited about with REsimpli? What is getting you out of bed? Is it guys like Yahavy that are coming in, you’re seeing the fruit? Is it some things that are coming down the pipeline you’re working on?

There’s a couple of things. The active investors like Yahavy are using this system, giving us amazing feedback, and using it in certain ways that we didn’t originally anticipate. To be honest, once you have people start using it, that’s the one part, that’s helping us grow. We’re super excited. The things that we have planned are going to be amazing. We’ve learned a lot as a company. We’ve grown a lot. We’ve onboarded hundreds of investors, so we’ve learned from that experience. Our goal in 2022 is to make it an amazing system. There’s a lot that’s coming down the pipeline and it’s going to be amazing. I’m excited.

WI 596 | Business Tool

Business Tool: REsimpli is an everything system.


I know that’s true because you’re not going to stop until this system does everything the other system does. I don’t know if you’d use this. Amazon is the everything store. REsimpli is the everything system. It’s going to do everything for you.

The things that we’re working on, we have REsimpli 2.0 that’s coming. I’m excited about it.

Sharad, thanks for coming on. Yahavy, thanks. Great to meet you.

I want to thank you for having me on. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience. Sharad, I’m grateful. Chris, I told myself I was going to ask this question but can I add you to my buyer’s list?


I’ve got a condo in Atlanta.

You might get disposition later. I haven’t looked at a deal in years, but that’s what we’re all trying to get to, get that business to come to Dallas. It’s great talking with you guys. Until we catch you next time, we’ll see you soon to add more value to the rest of you. Talk to you later.

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