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WI 595 | Cold Call


If you are generating leads through cold calling, chances are you have a few Filipino cold callers working for you. Having Filipino cold callers is not really surprising as they not only have a good command of the English language, they are also very reliable.

In this episode, Mr. TTP himself, Brent Daniels, breaks down the pros and cons of having a Filipino cold caller versus a local one. Listen in as Brent critiques a call done by a Filipino cold caller and shares what was done right as well as areas for improvement.

Not only that, Brent also shares a few helpful tips so you’ll be able to find and work with Filipinos and other foreign cold callers successfully. If your primary lead generation channel is cold calling, you’ll find this episode of tremendous value, so don’t miss it!

Cold Call Breakdown – Can A $5 An Hour Cold Caller Really Close Deals?

Episode Transcription

This is the first time that I have had a Filipino cold call breakdown. This is usually where a lot of people start because your average budget for Filipino cold callers is between $5 and $7 an hour. That’s a lot easier for people to afford, especially a lot of hours at that $5 and $7 cost. I have done both. I have had dozens of Filipino cold callers and I have had a handful of American cold callers that are living abroad. I prefer my American cold callers.

You are going to see some of the differences here in this breakdown. There are some cultural differences. I’m going to critique certain things that I hear that happen over and over again with Filipinos. Here is the advantage of Filipino cold callers. They are workhorses. They are going to go for you. They are not going to quit. They are going to show up on time and go to the end. They are not going to fatigue. They have so much experience on the phones that they are going to have the endurance that you are looking for. They are incredibly reliable callers.

The difference that you get from an American making the calls versus somebody of foreign nationality is there are cultural differences. There’s going to be little things here and there that are not going to make them sound like the neighbor next door and that’s what I want to encourage you to do. If you are making these calls yourself, you’ve got to sound like the helpful neighbor. If you are going to hire people to make these calls, they have to sound like helpful neighbors.

There are some little tweaks here and there and some tips that I’m going to show you. Use them if you are going to hire. A lot of you guys are going to be proactive. Your schedules and budgets are tight so you are going to go out and hire these Filipinos to make calls, which is fine. I want you to get leads coming in but I’m going to give you some tips so you can be as successful as possible with this. To let you know, this Filipino cold caller is one of my students in the TTP Program. They are using the cold calling script, the most effective script possible for real estate wholesaling calls. Let’s get started already. Come on Brent, here we go. We are going to start.

“Hello.” “Hi. Can I speak to Edgar?” “He’s not here. This is his wife. May I help you?” “Hi, ma’am. By the way, my name is Karen. I know this call is out of the blue.”

Unbelievable English. She’s coming right out with the script. There are a few tweaks here and there that she’s not doing but she’s coming right out. One of the things that I caught right off the bat, I don’t know if you guys caught it as well in the opening, “Hi. I’m looking for,” and their first name. She said, “Hi. I want to talk to,” or something like that.

It wasn’t exactly perfect when you’re asking, “Hi. I’m looking for Bob. Hi. I’m looking for Susan. Hi. I’m looking for Janet.” Whatever it is, “Hi. I’m looking for,” make sure there’s an upswing when you do that. You don’t want to anchor down and not sound like you have a lot of enthusiasm, which can be a problem with Filipino cold callers. If you’re making the calls yourself, make sure you upswing, “Hi. I’m looking for Alejandra,” and type of thing. You’ve got it.

WI 595 | Cold Call

Cold Call: Keep the call as frictionless as possible, as smooth as possible, and ask really good questions.


“I was calling about a home that you guys own on West Princess Drive. I wanted to see if you would like to consider an offer.”

I don’t like that for reasons, “I wanted to call to see if you would consider an offer.” It shuts it down. It’s a weird statement. What we say in the script is, “I want to see if you would consider an offer on your property there.” It sounds weird but we played around with that little ending, “On your property there.” It opens the conversation up a little bit more. I can’t explain why but there’s something psychological that happens there.

“Which one? Which house?” “11 231 West Princess Drive.” “At the moment, I don’t know. I know we are thinking about that we probably will have to sell.”

This happens when you talk and call up people. There’s going to be a segment of people who are going to say, “Yes, be prepared for it.” What I always love to do is give all the benefits of what we offer with a cash offer. It’s cash. There are no closing costs. It’s as is. They don’t have to put another cent into the property. There’s no real estate commission’s and we pay all of the closing costs. It’s incredible. You go through all of the positives when they say yes and you ask them how much they would consider taking or how much they would want for the property. Let’s see how she does.

“Not just now. Have you sent us a card or something?” “I’m sorry. What was that again?”

You could tell that it freaked her out a little bit because she asked, “Have you sent us a card?” She’s not sure what that means. There are cultural differences. What do we think it means? It means that somebody mailed here, “Did you mail me something?” She’s not sure, “What did you say again?” Her brain is trying to push it back on her so she could buffer and get an appropriate response.

“Did you send us a card or anything?” “Not yet. We haven’t done anything yet. Why would you even consider selling it?”

She’s going right into it, “Why would you consider selling now?” No. Let me explain to you how we work. We are going to offer you cash as-is. Go into the benefits. Start giving it. Don’t cut right to it in 30 seconds or 1 minute and 6 seconds into the conversation with, “Why would you sell it now?” Open them up. This woman has an expressive personality. She’s already talking a little bit. You can hear that her tone of voice is up.

You can make a fortune, but you can also lose a lot of money too.

You can tell that this is the type of woman you sit next to on a train, a bus or a plane and she’s going to chat your ear off. This is great. She has a property that she wants to sell so let her open up and you are going to get the price out of them. I’m telling you. Give the benefits. Ask them how much they want. If they don’t give it to you, then start asking about the condition of the property. Start pivoting to the condition. When they start talking about the condition of the property, that’s when it opens up.

“Why would you even consider selling it, if you don’t mind?” “We really don’t know. We haven’t thought about it.”

It’s a knee-jerk reaction. Do you see what happened there? “Why would you consider selling?” “I don’t know. We haven’t talked about it.” That’s because you haven’t warmed up the conversation. Warm her up a little bit and this happens a lot with Filipino cold callers. The breakdown is like this. You are going to be the absolute best. Your top of the line, let’s consider that, 100%. You have more to gain and you are going to be more into that conversation.

You are going to know in 30 to 45 seconds that this is somebody that potentially would do business with you. After that, somebody in your office, in your house or whatever that’s around you are in your bubble. They are going to be half as good as you. An American caller is going to be 25% as good as you and a Filipino or foreign caller can be 5% to 10% as good as you. To equal you, they have to either call 10 to 20 times more, which isn’t tough if you are not making calls off the bat but they have to go through a lot of data. Expect that if you are going to hire a Filipino cold caller that they are going to put in those hours but they need lists. They need a lot of numbers to call.

“The house has been kept out. We put in a new roof and we have always put in water heaters, furnaces, and stuff like that.”

At this point, let’s see what she asks.

“We try to have heat and keep the houses in great condition. I couldn’t tell you what my husband is thinking about. I don’t know how to appraise.” “I understand. If you don’t want to sell it ASAP.”

A couple of things here. When she’s saying that they have kept the property up the roof, the water heater, I would ask them, “What remodeling have you done to the kitchen and bathrooms in the last five years?” The reason you asked that is that those are big-ticket items. These are the ones that people have to spend a lot of money on, invest a lot of money into the property.

If they have already done that, this might not be somebody that you can buy at a discount. If it’s in its original condition, maybe they are taking care of the mechanical and safety features of the house. That could be a great property. It could need a full remodel in the sense of cosmetic or in the sense of kitchen bathrooms. That could be a good one so we need to pull that out but what did she do? She reached firms that she doesn’t want to sell now.

WI 595 | Cold Call

Cold Call: When it comes to these callers, you have to make sure that you put in your schedule at least one hour a week for critique.


Don’t go, “You don’t want to sell now or now it’s not the right time for you to sell. When do you think it will be?” No. Start asking more. Pull it out of them and see what’s going on. Why was the thought in their brain that they were going to consider selling or need to sell here in the future? That’s where you need to get. That’s the nuance that happens when you are making the calls. That’s the nuance that happens when you have Americans that are trained to do the calls.

I get mine from Call Motivated Sellers. I talk about them a lot, They are the best of the best but they are $20 an hour. These guys are $5 an hour so you can get 4 of these callers for 1 American caller abroad. It depends. I found that the bigger deals came from Americans pulling out all of the good pre-qualifying that I needed in the process of the call

Something is missing here. She starts warming up later. I’m not going to play the whole thing because it would be 30 minutes. One of the biggest mistakes that Filipino callers make is they are polite so everything is ma’am and sir. You don’t talk to your neighbor like that. It throws them off a little bit. They start getting in the back of their mind, their little spidey sense that this might be telemarketing.

This sounds like some other calls that they have gotten before or maybe they don’t trust this call. “Why are they asking me these questions?” That’s when the seller is going to totally shut down and that’s not what you want. You want to keep this as frictionless, as smooth as possible, and ask good questions. Get the condition out, we will go a little bit longer and we will stop.

“The truth is I don’t know. Are you one of these people that renew houses and sell or that kind of thing?” “Yes, something like that.” “That’s timing then of what kind of offer. At the moment I don’t know really.”

She doesn’t know when to step in, come out, listen and actively listen. That’s another issue that happens with a lot of callers that are overseas that are not American citizens. They are not sure about the dance. They are not sure when to step in, lead and actively listen so they are quiet and that causes it to be awkward. There’s a little bit of pause because they are thousands of miles away. The connection might be great but there’s that 0.5-millisecond pause. They are trying to get in there. They are trying to ask more questions and that turns into an interrogation as opposed to a conversation.

Filipino cold callers are 100% incredibly reliable.

I have dozens of students that are wildly successful with Filipino cold callers. I have people who I mastermind with, people who I know, people who are around that talk to me that come up because they know I’m the TTP guy. I’m the guy that talks about their Filipino cold callers doing an extreme amount of business for them. It works.

You need a lot of volumes. You need to stay there and train. You can’t set it and forget it. They are so far away. You are never going to meet them. You don’t know who these people are. You just turn it on like it’s a faceless marketing effort. It’s not. These are human beings. They need to be trained. They need you to encourage them. They need to understand what they are doing right and wrong.

Here’s the bottom line. When it comes to these callers when you are hiring these people, you’ve got to make sure that you put in your schedule at least one hour a week when you are critiquing their calls. If you can’t record their calls because of the state that you live in, jump on a third line with them so you can hear them in action. It’s awesome because you can live training right there. You need to make sure that they are getting the skills that they need. Let them know where they can improve. You need to hammer these things home.

Stop saying ma’am and sir all the time. Actively listen with, “Uh-huh, yeah, I understand, sure,” because they are going to get into loops that are formal but you need to be more laid back, personal, neighborly, and you need to make sure that they are sticking to the script. Let them stick to the script. Give them the process. They are going to do so much better for you. You guys can make a fortune with them but make sure that you can lose a lot of money with them, too. Make sure that you are on and you don’t set it and forget it.

If you are ready to join the most proactive group in real estate, you know what it is. It is the TTP Program. Go to Scroll down, check it all out, and if it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call. We look forward to talking to you. As I always sign off, I always encourage you to talk to people. Until next time. I love you. See you.

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