Posted on: May 18, 2017

It’s time to stop making more jobs for yourself and start making a business.

A lot of people hire a virtual assistant, micromanage them, create more work for themselves, and then give up because they don’t think it is scaleable.

But it’s actually really easy to automate and scale your Wholesaling business… if you aren’t a taskmaster.



  • The secret to effectively automating a Wholesaling business


What to Do When You Hire an Assistant

When you hire someone to work for you, there are two important things you need to do:

  • Create a trust-based relationship (not a task-based relationship)
  • Allow mistakes to happen


Mistakes Aren’t Bad

Your assistants will make mistakes. They’re human.

Why are entrepreneurs so afraid of mistakes? At the very worst, you lose some money – and you both have the opportunity to learn.


“When you face your fear, you find your freedom – every single time.”

–Tom Krol


Trust & Results

Stop trying to micromanage the process that’s getting the result, and start trusting that the person you hired can get the result.

How can you actually help in that process?

Track and document how they get results. If you look at the process, you may see mistakes. If you look at the end result, you can reverse engineer steps to encourage or improve that result.

By building that relationship through trust, and allowing some mistakes to happen, the results will continue to improve and your work will disappear from your desk.




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Episode Transcription

Tom Krol: I’m going to give you a really awesome trick today to uncomplicate automation and allow you to produce more results in a smaller amount of time. Hey guys, my name is [Tom Krol 00:00:56]. I am America’s number one wholesaling real estate coach and today I want to talk to you about how one plus one equals 11 instead of two if you do it correctly, so let’s get started. Here is the deal. Let me start with an example. If you were to somehow find my email address online, don’t find it. If you were to find it and you sent me an email, I wouldn’t get it. It would go to my virtual assistant. Right, and I’m going to tell you how to do this because the number one most important thing that people do is, the reason I bring up that example is when they hire someone, an acquisition manager, and this is for the real estate investing space, or a virtual assistant or anybody, they end up actually creating more work for themselves rather than less.
This is a crazy situation. And then people say, Oh well I tried, but it’s too hard, you can’t really scale this business. Right? Here’s a secret. My business is totally scaled. I turn tons and tons and tons and tons of houses all the time, every single month. I never see any of them unless I purposely am looking at them because they’re so beautiful, the numbers are so beautiful on the pipeline that I just cherry pick it and I take it for either a special project, but other than cherry picking the best deals out of my pipeline, I never see the homes, the houses, the sellers. Nothing. I don’t see any of that. So it’s totally easy to automate.
Let me tell you how the number one thing that you have to do when you hire somebody is there’s kind of two sides to this. You have to number one, have a trust, not task based relationship with them, right? And number two is you have to allow for mistakes to happen. So I think that in an entrepreneurial mind for some reason we are so worried about a mistake happening. For instance, one thing that we always say in the tribe of rhinos is outsource your marketing. If you are doing your own marketing, you are creating a job and not a business. So one of the first, first, first things we talk about is doing your own marketing. When you hire a virtual assistant to do this, they are going to make some mistakes. Right, now what you can do is you can be the entrepreneur, you could be the owner, you could be the visionary, and you can explain what you need done and generally how to do it, and then you can put them to go and doing it and you can check the results of what they do.
Are they going to make a mistake? Let’s talk about that. Yes, they’re going to make a mistake, so let’s meditate on that for one second let’s just think about that, right? What’s going to happen? Let’s, what is this big scary monster under the bed if your virtual assistant makes a mistake, let’s think about that. What’s going to happen? Are you going to lose your house and your family, right? Your spouse is going to divorce you or your fiance is going to leave. No. Are you still going to eat? Right, what’s going to happen if the VA makes a marketing mistake and they put the wrong phone number on the wrong mail piece, right? What’s going to happen? Are you going to stop eating? You’re not be able to pay off your mortgage, you’re going to lose your house, right? What’s going to happen?
All of your freedom is when you face your fears. When you face your fears, you find your freedoms, when you face your fears, you find your freedom every single time. Here’s the deal. Allow for the mistake to happen. Get that burden off your shoulders. It’s not a big deal. Yes, you might lose some money, but think of what you’ll gain. So, here’s the deal. So same thing with email, right? When I created a new email address and I told my virtual assistant, okay, starting today, I’m shutting down my email. All of my email goes to your computer if it’s important, forward it to me. Were there some emails I got, missed? Yeah, right?
But what happened? She sent me a few emails, you know Tom, I’m not sure about this one. Oh, this one’s spam. Throw it out, right? It’s right in the garbage. Oh, this one. This one is from one of the programs that I’m signed up to. I don’t want to read it right now. So create a folder called X, Y, and Z and anything from this individual, put it in that folder. And when I’m on vacation, maybe I’ll go through it. You know, maybe it’s like one of those people who they put you on an email list, right? So if you ever sign up for something like [from Gary Vander Chuck 00:00:05:35] or from [Tony Robbins 00:05:38] or Dean, what’s his face, what’s his name? So you kind of get put into a sequence of emails where they’ll send out some good tips and tricks. [Jeff Walker 00:00:05:48] has one, right? So when you’re subscribed to those, you don’t want them interrupting your day all day, right? So just, I told my VA just put them in a folder. Oh, this one Tom, this is from your brother [Todd 00:05:58] or dad or this is from, you know, your friend [Juan 00:06:01] anything like that, send it right directly to my private email address.
Now, were there some mistakes made? Yes. Right, but it’s okay, right? It’s like the people who hire a person and they create more work for themselves and then eventually it doesn’t work out and they blame the other person is they don’t look at the results and accept that mistakes are going to happen. They try to prevent the mistakes by looking at the process that the person is doing in order to get the result. This is a huge brain shift. When you make this shift, it will change your life. Stop trying to micromanage the process that’s getting the results and start trusting the person that they’re intelligent, they can figure this stuff out and they can get the result.
Now, how do you help in that process? Well, document how you get results, right? So if you have a way where you create a widget, oh and in order to get the widget, I take this from this shelf, I take that from this shelf, I put it together, and then I wrap it this way and I push this button and now I have my widget. Let them know, document your procedure, right? But when you start getting in and looking at the process, you’re going to see mistakes. When you look at the result, you can reverse, engineer and say, oh you know what? Hold on [inaudible 00:07:18], you’re putting this one piece on just turn it around because that’s the right way.
People who work for you and work with you are intelligent, smart people. Most times are college graduates. I’m not a college graduate, but most of the people who work for me or with me are college graduates, right. There is an abundance of people who went and spent $100,000 getting a four year degree and now they’re working for you. Let them figure it out. They can do this, trust them. Don’t be a task master, have a trust relationship with them. Look at the result, not the process.
Provide the process and then look at the result. That is the key. A loyal, trusting relationship will concrete in that relationship and get consistent results every time and you’ll have less work to do. Where you’re the task master and you’re giving them tasks instead of projects or giving them task by task and then you’re micromanaging that process, all you’re going to do is every time you hire another person, you’re going to create more work, hire another person and more work and hire another person and more work. You’re going to be working more hours and your spouse is going to say, why are you hiring all these people when all you do is have to correct their mistakes and you’re spending less and less time with the family. It doesn’t make sense. So, instead of giving tasks, give trust that is the key. Don’t micromanage the process. Look at the result, not the process. Expect the result.
What’s his name talks about this in the book Rework. What’s his name, Jason I think is his name. The book is called Rework. No, no I’m sorry. And he wrote a second book called remote R. E M. O. T. E. check this book out. Look at the results. Don’t manage the person, manage the result. That’s the key.
So I hope that that makes a big difference because if you’ve been struggling with virtual assistants, you’ll find that every single person who struggles with employees, especially when it comes to virtual assistant, they’re giving out task by task, by task, instead of trusting the person, allowing a few mistakes to happen in the beginning and then managing the results. I promise you, your life will be so much freer to do what you want to do if you do this and you implement it correctly. So good luck. I hope that works. Trust not task. All right. Talk to you soon. Bye. Bye.

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