Episode 576: How this Married Couple Did 9 Wholesale Deals in their First 4 Months

WIP 576 | Wholesale Deals


Ever wonder how effective radio is as a marketing channel? Today’s awesome couple did 9 wholesale deals in just 4 months! In this episode, they’ll share what their experience has been like and how they made it all happen.

Christy and Jake Booher are students of REI radio. Unlike other couples, they’re willing to go the extra mile to make their business partnership work. Case in point: they even took behavioral tests so they’ll know how to work better as partners!

If you’re running a wholesaling business with your significant other and would like to know how to make things work and if radio is an option you can look into, this is one episode you shouldn’t miss!

How This Married Couple Did 9 Wholesale Deals In Their First 4 Months

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