Episode 573: The Only 4 Ways to Spend Your Marketing Dollars in 2021

WI 573 | Marketing Dollars


Today’s guest is a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor. He is also the host of Flip Talk, a no BS podcast that aims to provide real and actionable information from those who flip houses.

Before Don Costa achieved the level of success he’s currently enjoying, he had to ask himself some tough questions, change his mindset, and act “as if.” In this episode, Don brought with him years of experience and tons of valuable insights, and he willingly shared many of the things and techniques he has learned along the way!

More importantly, Don also tackled one of the key elements of any business—the marketing budget. If you are unsure how to spend your marketing dollars in a way that will bring in the most profit, this episode is exactly what you need to hear!

The Only 4 Ways To Spend Your Marketing Dollars In 2021 With Don Costa

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