Episode 570: Doing 50 to 70 Deals a Year from a Motor-Home

WI 570 | Virtual Real Estate Investor


Today’s guest is doing something both fun and impressive. Gavin Timms travels around in his RV and is enjoying life while consistently closing 50 to 70 deals a year!

Gavin Timms is a successful virtual real estate investor, real estate investing coach, and the host of REI Network Podcast. With the success he’s currently enjoying, there is no denying Gavin knows what it takes to succeed in the exciting world of real estate.

If you’re looking for instruction, guidance, and insights on how to steer your real estate business in the right direction, you’ll be in for a treat. Gavin covered many of the things that truly matter—from having a vision to having a system, he generously shared proven techniques he’s using himself!

Have a pen and paper handy. You have tons of gold nuggets to take note of in this episode!

Doing 50 to 70 Deals a Year from a Motor-Home

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