Episode 569: 3 Things You Must Do to Achieve Time Freedom in Your Wholesaling Business

While many people get into wholesaling to achieve financial freedom, others want something more—time freedom. That’s what virtual investing mastery’s coach Lauren Hardy wanted and worked hard to achieve.

In this episode, you will not only learn about Lauren’s interesting wholesaling journey, you’ll also discover how she achieved both financial and time freedom. If your goal is the same as Lauren’s, this is one episode you should not miss!


Key Takeaways

  • Three things to consider when scaling your business
  • The importance of knowing your WHY
  • What her WHY was
  • Why you need to be confident before scaling
  • The ideal time to determine your when
  • Tasks you need to delegate
  • Why it’s more ideal to hire a person for a task
  • Some of the hires she’ll recommend and where she finds them
  • Why she recommends getting a VA


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