Episode 568: The Time Is NOW!

WI 568 | Financial Freedom


If you’ve always wanted to change your financial future but don’t know how to go about it, today’s your lucky day. Rafael Cortez will guide you so you can start your journey to financial freedom right here and NOW!

Rafael Cortez is a real estate broker, investor, entrepreneur, and organizational psychologist. Rafael started his first business at 21 and launched his first company at age 23. To date, he is an organizational psychologist and real estate professional holding ownership in diverse companies across various verticals.

In this episode, Rafael shared all the basics you need to know to start your journey to financial freedom. Jam-packed with motivation, inspiration, and guidance from one of the industry’s best, this is one of those episodes you’ll listen to over and over again!

*For the entire week, we are offering $1000 of the tuition cost of each of our programs, Wholesaling Inc Tribe, TTP, Virtual Investing Mastery and REI Radio.

As long as you schedule your call by or before Midnight on Friday (11/27), when you join, you will still be entitled to the $1000 discount.

The Time Is NOW! With Rafael Cortez

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