Episode 567: Meet the Wholesaler Who Closed Over 100 Deals in Just Over 3 Years of Wholesaling

WI 567 | Closing Wholesaling Deals


Today’s special guest is nothing short of inspirational. Jazmine Gittens went from doing nothing to closing 3 wholesaling deals in over 3 years, organizing meet-up groups in Baltimore, and operating in 3 different markets!


If you’re wondering how Jazmine made it all happen, you won’t have to. This episode will provide all the answers you are looking for! Jazmine not only shared the ins and outs of her business, but she also shared her humble beginnings and how she got to where she is today.


If you can use a little inspiration, you owe it to yourself not to miss this episode!

Meet The Wholesaler Who Closed Over 100 Deals In Just Over 3 Years Of Wholesaling With Jazmine Gittens

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