Episode 555: How to Educate Motivated Sellers to Accept Your Price

WI 555 | Motivated Sellers


Here’s one thing many wholesalers deal with all the time: educating sellers to accept their price. Nowadays, homeowners have the luxury to go online and check the estimated value of their property and make it their basis when negotiating with buyers.

What is not clear to them however is the price they see online is not a true representation of the property’s real value. So how do you go about educating sellers and convincing them? That’s what you’ll learn from Brent in this episode!

Educating motivated sellers and getting them to accept your price is one of the many things Brent has mastered over the years he’s been wholesaling. If this is an art you want to master as well, consider listening to this episode a must!

How To Educate Motivated Sellers To Accept Your Price

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