Posted on: May 08, 2017

Jody Christensen had a successful career in Corporate America, but she still managed to close 18 Wholesaling deals while working part-time. She made a lot of mistakes, but she learned even more.

Now she’s focusing on Wholesaling full-time because it’s more fun and more freeing, and she has the perfect mindset to get the job done.



  • The value of making mistakes
  • Why Wholesaling is about people, not property
  • How to build rapport and nurture relationships


Progress Not Perfection: The Value of Mistakes

Last year, Jody was Wholesaling part-time and still completed 18 deals. Her response to this awesome feat? “I made so many mistakes, looking back.”

Although she made mistakes, she still took action, made money, and learned how to avoid those same mistakes in the future.

There’s no way Jody could have made 18 deals – while rocking her job in Corporate America – if she hadn’t been willing take massive imperfect action day after day after day.


Getting Laser Focused & Getting The Deal

This year, Jody is focusing on Wholesaling full-time. She’s already made 8 deals, at the time of recording.


One of her deals is just incredible.

  • Jody was approached by another Wholesaler about a joint venture (JV). There was a highly competitive local property.
  • The seller didn’t live locally and, on top of that, he didn’t have internet access.
  • Jody talked to him over the phone and spent a long time nurturing the relationship. Eventually, she learned he was motivated by family health issues – he needed to sell, but he was still very concerned about the antiques he had collected.
  • She collaborated with the seller to get a copy of the keys and inspect the house before making a deal. He wanted $120,000 for the property.
  • Before she signed the deal with the seller, she had three cash buyers who wanted to spend $200,000. She picked a buyer who she rapport with, but he had to fund both sides of the deal.
  • The seller and buyer both agreed, so she double closed the property: purchased at $120,000 and sold for $200,000.
  • She and her partner in this JV split the $80,000 assignment fee.
  • Jody didn’t realize how hot the property was, as the seller was later approached with higher offers. Out of compassion, Jody raised the offer an additional $20,000, which was still the lowest offer. She also helped him set up a yard sale to sell his antiques.


Jody had be patient, have genuine compassion, and think outside of the box, but in the end she still nailed a win-win contract.


What it Takes to Be a Wholesaler

All the time, people ask what it takes to be a Wholesaler. Jody’s pastor helped her find the answer (spoiler: it’s a mindset):


“Can you look at defeat and see deliverance?

Can you look at obstacle and see opportunity?

Can you look at shortage and see supply?

Can you look at not enough and see more than enough?

Can you look at conflict and see conquest?”

–Pastor Steven Furtick




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Episode Transcription

Cody Hofhine: Welcome to another wholesaling podcast brought to you by Wholesaling Inc, powered by Investor Grit. And today we have another rock star rhino with us that is going to blow your mind. She was working for corporate America and did pretty well, had a great successful career. She got into wholesaling and, initially, just so you know, initially, and this is how it is for a lot of people, started part time. And part time, she was able to do 18 deals. Her name is Jody Christensen. She’s from the Charlotte North Carolina market and again part time, part time. This is like awesome, 18 deals. And this year so far she is now full time wholesaling left corporate America, loves working and being her own boss. She’s done seven deals so far since January and she has many more coming down the pipeline. And so let’s bring on Jody Christensen, and let’s rock and roll and get this nation inspired. Jody, how are you?

Jody: Doing great, it’s Friday, it’s awesome.

Cody Hofhine: Friday, Friday. We always have a fun Friday. We love Friday. So fill us in on any gaps that I might’ve missed out, and kind of give us a little background so rhino nation can hear and understand a little bit more about Jody.

Jody: You got it. I left my full time job in July. It was time. And I knew that this was so much more fun and to really be the best at it, I needed to focus. So it’s been a great move. No regrets.

Cody Hofhine: Okay. So let me slow down a second, because maybe I forgot to mention this is you’ve only been doing this for like around a year, is this correct?

Jody: Yeah, just a little over a year. It was fall of last year. I popped, jumped into Tom’s course within 30 days-

Cody Hofhine: Was this 2015 in the fall?

Jody: Oh, well now I’m getting all confused. It would have been 15, yeah.

Cody Hofhine: Yeah, can you believe that. So little over a year. Because here we are in February, or March of 2017.

Jody: Whoops. Yep.

Cody Hofhine: So we’re now, yeah, year and a couple months [inaudible 00:00:03:03].

Jody: Yeah.

Cody Hofhine: This is awesome.

Jody: I was the one that literally got into Craigslist and I was telling my acquisition manager this, do your calls, do your calls. I found a deal, made $9,000 in 30 days doing pounding Craigslist. And I was just practicing the script. And so when anybody says it can’t be done, I was like, I did it once. Now I’ve never been able to do it again. I’m not going to lie. And I have an assistant that scrapes Craigslist and we do call, but it was, I think I got paid on it within 40 days after starting the course.

Cody Hofhine: I love it. So what was great about this, and to kind of backtrack is when you started, you just literally grabbed it by the horns and took it charge like full steam, went out there and did it. You got on Craigslist, you had no fear. You just took imperfect action and just made it happen. And so 30 days into after starting the program, you put your first home under contract, 40 days into it, you get your first check and you said that was 9,000?

Jody: Yeah, 9,000 off a Craigslist hit.

Cody Hofhine: Good for you. No wonder why you were so motivated to slingshot and catapult ahead and keep doing deals part-time, 18 deals. What does that kind of look like now looking back, if you were to say those 18 deals part time, I was able to do X amount of dollars, what does that look like?

Jody: It looks like I made a lot of mistakes last year when I went back over the history and I’m okay with it because, I mean and I was protected. I had a job. So it was a hobby and I kind of kid around and say, “Man, I’ve got a garage full of hobbies,” if I’m spending, you know, I’m doing all this mail and I’m doing all this, the education is just priceless. So I always felt good about it, but I made a lot of mistakes, I let a lot of deals go that I didn’t slow it down, max. I didn’t even know I had deals. And I missed a bunch.
When you’re working two, I literally did a deal when I was in New Jersey, I did my cash offer letter sitting in the hotel room. And I did get that deal and I made a $20,000 assignment fee off of that deal. That was this time last year in March. So I mean I was literally going flying, doing deals in the airport a lot, standing in line boarding your plane, get finished in a day of meetings and then going online and returning calls and doing [inaudible 00:05:20]. It was chaos. So who knows how many I really couldn’t nailed.

Cody Hofhine: The best part is that you’re admitting something that I’m going to full on admit the opposite. Like at least women have the brain to be able to do this. Because I’m telling you right now what you just said is like absolutely impossible for my male brain to even wrap my head around that you can do two things at the same time. Like that doesn’t even make sense to me, you not even speaking English.

Jody: Oh it was insane. I’d sit there with my headset, with my, I had a personal notebook computer versus work. And I just be sitting there. If I was on a flight delay or something, I’d be returning, you know, because I had mail going out, you know, so it was crazy.

Cody Hofhine: Returning calls right there in the airport and just making it happen.

Jody: Going through the script.

Cody Hofhine: Okay, so I want to stop that for one second so our listeners can understand getting into wholesaling. A, you can do this part time. Jody is like living proof that you can do this part time. But also on top of this, she said something that was key and if you listened you’ve got probably one of the best gold nuggets that’s going to be delivered. And it’s this, she said, “I made so many mistakes looking back over the whole past year, I’ve made so many mistakes.” And I can tell you right now it’s because of her just going out and doing action, action, action and making mistake after mistake, mistake, mistake, mistake. That’s why she also was able to do 18 wholesale deals part-time. Has done seven deals so far this year. And has made a lot of money doing it because she’s made mistake.
And so we always have this. And how many times do you hear this from Tom or myself, we talk about progress, not perfection, taking massive imperfect action. Because that’s what you just did. That’s what you just described in the way of saying, “I made so many mistakes.” But ultimately that’s what’s also made you a lot of money. Would you agree with that?

Jody: I didn’t make so much money last year. My numbers were big at the end of it, but this whole profitability thing, I got to be honest is the focus this year. Actually got really laser focused in December and working with my accountant, you know, pushing hard on profit first. But no, those were big checks, but I was not focused on profitability.
I’m all about, you know, loving to talk about the big checks that come through. But yeah, no, I was not profitable. I just barely broke even last year. And I think I brought in, I can tell you, I know my assignment piece from last year somewhere, you know, maybe 120,000 in wholesaling. My assignments fees were too small. I bought the wrong lists. I, you know, I just made a lot of mistakes, but not this year [crosstalk 00:08:02]-

Cody Hofhine: But look what you’ve learned because those mistakes is my point. Look what it’s going to do for you for 2017 because you’ve learned something that I don’t even think coaches can teach. That’s the beauty of what experienced in the field and time and just taking action can teach that coaches can’t. They can give you the instruction, but until you actually go do it and learn from those mistakes, like 2017 you’re committed to be profitable because you learn so much from those mistakes in 2016.

Jody: Oh yes.

Cody Hofhine: I love it. I absolutely love it. So let’s deep dive like a recent deal and we kind of chatted a little bit about this deal before we started this podcast. So let’s deep dive a recent deal that will help our listeners understand how they can implement something today so that they have the potential of closing maybe their first wholesale deal.

Jody: Absolutely.

Cody Hofhine: Okay. So walk us through it. Tell us what it’s goals, and we’re going to kind of break it down really granular. What was your marketing approach? How was it that you got connected with them? Was it through phone? Was it through email? And just kind of, let’s break it down really granular on how you’re able to find this lead and how you’re able to nurture this lead and ultimately close this deal.

Jody: Okay. Yeah. You want the property location address, all that?

Cody Hofhine: No, let’s actually, you know what? Let’s just go without even the address.

Jody: Okay. I had a wholesaler, because of my website [inaudible 00:09:27] called me and said, “Hey, would you be interested in doing some deals?” And I’m like, “Yeah, let’s meet for coffee.” So we did. And this particular wholesaler doesn’t live in Charlotte, but he was trying to do it virtually from a, you know, he’s maybe an hour and a half away. And we met and a couple of weeks later he calls me, he said, “I got this hot deal and as soon as I get it close, can we do a JV?” I was like, “Absolutely.” And I’m kind of getting nervous because yeah it’s in a good area, but he’s not getting it closed. He keeps saying he’s got everything locked up. No offense, but I was getting really nervous and I said, “Come on man, let me in the game. We’re going to JV it,” you know.

Cody Hofhine: Now to break it down for our listeners that may be new to this term, JV is a joint venture where you’re going in together on like a partnership on this deal. So joint venture is what she means by JV.

Jody: Yep. I get calls all the time, people don’t have their buyers list. And I’m like, “What are you trying, what are you doing?” So they’ll call to help me move product and I’m like, “I’ll do it all day long if it’s a good deal.” So this one, he calls, he’s not getting it. He’s just not able to close it. So finally in January I said, “I’ll just treat it cold. I’ll just call him.” He finally said, okay. And I was able to get the seller on the phone. Lived in Florida, hadn’t been in the home, he’d been gone for at least five years. And you know, seniors, late seventies and his wife wasn’t well. It took a little bit of time to get to know him and to substantiate myself because I knew everybody in town had been trying to get his business. When he started asking me about my business, I was pretty up front. I was like, you know, “I’m just getting my business started.” Gave him a little bit of my background. The hurdle I needed to overcome was he didn’t have internet, he didn’t have a computer. I mean, in today’s world people will Google you and find out that we have a common friend. You know, I’ve been in sales in Charlotte for 30 years.

Cody Hofhine: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I mean there’s instant ways to find out about people quickly.

Jody: Find out who we know each other, blah, blah, blah. So I drafted a letter, And I was slow about this. Everybody wants to just ram a deal in. And I said, “You know, sir, Mr. Seller, I’m going to send you an overnight letter, a little bit about me, kind of my resume.” So I drafted that up, included references that had done business with me and my attorneys reference and I let all my references know. So I overnighted that to him and I knew when he got it, and I gave a couple hours and that evening I called and then we talked a little bit more, and again just talking. And my first step was to ask, can I go onto a property? Would you let look around? And of course, you know, the ultimate was I need to see inside the home.
Now he had been getting offers from everybody over the phone. And I knew the other guy mailed him a contract, sign it. And he said, “It’s going to be in any day. It’s going to be any day.” I said, “Paul, I don’t know.” Well, the next step I said, “Mr. Seller, I really need to see the inside. I know you’re telling me there’s X in repair and I know you’re telling me it’s worth this,” I said, “But I need to see inside.”
And what was unique about this particular home, he had been an antique collector for 30 years. And he was certain that there was hundreds of thousands of dollars of antiques in this home. So I used that in my mind going, okay, there’s a real need for him to go ahead and get this thing sold. It’s a vacant home in Charlotte. It’s high traffic area filled with antiques. So he actually, I set it up so that he dropped his keys off at a UPS store right around the corner. I’d put all that together for him. So it was very simple. And he overnighted the, I paid overnight the keys to my attorney’s office. And then we set it up so that when I was to enter the home, I called him just to, you know, all that good stuff.
We were not toe-to-toe on price, but I kind of let it just kind of, we would have these conversations about what are you going to do? You know? And he said, well, he could fix it for this. He could fix it for that. And it was way more than 30,000. And so I just, at one point I said, “Mr. Seller,” I said, “So what are you going to do with the home and all these things?” And he just sighed. He says, “I got to sell.” And I just kind of let it sit because that was what it really needed to come to. He needed to realize that he needed to act on it. And-

Cody Hofhine: Jody, quick question before we even go even a step further. Because I’m listening to this and I’m writing down some things right now that are just popping up my mind and I really want to ask this is, did you take the approach of, it just seemed like you really nurtured this relationship. That you really didn’t talk about the home much, as much as you just talked to him and talked about him and maybe had just relationship building time versus just thinking deal, deal, deal, deal, deal. Can you kind of walk me through that? Is that kind of what you did? Or maybe I’m hearing wrong, maybe you’re like, no, no, we only talked about the home. But what did that look like, the conversations you had with Mr. Seller?

Jody: It’s never about the home. It’s always about the person. You know. This business is, our focus is compassion, integrity. And we’ve got to put ourselves in their shoes to understand whether or not they need to sell. You know, we’re always trying to undercover the motivation. Well, but you will never really know their motivation to you listen, until they’re at that point that they’ll tell you. So if you don’t have the rapport with the person, and I’m not meaning, you know, I got to go in and give a sales presentation with 50 people and I’ve got to build rapport with everybody. But you really have to have some compassionate, what this person is dealing with, living in Florida in their late seventies having this burden, this knowledge that they have a home in Charlotte that they need to deal with. And that’s why things kind of open up that you have conversations versus well, what are the repairs, you know, and the script is important [crosstalk 00:15:10].

Cody Hofhine: Such a key point though. I love this because it is, it’s a relationship business and we state this all the time, but I noticed, and I know we don’t believe in competition, so I’m trying to think of a better word for it. Other wholesalers, other investors that you may come across in your city, in your state, in your market is you’ll realize majority, well over 75% of them, are worried so much and focus so much on the deal, the deal, the deal, that they fail to realize the most important thing is the individual. Because if you can establish that, and establish that relationship of trust like Jody has done, send out an overnight package about her business and who she is and, “Hey, when you do these keys, don’t just mail them to me. Mail them to my attorney.” Like she’s establishing some ground trust. Just everything that’s important because at the end of the day, people are going to do business with people they trust.
So let’s kind of go back to that. So you’re there, he’s saying it’s about 30,000. You know a little bit more. You ask him the big question. He wants to sell. He realizes he needs to sell, and then kind of take us back to that.

Jody: Well when I asked the question, you know, “Mr. Seller, what’s your number?” And he just, he said, he sighed, he said, “Can you do 120?” I was like, “I’ll make it happen. I’ll figure it out. We’ll get it done.” And, not trying to be pushy or nothing. But then I said, “Mr. Seller, I’m going to have a mobile notary come out and she’s going to bring out your documents, and we’ll get this worked.” And then I explained my process about the quote unquote inspection period. And he said, “Before we sign the documents, can we go ahead and get the inspection period over?” And I’m like, “Absolutely.” And this is key in my market right now. Because I am dealing with a lot of folks that are not collaborative thinking, they’re not thinking abundance, they’re thinking scarcity. And I mean I come up against it all the time. People are-

Cody Hofhine: What do you mean about like that? So you have other wholesalers that don’t share the same mindset, are scared to even talk to you or work with you because they’re so scared?

Jody: They’re locking them up at such high rates and then they can’t close. And I did one last week, no, Monday we closed, the guy came back because he got locked up really high and the wholesaler didn’t really have it together. So, but anyway, so I said absolutely. So what I did on this one, now I still blasted this to my cash buyers list, but I did walk through a rehabber and his contractor and said, “If you were to make a bid, I want you to go through it.” And they knew. Because by the way, I couldn’t have people, I had his keys, he gave me permission to bring somebody through it to inspect it. That you give me your offer knowing, I’m still going to blast this but I’ve got a sure thing lined up.
So when I did this, and it was very delicate because he was still very concerned about his things, I wanted to respect that and it was not an easy walk through. There was stuff everywhere. So I had that lined up and so afterwards I said, “Mr. Seller, we’re done. I made up the contract, inspection is over, it’s done. It’s a done deal. I’m fully funded.”
Now I did blast this deal, and that guy knew he didn’t win because the bids went crazy. My offers-

Cody Hofhine: People really wanted this home, it sounded like [crosstalk 00:18:31]-

Jody: I had three, $200,000 offers. I took my best one. He had done business with me, whatever and again, honoring Mr. Frost and this whole inspection period I explained to the buyer, that part of my terms were I needed to double close, and that my buyer was going to pay that. They were going to fund both sides of the deal. Because I’m out of pocket. I’m not doing a hard money loan for this. So that buyer agreed.
He also, you know, from an inspection period we were good. So I lined up a double close, had it locked up at 120 with my buyer paying 200. Now do remember I am JVing this. So even though it’s exciting that there’s an $80,000 summit fee, it’s 40 for me and 40 for him. So that’s-

Cody Hofhine: Which is still fantastic by the way.

Jody: It’s great. So mobile notary goes down and they never had to leave their home, and we got it all done. And then it was about getting them to Charlotte to get this place ready and I learned a lesson, hot deal. My buyer’s list is big. And every time you shoot a deal out you always get new buyers because people pass your emails around. I made some people really mad, they didn’t get that deal. And the seller was not in town very long at all and he was getting offers and they knew it was locked up, much higher.

Cody Hofhine: Other wholesalers knew the home was already put under contract.

Jody: Yeah, and I had put the contract, my attorney helped me, all that stuff, we put it on file with the court house. So I was on record.

Cody Hofhine: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jody: Yeah, he was getting offers in writing, they knew, because he gave me their names. This is a small community. I mean there’s hundreds of wholesalers, but we all know each other.

Cody Hofhine: Sure. You all know the big dogs.

Jody: So my seller’s very upset with me. He feels taken for granted. And what do you do? So we did adjust the price. I came up, I gave him an extra 20,000. I still was the lowest. But we did mend fences and I helped him align his… We got it done. All I can say is we got it done. Lessons learned. Maybe you don’t give everybody a grab at your top deals. Personally I didn’t know it was that hot. But yes, we got it done and helped the seller organize three-day yard sales. He made a lot of money off his antiques, and we got that one done. And I’ve always, a classic story of it’s not about me giving you an offer. It’s about me understanding why you need to sell.

Cody Hofhine: I love it. I love it. So the other thing I love about this, though, is you had to think outside the box. Not every deal is going to go together smooth, and it’s not going to just come together and go to closing and all is well, all is done. Meanwhile, while it’s about to close, you also have to realign your price and you’re able to give this seller $20,000 more, which is another win to him. He was already going to be fine at 120, found out he could’ve sold it for more. Instead of just keeping your terms and holding him to the contract, you’re also have that charitable, abundant mindset where, yeah, you know what, let’s do that. You come up another $20,000. It’s a win win. He still does business with the person he trusts, the one that he allowed to walk through the house, that established that relationship that allowed them to trust you to walk through the house without him.
And I just love this because you had to think outside the box. Instead of just throwing in the towel or just walking away or just saying, “No, nope, sorry. It’s under contract.” You still had a heart to go through and make things right so that ended up still at the end of the day, a win-win. Help him do yard sales. And it’s individuals like you, when you, I think we say this quite a bit, it’s replacing that word selling with the word helping. When you help individuals solve their problems, not when you sell your product we can close in seven days, and we can close with cash, and we can do this, and we can do this and not sell product, but you’re actually helping solve problems. The byproduct is you end up walking away with a paycheck. And that’s what I love about this business is it allows you to really nail down, how can I help this individual? How can I listen to this individual? Which many of the other investors sounds like they didn’t do that you came in and did. Is that correct?

Jody: Yeah, I mean, and you see this repeat deal after deal, you know, I don’t… You look over your deals and they’re all uniquely different, but you win opportunities with people because you’re helping.

Cody Hofhine: I love it. I love it. So if you were to look back, and we have a lot of listeners that are like brand new into wholesaling, in fact, some of them, this might be their first time listening to this podcast and they’re like, “Man, what is this wholesaling? What is this? What is this?” If you were to give one piece of advise to all the new wholesalers out there that are looking to become the next Jody Christensen, what would you say is the best thing that they could do?

Jody: Well when they sign up for the course, don’t rush it. Don’t skip the basics. It really is, I know it’s… And I just went through this with my acquisition manager, Scott, who’s doing great, but I was like, “You have to just step-by-step do this. Do those Craigslist calls until you absolutely think the phone is attached to your head.” And what I kept trying to say is like, “Look, the more conversations you have, and yes, they’re all wholesalers that you’re talking to, I get it. You’re learning.” And then we would do the… We still make calls. Every week we make call us to cash buyers. I said, “They’re teaching you what to look for out there.”
So when you’re getting started, don’t rush trying to go out and do a mailing and find a deal. You will get lucky and find a deal. But you’ll miss it. You won’t have the buyers list. You won’t even know it was a deal. It’s the basics. And Tom and Cody, they set us up for that. So just do it. Don’t be in a rush to go do your first mailing.

Cody Hofhine: So crucial. Get that foundation put in place before you just jump ahead. I just spoke to an individual at just like a real estate investor association and he says, “Cody, Cody, Cody, how do I find my first deal?” And I stopped, and the best question I always ask is, “How many cash buyers do you know that are on like your list that if you find a deal you can sell to?” “Oh, I don’t know any cash buyers.” And I’m like, “That’s where you need to start.” You got to start with your end game in mind. So the beginning, first step is it doesn’t matter how great a deal it is, it doesn’t matter how hot the deal is, you won’t move it if you don’t have an end game, an end buyer that wants it. And so you actually got to start somewhere else. Not looking for the deal, but finding those cash buyers. And so there is, there’s that foundation work that needs to be put into place to make sure that when you do find a deal, everything else is already in place to facilitate that all the way to a close.
So love that. That is a gold nugget that I know everyone can learn from and that’s perfect. What about a favorite book? Is there a favorite book that if you said, “This is my one book that I love,” and it could be one that you go to often, or one that you read once and say, “But I love the principles that are taught here,” what would be that one book?

Jody: I tell everybody this and it’s been a while since I’ve reread it, Today Matters by John Maxwell. It’s an oldie but a goodie. I’ve read it several times. Audio, paperback, kindle. Today Matters. To me that was one of the, and this was years ago, one of the pivotal business books that I read that kind of started lining some things up about your end game.

Cody Hofhine: I love it. So Today Matters by John Maxwell, you say, right?

Jody: Yeah, it’s an oldie but a goodie.

Cody Hofhine: I’m going to go get this oldie but a goodie today on Amazon. You’ll see that happened quick. Okay, so with that being said, we have some awesome stuff coming up for the tribe. Now I’ve always wanted to make sure, are you going to be here at this Salt Lake event?

Jody: Oh yeah, it’s booked ready, solid. [crosstalk 00:26:41]-

Cody Hofhine: I love it. Now, for all the listeners out there listening, like what is he talking about now? Now it depends, I guess when you listened to this episode, but in April of 2017, the 27th through the 29th, we’re going to have all the tribe, all the students, all of us together, all those that can make it at Salt Lake City, Utah. And the cost, here’s the best part. This costs so much money, right Jody? No right, do you hear her laughing? This is-

Jody: I’m going to have to take a hard money loan to get this one done.

Cody Hofhine: Jody and all the other rock star rhinos and all that choose to come that are part of the tribe, it is 100% free. The only thing that’s going to cost obviously is just your flights and hotel, but we put on a solid event, bring in guest speakers that our whole focus is is to build each other up, learn from each other, and just grow each other’s business. This event is going to be absolutely live and I’m just loving the fact that it was like so quick. Like, “Jody, are you going to be there?” “Oh you know it. I’ve got my flights book, my hotel booked, ready to go.”
And so if you want to learn more about that, again, you’ve got to be a member of the tribe first and foremost before you can even come to this event. But it’s April 27th through the 29th. You can go to to RSVP your spot. If you’re not a tribe member, you can also book a call with our team from that page, and that way we can see if we’re good fit for each other and if you end up being part of the tribe, we would love to see you too in Salt Lake City.
So Jody, thank you so much for joining us on this podcast today. There’s so much to learn from everything that you just shared today. There’s so many, like I say, people at the beginning stages or people that are working part time that are going to listen to this and be inspired and motivated to either jump right into wholesaling, whether it’s part time, or the part-timers knowing that, Oh man, like Jody just went from part time to full time, and they’re going to learn from this yes we can do this. All of us have the opportunity to do this where you can do this full time and literally be your own boss, and that’s what I truly love about wholesaling. So thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, your knowledge.

Jody: Cody, can I just mention one thing? Because people will always ask.

Cody Hofhine: Absolutely.

Jody: They’re like, “How did you get into wholesaling?” Right?

Cody Hofhine: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jody: I don’t, I never really, my story, but this is the one thing that I’ll say, if people ask me if they want to do this, this is what you got to be able to do. Can you look at defeat and see deliverance? Can you look at obstacle and see opportunity? Can you look at shortage and see supply? Can you look at not enough and see more than enough? Can you look at conflict and see conquest?

Cody Hofhine: Man, you are going to have to email me all of that right there. I love it.

Jody: I need to, I can’t… I’m quoting my pastor, I go to Elevation Church and this is a sermon, Keep Your Head in the Clouds. And I’m telling you when God gets a hold of you, he’ll send you those words of encouragement and you’ll know it. But this really outlines, do you really have the right kind of mindset? That’s what this business is. It’s a mindset.

Cody Hofhine: It is. It is. I love it. Jody, thank you, thank you so much for those words of wisdom. That’s going to have to be something posted for sure in the podcast notes. So I love those words of wisdom. I love those words of encouragement. So thank you so much, and thank you for joining us today. And I know it’s Friday so you get to go enjoy your weekend, but go continue to just kill it and crush it in your wholesaling business. I know with what you are already doing and what you’ll continue to do, you will continue to also find success. So thank you so much for joining us today.

Jody: All right.

Cody Hofhine: All right. Rhino nation, this has been another awesome episode here on Wholesaling Inc. We’re excited that Jody was able to join us and share some gold nuggets with you. If you want to go over and learn more about the tribe, you can go to that’s wholesaling I-N-C dotcom. Go play around on the site. You’ll see a lot of testimonials in there of people doing this nationwide, so it’ll motivate you, inspire you to let you know that you can do this. And you truly can. Until next time, we will see you right here on this great show, Wholesaling Inc brought to you by Investor Grit. Take care guys.

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