Posted on: October 26, 2020
WI 544 | Virtual Investor


If you think closing a wholesaling deal is impossible if you live outside the United States, think again! Today’s awesome guest lives in India and he makes it look easy!

Josh Howard is the epitome of a virtual investor. Even if based thousands of miles away, Josh is crushing the wholesaling game, earning a total of $21k in just 6 weeks!

In this episode, Josh candidly shared how he made it all happen and showcased the power of determination, hard work, and working with the right mentor. This is one awesome episode you shouldn’t miss!

$21k In 6 Weeks Of Wholesaling . . . From India With Josh Howard

Episode Transcription

I am here with Josh Howard. Josh is one of my students and he is crushing his wholesaling game all the way from India. He is the definition of a virtual investor. He is my furthest student from his market. I’m very excited to have him on because we do have some international readers and you are probably wondering, “How do you put the pieces together when you’re international?” We wanted to ask Josh some questions, how he was running this business all the way from India. Without further ado, Josh, welcome to the program.

It’s great to be here. Thanks for having me on here.

I’m excited to have you because I told you when you joined the program and the Rhino Tribe, I was like, “India?” As soon as you start closing deals, I need to know because, fun fact, I have not been anywhere outside of the United States. I’ve been to Canada and Mexico. That’s about as far as I’ve been. I feel like it doesn’t count.

It’s the idea of doing this business out of the country for me. I know it can be done because I had my favorite employee go to Vietnam for a month. I saw he was able to do it. I’m like, “If he could put deals together out in Vietnam, anybody could do this.” It gets me so excited but because I haven’t personally done it, I don’t have advice to give. That’s what we brought you on for. Tell me a little bit about you, Josh. Why are you located in India?

I’ve been living here for years. It’s been a long time. I moved here right out of college. I married a beautiful Indian woman. She’s way above my pay grade. Her parents started an organization here years ago called Central India Christian Mission. They started this nonprofit. I grew up in a Christian home and felt God calling me overseas to begin to do nonprofit work as well.

We moved here to do this nonprofit work full-time. My wife leads a children’s home, an orphanage. We have over 150 kids in the children’s home that have been orphaned by their families. We have five other children’s homes in different parts of India that our organization helps oversee. We also have a hospital and nursing college. We do a lot of relief work. We work with churches, pastors and do a lot of work like that. That’s what’s had us here for the last couple of years. That’s why we’re 10,000 miles away from the good old USA.

When you told me about that, I immediately went on the website. I had to know more and it’s an amazing cause. It’s a lot. You do offer a lot of services for these kids that are less fortunate. Help us understand what are these kids are going through. Why do they come to this orphanage?

India is progressing a lot. It’s an up-and-coming nation. The problem is that there are massive areas of India that are still well below the poverty line. Health care is not provided very well and many times, there’s not good foster care or anything like that in India. If there are parents that pass away or they’re in a bad situation then their kids have nowhere to go. There are homeless kids on the streets, begging in the streets of our country. If anyone’s visited India, you’ll see it immediately in any of these big cities of India like New Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata.

The orphan issue in India is massive because there’s not that system or structure in place. As my wife grew up here, she lived here her whole life. When she saw this happening around her, it broke her heart. From fifteen on, she dreamed of starting an orphanage like this. At twenty years old, her parents helped her launch this dream of starting this for kids that are less fortunate.

It’s been unbelievable to see the transformation in these kids’ lives. We’ve had children that have been saved out of brothels and sex trafficking and kids that have been saved from incredibly abusive homes, where they were stumbled or tied up and not fed. They were fed with little biscuits or horrible situations like that. To see the transformation that has happened in their lives by being in a loving and caring environment is unbelievable and incredible.

Your wife is incredible. What a special person. You’re right, you did way up. That’s an amazing cause. When you told me about that, I was like, “This pulls at my heartstrings.” Being a parent, imagine your own children out on the streets because you died. That wouldn’t happen in the United States but it happens in other countries. If the people that are not affected by something can become affected because other people are going through something, that’s when change happens.

I’m not maybe going through this. I don’t have this problem. My kids don’t have to worry about this but I was affected when I saw your website and you told me about it. I wanted to help. When you came to me, I remember you wanted to be able to continue supporting this cause but also make income. Tell me more about why you decided to get into wholesaling.

WI 544 | Virtual Investor

Virtual Investor: In the beginning, pick a simple thing that you’re going to be in control of when you can do it on the time that is open for you, and then keep doing it.


I’ve been thinking about the idea of being financially independent and stable for a long time because we are in the nonprofit world. I wanted our family to get to a point where we didn’t need to state salary out of our organization and that salary to go towards this type of work. The more money that can go towards stuff like that, the greater impact that we could make.

We had a dream of getting to a point where we could do everything that we’re doing in India for free. We wouldn’t need to take a salary. That was the driving force of looking for business opportunities in the United States that may be able to not only support our family but also if we’re able to replace our income then things above that could also go back into our work so it could also help sustain and impact our work here in India as well.

What got me into wholesaling was a pastor friend of mine in Texas who has been doing this for many years. His name’s Chris Galanis. He and I were having a conversation about things. He’s like, “Josh, have you ever heard of wholesaling?” I’m like, “What is that? I have no idea what wholesaling is.” He’s like, “You need to let me tell you about this because you could do this from India.” I’m like, “Are you serious?” He’s like, “Let me tell you about it.”

He gave me an overview of what it is. He was like, “You need to check out the people over at Wholesaling Inc.” He went through that coaching several years ago, which is what got him involved as well. He’s like, “You got to check these guys out. There’s no one else I would recommend for you to go to them.” That’s what led me to your program.

I’m glad you found it because what you’re doing is not just helping your family but there’s something bigger behind it that you’re serving hundreds of children that need it. I’m very glad that you and I were a part of that. Let’s talk about what you were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. You started working on this business. I get a text message from you that you’ve been closing these deals and it looks like you’ve closed about $21,000 in six weeks from India. That’s crazy.

For some people, that’s a 6-month salary but you did that in 6 weeks. You were able to do it without seeing any of these properties. You weren’t traveling and going on seller meetings all the way from India. How did you do it? What are the mechanics of how you were able to talk to these sellers on the phone being that you’re international? How does all that work?

Your coaching was pivotal. It was awesome. The biggest thing for me was that I knew I couldn’t do a ton of cold calling because I’m international and the time difference is so much. I couldn’t do ringless voicemail or even direct mail because I would be waiting on them to call me back and they could call me at 3:00 AM my time. It wouldn’t work that way.

I knew I was going to have to do something that was a little more proactive that I could do on my time and then set up times that would work for me to call, which is why we went through your coaching on the virtual wholesaling side and ended up doing the SMS campaigns. Text messaging was our main marketing channel.

I signed up for Batch Leads, which you recommended on your course. We began to send out SMS campaigns and started texting people on times that would work. Usually, in my late evening and morning in America, I’d be sending out texts. When I’d get a lead, I do a lot of it through that text. When it got to a point, I pick up the phone. I use a voiceover internet provider that gives me a local number in my market, which is Indianapolis. We began to do it that way. It’s text messaging, picking up the phone with the voiceover internet provider, giving them a call and talking to them.

Another huge thing was that my brother-in-law, Greg, and I are business partners in this still. He doesn’t even live in India though. He either lives in Denver, Colorado. At certain times where if I was in bed, he could pick up some of the issues in between but most of it was done through texting and then the voice provider.

How many hours a day would you focus on your lead generation? What I mean by that is texting, that’s it. Not calling the sellers but the actual lead generation. How many hours did you do that per day in six weeks?

Some nights, I stayed up later in order to do it but on average, it’s only two hours a day. It’s not very much. Some days, I do a lot more. There were nights where the kids went to bed early and I did it for 3 or 4 hours. It’s not like it became my full-time job. I was still doing all the nonprofit stuff in the daytime and then in the evening for a couple of hours. Usually, that was 5 nights a week and sometimes 6. Sometimes I do it on Saturdays as well but it was a couple of hours a day.

The more money goes towards charitable institutions, the greater impact that could be made.

A couple of hours a day, you’re sending text messages out. I’ve done it before and then I have a VA do it. To get started, I started doing it so I could know what it was about and how the system works. It’s not that hard. You could totally do it while watching TV. You would do it at night, a couple of hours a day. How long would you spend on talking to sellers through the voiceover internet system so it’s more like qualifying calls and making offers? How many hours a day did that look like?

That’s a lot less. I do quite a bit over text more than other wholesalers do because I’m international. I do a lot of qualifying through texts. I’ll ask questions over text. When I first started, I would ask people, “When would be a good time to call?” Many people in my market would say, “Could we just text?” I ask questions over text, “What’s the current condition of the property? Are there any major repairs?” That type of thing. I know this sounds crazy and I’m not saying I recommend this to people but I have closed deals all the way to contract just through text message. There have been people that I didn’t even speak with one time until they signed the contract.

My first call with them was after they signed the contract to set up and go see the property. Maybe a half-hour on the phone with sellers, something like that. Some nights, none. It depends. Some days, there was no time on the phone if it wasn’t needed. If it was needed then each call would be 10 or 15 minutes. Some people talked longer than others but they weren’t long calls.

If you think about how many hours somebody works a full-time job versus how many hours you worked, this is a fun exercise. I like getting my calculator out. You made $21,000 in 6 weeks. It sounds like you only worked about three hours a day. That’s maybe fifteen hours a week, which is part-time. If you have a full-time job, you could probably carve out fifteen hours as Josh did. In those fifteen hours, if you equate that to an hourly wage, he’s made $233 an hour. He gave himself a raise. When I worked a corporate job, I would get a 3% raise. I make $24 an hour.

There aren’t raises in the nonprofit world, just so you know.

It’s crazy to think about what you were able to do. You carved out some time out of your day and made the time zones work for you. You figured it out. It’s pretty amazing what you were able to accomplish. Is there any tip that you can say somebody who’s newer, international or doesn’t want to be trapped down to one area? What kind of tips can you give them to help them get started in this business?

It was finding a good voiceover internet provider. I use or Skype. Both of those are completely fine. I use both of those for a phone system. With some good text messaging, I use Batch Leads. I’ve got a buddy that uses Lead Sherpa. It’s a good text messaging company to be able to blast out text messages.

Honestly, that’s all you need. You want to make sure that you have the system in place that’s going to be working for you on your time. In most of America, I’m 10 and a half to 12 hours difference depending on where you’re at in America. It’s a major time difference. You’ve got to do it on your time when it’s going to work for you and at a time that’s also going to work in America.

The whole idea of trying to have people call you on their time like ringless voicemail or direct mail probably doesn’t work greatest internationally and still you can build a team in America that could fill those calls. In the beginning, pick a simple thing that you’re going to be in control of when you can do it on the time that is open for you and then keep doing it.

The text messaging thing is a lot of fun. I did it while playing with my kids sometimes. That’d be hitting send and playing a game. It doesn’t take massive amounts of time and attention. It’s only when you get replies that you need to focus a little bit and do some stuff. Sending out blast like that is easy to do while you’re sitting with your family or doing other things and get it out there.

Picking something super simple like that is easy and doesn’t cost a lot of money. A lot of these SMS campaigns are $0.3 taxed or something. A lot of other lead generation stuff could cost $1 or $2 per thing. That’s a lot of money. I didn’t have a ton of extra money to put into the business at the beginning so I had to pick something that was going to be simple and cheap enough for me to do at the beginning and it was going to be something that I could do on my own time. SMS was a killer. It was amazing.

WI 544 | Virtual Investor

Virtual Investor: The cool thing about text messaging is you’re not waiting on the mail to go out and for people to call back. You’re getting immediate responses.


As far as the voice over internet phone system, a lot of people don’t realize that this is a thing. They’re so powerful because you can direct. It’s like having a phone system on your computer. You can point the numbers anywhere you want if you want the number to go straight to voicemail and you’re going to call every missed call and voicemail because your time zone is different.

I am not that big about answering calls live. There’s a lot of people out there that swear by it. After years of doing this, there was a time where we answered calls live and then after a while, I realized, “If a seller did want to sell, they will answer your call when you call them back.” I stopped answering calls live years ago and I have everything go to a voicemail box through CallRail for me.

My CallRail voicemails go to my virtual assistant. She puts the lead into our CRM and then our sales reps, whenever they get it, open up the CRM, see who their lead is and give them a call. I have a rule, “Can you call within 24 hours?” Sometimes, leads come in at 5:00 PM and they’re already done for the day. You don’t have to answer the calls live. I personally don’t do it but if you want to, it’s something you can do.

Another thing that is unique and could help people that are trying to figure out, “How am I going to do this internationally,” is not having the excuse that you can’t. You looked at it like you found out this is something you could do and went for it. You didn’t overanalyze. You made no excuses and just said, “I’ll figure it out and make it work.”

That’s going to be key for people. It’s about picking a lane, running in it and then seeing what happens with it. I feel like we need a disclaimer. A lot of people have underneath their telemarketing or something but results may vary within six weeks. It may take you a few months to get a deal and that’s okay.

The cool thing about text messaging is you’re not waiting on the mail to go out and for people to call back. You’re getting immediate responses. You’re able to get deals quite a bit quicker that way than you would in other lead generation platforms. The key is being persistent and trusting that the system is going to work.

If this guy in India could do it, if people can do it all over the country in virtual markets, if I can get a good solid list and start hitting them with texts, I’m going to get somebody ready to sell if there’s an issue in their life or with their property and they’re ready to make a deal. As many wholesale coaches say, we’re in the business of being deal finders. That’s what we’re doing. We’re finding great deals and then connecting the buyers to those deals. It’s a fun thing.

I’m very excited to see the progress that you’re going to be making. You have to keep us updated on all that and on how your India mission is doing. It’s an amazing cause. I personally have put some thought into this, Josh. I wanted to get into a charity something that my coaching program could support.

I want to donate a portion of my personal sales from my coaching program to your mission on a regular basis. It’s amazing what you guys are doing. It’s amazing that you don’t want to take a salary from the nonprofit and that’s why you’re doing this business. The better you do, the better I coach you. I feel like I’m a part of that.

Thank you so much. I was not expecting something like that. Thank you for even thinking that and for thinking in that direction. That’s a huge thing and it’s going to impact thousands of families and lives here in India.

I’m happy to be a part of it. It’s hard because I always want to get involved in charities but I am a single mom, busy with two kids. I don’t have a ton of time to do the things that I would love to do. We all have our time constraints but we could still do something. I feel like I can still raise awareness to something with my voice, this show and my coaching program. I can help raise some money that helps people. I want to be able to do whatever I can to support it because it’s an amazing thing you guys are doing.

Thank you so much, Lauren. This is huge.

For the international students out there that are reading, this is something that you can do. There are no borders and boundaries. You could do this anywhere. Live anywhere at best where you want. If you want to do the same, I have a coaching program that covers all things especially virtual real estate investing. We talk a lot about wholesaling in it, all things virtual. If you want to check it out, it’s That is where you want to apply.

If you want to get into text messaging, I got a discount for you. It’s 50% off your first month. If you go to and put in my code, VIRTUAL, that will get you 50% off your first month on the platform. You are going to love it. I did an episode drop all about texting so make sure you check that out. That’s it. Josh, thank you so much for coming. It was awesome having you.

It was great to be here, Lauren. Thank you. It was a lot of fun.

Until next time.

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