Posted on: October 22, 2020
WI 542 | Newbie Wholesalers


For newbies in the wholesaling world, nothing beats the excitement of closing your first ever deal. Today’s awesome wholesalers, however, have closed not just one but six deals, and in this episode, they’ll share how they made it all happen!

Kevin Griffin and Corey Brown are two driven wholesalers from Indianapolis. While new in the business, they have managed to close six deals already. If you’re new to wholesaling, the first deal can seem very elusive. That said, closing six is already a pretty impressive feat!

In this episode, Kevin and Corey gave an insight into their wholesaling journey so far—what the first few appointments were like, the tools they used, and their goals and visions for the business. If you want to emulate their success and close one deal after another, this episode is for you!

How Two Newbie Wholesalers Just Landed Their First 6 Deals! With Kevin Griffin and Corey Brown

Episode Transcription

Let’s get started with a quote that’s going to open up this show. That quote comes from Zig Ziglar, who I have been a huge fan of and whom I have been listening to a lot. He says, “You cannot climb smooth mountains, which leads me right to these two gentlemen that I’m interviewing from Indianapolis. Kevin Griffin, Corey Brown, it is a pleasure to have you here in the TTP studio.

Thanks for having us, Brent.

This has not been an easy road. Not only wholesaling but life and everything. You have an incredible story to share in this episode. It all builds up to the success that you are having. You are closing six deals already. I’m not going to spoil the surprise here. What was your life like before discovering wholesaling?

Going to work every day and tired when you get off of work.

It’s 9:00 to 5:00 work and you are frustrated because you know you can do more but don’t know what to do. It was frustrating trying to find your way up.

Where are you from? Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Chicago. It was pretty rough, then I moved to Indianapolis in fourth grade and that’s when I met Kevin in Mr. Brown’s class. We have been cool ever since.

We were brought up in low-income housing, trustee close. We knew this is rough coming up but we always knew that we were going to be something.

What planted the seed outside of the surroundings that you are seeing every single day and the environment that you are in? What made you believe? What lit that fire that you are like, “I can do something else. Not only that but I can be a real estate investor and an entrepreneur?” How does that even happen? Did you have a mentor or a role model?

It started with me because I played varsity basketball. I had a coach who always came, got me for practice and took me to games. I never knew what he did. He’s never at work. Riding with him every day and then he would talk to one of his employees. He was talking to one of them on the phone. He’s a business owner. He went to college. That was the first person I was around that had a nice house, went to college, and owned his own business. He opened my mind up to all the different stuff in the world. He changed my life.

What was the business he was in?

Environmental waste.

Not real estate?

No. It was in high school but he does business in China. He’s a big business owner. He opened my mind up to all of that. I can do something different than what I’m around because he did it and came from the same place I came from.

Did you have businesses growing up because you have been friends since fourth grade?

We had no business. We always knew we were going to do real estate. We are always like, “We can save up.” That’s before we knew that it doesn’t take that much money to do anything. We were like, “We are going to save up and keep saving at these jobs. We are going to get a double, live on one side, and work on the other side.”

That was the idea we were having but it was so hard to save up all the money because we were taking care of ourselves paying bills and all this stuff. We found out about wholesaling and it was like, “Are we doing it?”

You are going to learn everything you need through the process.

How did you find out about it?

I was reading a real estate book at a breakfast café and then some man came up over me. He’s like, “Are you in real estate?” I’m like, “Yes. I want to buy a few rental properties.” He’s like, “You should start with wholesaling.” I’m like, “What’s that?” He said, “Go google it.” I went home, got on Google and YouTube.

It’s amazing what happens when you talk to people. It starts with that. You have been part of the TTP family. That gentleman that approached you has probably talked to hundreds or thousands of property owners. When he sees something, all of a sudden, your radar is out and see, “That’s somebody that’s like me.” A lot of people aren’t.

People think it’s funny because we feel like, “Everybody is wholesaling.” 6% to 10% of the real estate market is in distress. That’s millions of homes in our country and there are maybe 20,000 wholesalers. I don’t even know. It’s such a niche community but we surround ourselves with each other so we think, “There are so many people.” There’s not.

I’m telling our audience out there, there are plenty of opportunities that until the day that there are no ugly houses in your town or city, then wholesaling will be dead then. If there are ugly houses, then we have a job. The fact is there are cash buyers that don’t want to deal with the emotions of homeowners, then there are property owners and cash buyers that don’t want to solve their problem. That’s where we come in. We go into these houses. There’s always some issue and reason why they are selling. Let’s talk about this because this is important. I will ask you, Corey. The first time you went on an appointment, how did you feel?

I’m like, “I’m supposed to be here. I want to help this guy out.”

On my first appointment, I felt like an impostor. I didn’t know what I was doing.

That imposter syndrome feels weird where you are like, “Do you mind if I take some pictures?” You are trying to piece it together, talk and soften up the conversation so you don’t feel as nervous.

He asked me out, “What are you going to do with it?” I’m like, “I’m going to fix it up and flip it.” I didn’t know what to say. The first appointment was scary.

When you went on your first appointment, did you pre-qualify these sellers before you went out there or were you excited you went out there because somebody said yes?

We just went out there. Before we’ve got a few deals, we had to bank out four of them because we weren’t comping them right and stuff like that. We began ourselves so we don’t know. That’s how we work.

The toughest part, in the beginning, “Is it a deal or no deal?” When we are starting, a lot of times we don’t want to ask a lot of questions because, 1) We don’t want them to tell us no and, 2) We think that it’s going to cause a lot of friction in the conversation because we are not confident in the way that we are asking. When we are asking about the condition, timeline or motivation of the price, we are stuttering. “Did you do any remodeling?” “No.” “That sounds nice.” Things fly out of our mouths.

You feel like you are getting in their business. I don’t know if they are going to take this too personally or not but you want to get personal and build rapport with them.

To be able to help them out, you have to be personal with them.

It’s like going to the doctor. They make you fill out all sorts of stuff, and then you talk to the doctor. They ask you all these questions and then they go through. It’s all these things. You don’t just go to the doctor and be like, “My neck, I can’t do this.” You’ve got to fill out all these things. It’s the same thing. You want to find out what is going on with this property owner so you can see if you can be of value. If you can, those are the people that you want to try to work with, get in front of, shorten the timeline, understand, break down, help them understand the process and how you can help them solve their problem. What is the timeline? When did you start?

I started a long time ago by myself. I was driving for dollars, writing down addresses and hand dialing. When we started together, we’ve got the Mojo Dialer and DealMachine. It made everything so simple. We would focus on work instead of having to do all this extra analytical stuff, make lists and send it to Batch Skip Tracing. You’ve got to find the owner. That DealMachine will do all that for you so that will make the process simple.

Is one of your best lists your driving for dollars list?


WI 542 | Newbie Wholesalers

Newbie Wholesalers: We would focus on work instead of having to do all this extra analytical stuff.


With this show, Wholesaling Inc is the biggest discount on DealMachine. Use the coupon code TTP. You save $10 a month. It’s not a fortune but it makes only $40 a month. For that, it’s one of the best values of all time. They give you all the data. You can drive down the street, see an ugly house and say, “This owner doesn’t even live here. It may or may not be vacant.” It’s incredible. Were you each driving on appointments or was it specific times?

At first, we were both driving together.

I was teaching Corey to hold. He came in brand new and I was like, “I will listen to all your videos. That’s how I learned and you can make your way up.” When he came in, it was like an intern type. He watched me for a month and we watched a few videos. Once we did a few deals, he hopped in and that’s when we started taking off.

You are seeing him out there doing real estate and you are like, “What are you doing?” Are you hanging out?

No, he called me one day like, “We need to meet up.” I’m like, “What’s up?” He’s like, “We need to do wholesaling. Come on to the house.” I’m like, “I’m going to be over there.” I pulled over and we talked about it. He showed me a lot of videos and stuff. We went through some things. He said, “You need to quit now.” I said, “I can’t quit now. Give me 2 weeks or 1 month. I’m going to put my two weeks’ notice in.” I told him it was my last day. I was a diesel mechanic.

We were making great money but we knew we could do better. I was a team leader in my job for six years. I climbed up the ladder and made $20 an hour but I knew that I could do more. That wasn’t my cat. I don’t feel like it.

This was the shot. It is the most life-changing business that I can imagine because one, you are dealing with the biggest asset that we deal with, which is real estate. People wholesale everything, commercial buildings, skyscrapers, land and terrible houses. There’s so much opportunity when you learn how to source the deal. That’s a huge thing.

That’s always going to be in demand because people don’t want to source it themselves. They want to stay in their lane, fix up and own properties, keep them in their rental. That’s why we fit into this beautiful area where we are the hustlers in this industry. We are the ones that have to go and talk to people all the time. You started your partnership. Who’s better on the phone?

I am. That’s why we’ve got him to text because I’m better on the phone. I build a good rapport with people, get them talking, open them up and let them know my side. That’s what you have to do because ten other people are calling them.

The more genuine you are, the better. If it’s you calling somebody and somebody from overseas is calling them like the Philippines, you are going to beat them like a drum and get that deal. That’s a fact. I always encourage people as they are starting out building their momentum in their business to make the calls themselves. You’ve got to keep more money. You are not worried about people showing up and doing the work. You are putting it in, plus you are building those skills. How many people have you talked to and asked them if they would consider an offer on their property?

Over 1,000. It’s easy.

Was it scary in the beginning?

I did what you did. I was a hand dialer. I would hang up the phone before they answer.

Corey got a good story for you about his first call.

The lady I called said, “Not right now.” I said, “Maybe in the future.” Something about needing some love. She said, “You want to make love?”

For everybody reading this, the script goes, “Are you thinking in the next 30 days? What I’m looking for is a property that needs some love that we can fix up and repair.” She took that as, “You want to make some love?”

He went over his words and it sounded like, “I need some love.”

It’s not going to happen if you don’t do it. Take action as quickly as possible.

She’s like, “You want to make love? I’m holding the phone up.”

What is the name of your business out there?

Prolific Home Buyer.

Before we break down a deal, what is the best way to reach out to you? Are you in Indianapolis?

Yes. They can reach out to us on Instagram. My Instagram is, @Kevin.Prolific.

Mine is, @Corey.Prolific.

We are the Prolific Bros.

Let’s break down a deal and get people excited. What deal do you want to do? Do you want to talk about the one that you posted?

I’ve got the list and I have seen the house was in this 46208 area. I ran a comp on one property. I noticed early, I’m seeing two houses sell for $290,000. I double-checked, $290,000 to $300,000. I’m like, “If I get a deal for $30,000, I can make some profit.” I called my list and left a voicemail. The voicemail told them that we left. The next day, he called me, “Is this Kevin? We would like to sell our property.” I’m like, “I’ve got to pre-qualified them.”

I’ve got an appointment the next day so I called them. The next day after the appointment, I called him, “I like the house. I like to come in at $35,000.” She said, “I’ve got somebody else also so I’m going to call them.” She called me back and said, “They are at $36,000.” I said, “I can do $37,000.” She said, “If you can sit at $37,500, you have it.” I’m like, “In can sit over at $37,500.”

What tool do you use to look up comps?

We’ve got the MLS access.

We do have PropStream.

When you pull comps, what are you looking for? Are you looking in the neighborhood or within a certain area?

0.25-mile radius, plus 250, minus 250 square footage, bedrooms, bathroom counts, garage or basement. You’ve got to take all that stuff in effect.

Sometimes lot size. It depends if you are dealing with different areas.

When the house was built, something like that.

We’ve got a lot of houses built in the 1900s.

WI 542 | Newbie Wholesalers

Newbie Wholesalers: We were making great money, but we knew we could do better.


You ran the comps and are there properties for $290,000 in this neighborhood?

One level is over $299,000. The two levels are over $295,000. I’ve got a two-level with a vacant lot. I’m like, “We’ve got a deal here.”

How much?

It’s $37,500.

That’s not real. That doesn’t happen. You can’t call somebody up and get ahold of them where they call you back and sell their house at a discount.

These people don’t like leaving voicemails.

Was it driving for dollars list?


Just so everybody knows, I don’t encourage leaving voicemails for your bigger lists. You are like absentee owners. It clogs up the system. People call you back and they don’t want to sell. They are tire kickers but with the properties that are on your DealMachine app or driving for dollars list, I like leaving voicemails for those because they have to make a decision. They have to either sell for cash or need to repair that thing. A lot of them don’t have the money to be able to repair it. He called you and told you he wanted $30,000 or is that what you offered?

He wanted $35,000.

Explain to me this. You’ve got a neighborhood where you are running comps. They have $290,000 and $299,000. You are like, “I will offer 10% of that.” Is it a rough neighborhood and somebody is renovating it?

Yes. It’s a rough neighborhood but there’s one buyer in there that’s customizing houses so he knows the process.

You are selling them for ten times the amount. This must be the greatest buyer-flipper of all time. You are going back and forth. Did they have somebody else call them? Were they talking to somebody from a mailer? Did they fill out something on the internet? How did you have competition on this deal if they are calling you back from a voicemail?

There were a few people that reached out to him but I talked and built rapport with the wife. That’s why she chose me. I talked to the tenant and then she said, “There were a lot of people coming in and looking at the house. I hope you buy and get it.” There’s room for me to get it.

You had to be the highest price. That was part of it. A lot of people have an interesting part of their brain that says, “I don’t want to negotiate too long and hard. I’m going to go with the person that I like if they can beat the other person by $1,000 and this is the price. If they give me that, I will be good.” As opposed to, “Keep bidding up.”

This is an important lesson in this interview because if you go in there with your personality and you are building a relationship, it’s not rapport. Get rid of that whole go build rapport. Build a relationship with a human being that lives in your community, listen, and be interested in finding out what’s going on with them. You were doing it with the tenant.

You probably do it with everybody. It’s probably your natural default mode. This is such a huge thing. A lot of that is not necessarily the things that you are saying. It’s your tone of voice, the way that you are listening and looking at them. These things matter. Please tell me you found that buyer that was doing those flips.

Keep your business as simple as possible.

On MLS, you can see who owns a property. It’s Matthew Laos Construction Company. It’s a business. We couldn’t get in touch with him so we tried to get in touch with him. I went down on Google. He has a Matthew Laos Construction Company in California so I’m thinking it’s a California buyer. I’m like, “Corey, let’s Facebook it.” It came straight up and Corey inboxed him. I said, “Corey, I’m about to post a comment. He’s going to see the comment before he sees the DM.” I wrote on his post and he wrote to me right back. I said, “I’ve got a house you may be interested in.”

Sometimes people don’t even check their DMs but the posts go right to them. It’s in your face. You are dropping some gold nuggets. These are good interesting things that a lot of people aren’t thinking about or not taking that extra step. You reached out to him.

He came to see the property. The next day, he wants it at $60,000. I was like, “We can close it at $60,000.” Everybody else was coming in at $55,000. He knew he could do it. Everybody was like, “This is a rough neighborhood. I will begin at $50,000.” He came in and we could do $60,000 because he had a house and a lot. He’s selling houses for $300,000 over there so he won.

What did you net on that deal?

It’s $22,500.

How did that feel?

It was life-changing. I live life differently. I want to take care of my family and the younger generation. We can do it with wholesaling.

Not only that but it gives you the ability to have enough income to start buying those assets that you were talking about back in elementary school. This gives you the capital to be able to do that. Is that still the goal? It’s interesting. The more that I’m in wholesaling, I’m like, “Having a big rental portfolio is a whole another business.”

Don’t get it mistaken. There’s no such thing as that passive income. You are either managing those properties yourself or the manager. There are ways to clean it up and make it as smooth as possible but there’s always something going on. You are always repairing and doing stuff. You’ve got to make sure that tenants are happy and got a good product that’s out there for people to rent but this is where you are going. You want to own these properties. Do you have a goal in mind or a vision for that? What do you think?

Hopefully, we will be able to start purchasing properties to rent them out and stuff like that.

What’s the goal? Have you talked about it or is it just, “Let’s start with one and see how we build?”

We haven’t talked about it yet because we want to focus on the wholesaling part and marketing.

WI 542 | Newbie Wholesalers

Newbie Wholesalers: When you are calling your sellers, make sure you call the buyers. If you don’t, you are in a world of trouble.


That’s what I encourage. What wholesaling means is, we find deals. That’s it. Let’s dress it up, put a tuxedo on it and make it fancy. We source real estate opportunities. That’s what we do. You will have the option to be able to, “We want to keep or flip that one, develop this piece of land or buy this property, build up equity, sell it and buy apartments.” There are so many opportunities if you learn how to source the deal and have those conversations with distressed property owners. Once you talk to 1,000 people, you can talk to anybody about real estate. That’s what it is. Go back to when you first started. What advice would you give somebody starting? What would you have them avoid starting?

When I started, I bought 10 wholesaling books, listened to 400 podcasts and watched 150 videos on YouTube. Take action. I learned more about taking action than all that other stuff. You are going to learn everything you need through the process. It’s cool to learn. Watch your videos but you’ve got to go do it. It’s not going to happen if you don’t do it. That’s my main thing. Take action as quickly as possible. That’s when you will start learning. I look back and took a Literature class. I know a lot but I could have been way farther if I took action.

People think that you need to understand all of the terminology and things. Some people have houses that have problems and there are people that want to buy those houses. Get in the middle. That’s it.

I’ve got a quote, “Keep your business as simple as possible.”

It’s the same thing he said. Take action. When you do, make sure you are calling your buyers, not just your sellers. Build a buyers list. When you are calling your sellers, make sure you call the buyers. If you don’t, you are in a world of trouble.

There’s no teacher.

Having those conversations early on, you are going to build a reputation for having the best deals, and then people are going to start seeking you out, as opposed to you trying to find all these cash buyers by posting to their Facebook every day. They are going to find you. I hope that people find you from this show, YouTube channel and everything there. You are incredible. You have closed 6 deals and 2 pending deals.

You are building that momentum and staying consistent. You are still calling and texting. You are keeping it lean and keeping the profits, which is the most important. The biggest problem I see as you start going is that the expenses shoot through the roof. All of a sudden, you are making less than you were when you were doing it yourself. You are like, “What happened?” If you are out there in Indianapolis, please reach out to these guys. They are incredible and the real deal. They are so inspirational. Thank you for being on here.

Everybody out there reading, a couple of resources. DealMachine, use the coupon code TTP. Batch Skip Tracing for the most accurate phone numbers and addresses that you are trying to get. If you are interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing with these guys, it is the TTP family. Go to Scroll down and check out what it’s all about. If it feels good in your gut, sign up for a call. I would love to work with you personally. Thank you so much. Everybody out there, as always, I encourage you to talk to people. See you. Love you.

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