Episode 541: Choosing the Right Tools to Build Your Wholesaling Empire

WIP 541 | Choosing the Right Tools


If you want to get ahead of the pack, you’ll need all the help you can get. This is where innovative tech and tools can definitely come in handy!

If you’re into ingenious tech and tools you can use for your wholesaling and real estate business, you’d find massive value in today’s episode. In the show, we not only have one but two brilliant founders of apps that are considered total game-changers!

Matt Hedstrom and Sharad Mehta are the two brilliant minds behind Rehab Estimator Pro and REsimpli. Matt has over 20 years of real estate and contracting experience. Sharad is also a very active real estate investor, having done over 400 deals in the past six years.

In this episode, Matt and Sharad talked about their apps and the value they offer to the users. If you’re on the lookout for advanced tools that can help take your business to the next level, this is one episode you can’t miss!

Choosing The Right Tools To Build Your Wholesaling Empire With Matt Hedstrom And Sharad Mehta

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