Episode 54: The Most Important Thing We’ve Learned About Wholesaling


Today we want to share the most important thing we’ve ever learned about the Wholesaling business – a golden nugget of wisdom that Sean Terry shared during a 2013 event.


Cutting Through the BS & Deconstructing ‘Your Why’

If you’re struggling with defining your why – if you want to cut through the BS and get to the heart of the matter – try this:

Imagine the three people that matter most to you in the world. Now imagine you receive a call saying that, in order for you to see those people again, you have to wholesale a house (or whatever your current goal is).

We guarantee, in this situation, you will sell a house by Friday.

Will you make mistakes along the way? Of course! However, you’ll stop thinking about the minutiae and focus only on the things that matter MOST.

If you can define your why, then you can align your priorities with your goals to create a sense of urgency and accomplish more. And the best part? Your Why is an infinitely renewable resource that will never go away.





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