Episode 535: How to Dominate – 9 Traits of a Massively Successful Cold Caller

WI 535 | Successful Cold Caller


When it comes to cold calling, our very own Brent Daniels is a legend. After all, he’s not called the TTP (Talk to People) guru for nothing!

There is no denying Brent is one of the most successful people in the wholesaling space. And his success is not due to mere luck. For the most part, Brent’s success can be attributed to one thing—his exceptional cold calling skills!

If you’re considering using cold calling as your primary marketing channel, you’re in luck! In this episode, no less than Mr. TTP himself shared some of the tips and techniques that have made him a cold-calling legend!

If you want to take your cold calling skills to the next level, this is one episode you just can’t miss!

How To Dominate – 9 Traits Of A Massively Successful Cold Caller

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