Episode 534: The Secret Ingredient Behind 60 to 80 Deals Per Month!

WI 534 | Secret To Deals


For many people, finding and closing 60 to 80 deals per month sounds like a stretch. For today’s guest, it’s a walk in the park.

Jamil Damji is one of the best in the real estate and wholesaling arena. A massively successful wholesaler, Jamil is also the co-founder of KeyGlee, a company that helps homeowners sell their homes online safely and easily within minutes.

With more than 50+ employees, KeyGlee can easily wholesale up to 90 houses per month! However, the sheer number of employees his firm has is not the only thing that has helped Jamil consistently close a huge number of deals monthly.

In this episode, Jamil shared some of the business and life lessons and hacks that have helped him become the success he is today. If finding deals has been a challenge for you, today’s episode might just turn your business around!

The Secret Ingredient Behind 60 To 80 Deals Per Month!

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