Episode 530: 5 Ways to Build Legacy Wealth in Your Wholesaling Business

WI 530 | Legacy Wealth


While there are various reasons why people get into wholesaling and real estate, most people have one reason in common—they want to build legacy wealth. Simply put, legacy wealth is wealth that is passed down from one generation to the next. If that is what you want to achieve as well, you’d surely love this episode!

Pace Morby is an industry legend and his passion for entrepreneurship knows no bounds. At 23, Pace owned and operated a thriving gas and oil company that employed 200 people and generated a whopping $15 million in annual sales. Some of his business specialties include fundraising, small business development, and business consultations.

When he built his real estate company, Pace used many winning strategies and you’ll learn all about them today. Not only that, you will also learn how to build legacy wealth, what it would take to build legacy wealth, and the techniques and strategies you can use to make it happen.

If you want to build legacy wealth the easiest and most effective way possible, this episode is for you!

5 Ways To Build Legacy Wealth In Your Wholesaling Business

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