Episode 526: How Dominating the Air Waves Led this Wholesaler to Multiple Deals in a Few Short Months

WI 526 | Radio Advertising


If you think finding deals in today’s market is impossible, think again. Today’s guest launched radio ads amidst all that’s going on and he’s already closed two lucrative deals in just 8 weeks and has 3 more in the pipeline!

Chad Young is an entrepreneur at heart. While he already has a lot of successful ventures, he’s constantly on the lookout for ways that can help contribute to his business success.

In this episode, Chad shared what he liked about radio, how much he has spent and how much he has made so far, and what his plans are. He also shared many beneficial business insights that you can also apply to your own business.

If you’re considering radio advertising and would like to know what to expect, this episode is for you!

How Dominating The Air Waves Led This Wholesaler To Multiple Deals In A Few Short Months With Chad Young

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