Episode 523: Why Wholesaling has NOTHING to do with Real Estate . . . and 2 Ways to Profit in Almost Any Situation

WI 523 | Wholesaling


Let’s set one very common misconception people have about wholesaling straight: that it’s all about real estate and closing deals. Wrong! The truth of the matter is, wholesaling has NOTHING to do with real estate. At its core, it is all about SERVING others.

In this episode, no less than our own Cody Hofhine shared the wholesaling mindset that has helped him generate millions of dollars in revenue. He also shared what you can do to stand out when you are competing with others for a specific deal.

The secrets Cody shared in this episode can mean the difference between staying stuck and getting ahead of the pack, so please don’t miss it!

Why Wholesaling Has NOTHING To Do With Real Estate . . . And 2 Ways To Profit In Almost Any Situation

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