Episode 52: How to Dominate Your Competition With ONE Question

Whether you own a small business, sell a product, or work in marketing, this small change will help you achieve and exceed your business goals.

Get ready to ring the victory bell!



  • The one question you shouldn’t ask your customers
  • The one question you SHOULD ask your customers
  • Better ways to ask a question


The Wrong Question

Have you ever been finishing up your meal at a restaurant when the manager walks over and asks you this question: How was everything?

That’s the WRONG question! How would you respond? For most people, it’s something like ‘everything was great,’ even if it’s mediocre. Most people will only answer that question if they’re really upset.

These accolades don’t help your business, and you may be caught off guard if they’re disingenuous and your business starts to nose dive.


The Game-Changing Question

“What could we have done better to improve your experience tonight?”

Good news weakens you as a business owner – you need to know where you can improve.

Hold your customer’s feet to the fire. Dig into the small things they gloss over, because that’s where the problems are. That’s how you master a craft.


Better Ways to Ask a Question

Don’t ask the question like it’s a script. You’re not a telemarketer regurgitating information – you’re a detective searching for any possible issues.

  • Pattern Interruption is a technique based on behavioral psychology and neuro linguistic programming. The idea is that sudden changes in schedule or environment can shake a person from their usual train of thought. If you implement a pattern interrupt when you ask the big question, you have a better chance of extracting fresh (and honest) ideas.
  • Write the answers down. If it’s not written down, it doesn’t exist. When you finally get this feedback, write down the answers.


If you dig for bad news and you write the problems down, you might be surprised by what you find: a roadmap for fixing consistent problems and improving customer experience.


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