Posted on: April 27, 2017

Whether you own a small business, sell a product, or work in marketing, this small change will help you achieve and exceed your business goals.

Get ready to ring the victory bell!



  • The one question you shouldn’t ask your customers
  • The one question you SHOULD ask your customers
  • Better ways to ask a question


The Wrong Question

Have you ever been finishing up your meal at a restaurant when the manager walks over and asks you this question: How was everything?

That’s the WRONG question! How would you respond? For most people, it’s something like ‘everything was great,’ even if it’s mediocre. Most people will only answer that question if they’re really upset.

These accolades don’t help your business, and you may be caught off guard if they’re disingenuous and your business starts to nose dive.


The Game-Changing Question

“What could we have done better to improve your experience tonight?”

Good news weakens you as a business owner – you need to know where you can improve.

Hold your customer’s feet to the fire. Dig into the small things they gloss over, because that’s where the problems are. That’s how you master a craft.


Better Ways to Ask a Question

Don’t ask the question like it’s a script. You’re not a telemarketer regurgitating information – you’re a detective searching for any possible issues.

  • Pattern Interruption is a technique based on behavioral psychology and neuro linguistic programming. The idea is that sudden changes in schedule or environment can shake a person from their usual train of thought. If you implement a pattern interrupt when you ask the big question, you have a better chance of extracting fresh (and honest) ideas.
  • Write the answers down. If it’s not written down, it doesn’t exist. When you finally get this feedback, write down the answers.


If you dig for bad news and you write the problems down, you might be surprised by what you find: a roadmap for fixing consistent problems and improving customer experience.


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Episode Transcription

Tom Krol: This question, your business is going to explode and so many people are missing this question and this applies to every business. My name is Tom Krol, I am America’s number one wholesaling coach, and in this video I am going to teach you, no matter what you do, whether you own a restaurant or a hotel or run a small business of any kind or you’re in sales or marketing, no matter what you do, whether it’s a product or a service, whatever you do, I guarantee you this question will explode your business immediately overnight and you’ll start ringing that victory bell for achieving and exceeding your goals.
Right here it is. You will start exceeding your goals overnight. And here’s the question. I’m going to use the restaurant business, but it’s again, it’s applicable in any business, so just tweak it. The question goes like this, you ever see somebody, they’ll go to a restaurant and then the manager is glad-handing everybody and smiling and he knows some people’s names and he’s saying hi to who he doesn’t know and who he does know and the people he doesn’t know he’s introducing himself to. And then inevitably he’ll ask a question, “How was everything? How was everything?” Right? “How was your meal?” This is the wrong question. No good. 99 and a half percent of the people are going to… It’s an uncomfortable question, right? Because they’re not going to have an argument at the table with the manager unless they’re extraordinarily unhappy. Right, unless something really went very bad, in which case they’re almost definitely not going to come back unless you give them some kind of a free thing, and this, it starts with a negative, right? So “How was everything”, most people 99 and a half percent of the time, who had a mediocre to okay time to a really good time are going to say, “Yeah, everything was great. The food was great, everything was great.”
Here is the game changing better question to ask. “Hey guys! Let me ask you a question. What could we have done better to have improved your experience tonight? What’s the one thing if you could have changed? Hey, you guys are paying a lot of money for food tonight, right? You’re paying hard earned money to come out and eat with the family. What could we have done better to have made your experience better?”
There’s a great quote by a Charles Kettering. It’s called, it says, it says, “Don’t bring me anything but trouble. Good news weakens me.” When you say “How was everything?” And everybody says “Oh, great, great, great.” And they give you all these accolades, right? “Oh, you’re so great. What a great service. What a great product.” This doesn’t do anything. It weakens you, right? You think everything’s going well, you’re surprised when the numbers start to go down. You don’t understand it, right? Good news weakens you as a business owner. You need to know where can you improve.
So what you really have to do is when you ask this question, “What could we have done differently? How could I have made your experience better?” Right? “What could I have done differently? What? How could I have improved?” When you start with that question, what you have to first of all do, is you want to hold your customer’s feet to their, to the fire, right? Don’t let them just get away with saying, “Oh, no, nothing” “Really? Nothing? Nothing, John? There’s nothing I could have done better? There wasn’t any kind of anxiety you had or, or you felt like you were in any way misled or maybe I gave you over promise and under deliver? You’re okay with everything? The silverware was set okay? You didn’t at no time, you didn’t need a fork or water? You, when you came into the parking lot, parking was easy? There were no potholes? There, there was nothing I could have done? John, let me ask you a question. I’m really trying to grow the restaurant. I want to be the number one restaurant in the whole county. If there’s anything you could have changed, what would you have changed about your experience tonight?”
You see how I’m making them be a truth teller, right? Because no experience is ever 100% fantastic, right? There had to be something. “I noticed some dust, you know you have all these vines on the ceiling and we were like, eh, cause the food is sitting right under the leaves.” If they would ask you who said, “You know what? I don’t, I’m not complaining, but if you’re asking me, I’ll tell you there’s a lot of heavy dust right on those, those leaves that are right above the food. If somebody would dust that, that make it even better, but otherwise, everything was great.”
So hold your customer’s feet to the fire, find out the, the things that they gloss over that they, they go over quickly. That’s where the problems are. That’s how you become really, that’s how you master your craft. That’s how you explode your business. “How could I have made your experience better?” And this is not a telemarketing question, you don’t just ask it.
One thing I learned by watching detectives is when they’re doing an, when they’re doing an interrogation, sometimes in the middle of the conversation, like, “Hey, how are you? How’s your family?” Or whatever they’re asking about, you know, “What’s your name? Where do you live?” You know, “Tell us what happened.” They’ll, they’ll do a something that Tony Robbins does. It’s called, it’s from a Neuro-linguistic programming NLP, and it’s called pattern interruption. And what they’ll do is they’ll, they’ll move the table out of the way and they’ll scoot their chair right next to the person. They’ll say, “I, you know, tell me what’s really going on.” And you, you interrupt a person. So you could do that. You can say, “John, look, I’m trying to grow the business. I really, I want you, you know, good news weakens me. How could I major?” You know, and get close to them. I always like, you know, sit next to sit, sit beside them, you know, bring your chair beside them. So you guys were looking at the problem together.
Now here’s the other thing about this. Write the answers down. Remember this one rule in business, if it’s not written down, it doesn’t exist. I’m going to say it again cause I know I go really fast. If something is not written down, it doesn’t exist. So if you’re working for somebody and I say, “What do you do?” And then I asked your boss, your manager, you know, “What do you, what do they do?” And you guys have two different answers. It’s not written down and agreed upon what you’re doing and what you’re supposed to be doing. This is a major problem, so when you get this feedback and you hold their feet to the fire and you force an answer out of them, write down the answers. You’re going to be very surprised when you see the consistency in the three largest areas of improvement. “There’s a pothole in the parking lot that’s full of water. There is, you know, we feel like for the food, it’s a little expensive. It’s a little expensive to take my family out to this restaurant. Is there anything we could do with the pricings? Oh, you know what? I’m a vegan and there’s wasn’t a lot of vegan choices on the menu.” Oh really? Did you realize that 23% of the people who are coming to your restaurant are vegan?
You’re never going to know if you say, “Hey, how was everything?” Wrong question, bring me bad news. Good news weakens me. “How could I have improved your service this evening? If there’s one thing you could have changed?” And this again, we’re in as wholesalers, which is a niche market of real estate investing. You have two customers, you have the seller and you have the investor. So you want to be asking these questions “Is there anything Mr. Seller or Mrs. Seller that I could have done differently? You know, is there anything that I could’ve done?” “Oh, you know, I had a little anxiety when I didn’t hear from you the day after we signed the purchase agreement.” Oh really? This is a consistent problem, right?
One thing that we do to lock in our deals is we contact the seller the day after they sign the purchase agreement to let them know that everything is going well. And then on the second day we have the title company call in and say, “Hey, Tom dropped off the deposit. We’re pulling the paperwork, and everything is going to be all ready for you to pick up your check on Thursday.” This cements in the deal. How did we find this out? By talking to it, we never lose deals. Almost never, right? Other wholesalers, they say, “Oh, you know, I don’t know what happened. I had a good deal, and then the seller backed out. What do I do?” Our sellers don’t back out. We’re concreted in the deal. How did we get there? By asking the right questions. “If there’s anything I could have done” and, and that’s the secret.
So start asking the right question. Stop asking “How did we do?” And start asking “How could we have done better?” That’s the key. God bless. Talk to you soon. Bye, bye.

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